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  1. aggy when successful always cheat...have too....so no, to imply aggy not being aggy means you may be aggy.
  2. A very simple resolution to the whole matter moving forward is for the restaurant to require pre-payment for call in orders. If you dont show up to pick up your food, the owner could care less. I suspect if this would have been standard procedure the op would have found a way to get that food refrigerated for consumption later.
  3. As a Longhorn fan I truly wanted the young man to attend UT, play football, graduate and become a productive citizen. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown chose to attend another school...which is certainly his prerogative. I sincerely hope that he is able to overcome his current problems and become the most successful person possible. Good luck.
  4. Well...you went out on the limb with the Saban info. Surely you understand why people are disappointed.
  5. There is no doubt in my mind that Jimmy Sexton will do everything in his power to have one of his clients land the Texas job....Big $$$ for him too.
  6. You get two for one if either accepts the position....now they are competitors in the NFL but with one in college and the other in the league I think the potential rewards for the college head coach is huge. Imagine having your very successful NFL coach brother hanging around the program as an "advisor".....recruiting will sky rocket IMO. We need a Harbaugh here.
  7. You guys are underestimating his appeal to 18 year old kids.....they see him on TV constantly and when they see him in their own living rooms Chuckie has INSTANT credibility. He will be a freaking rock star deluxe for the first 4 years or so. Recruiting will go thru the roof. Gruden would win multiple championships at UT.
  8. If you are ever in Missouri and need a beer or milk I got you covered both ways!!!
  9. After the fall out this assessment seems to be the most accurate. UT "sources" were either duped themselves or there was intentional false information put out to fan the flames of Saban to UT to make certain media outlets and reporters look bad (which worked perfectly). Saban and Sexton used this situation to their advantage by amazingly staying quiet long enough to "concern" Alabama with TWO contract extension offers. Masterfully played by S&S.....however, the one flaw with this strategy is it makes our President, AD, and BMD look like buffoons. Of course, this all goes away rather quickly if Mack retires and we actually hire a top tier coach. The Longhorn community will unite around the right hire.....in the mean time we have a House divided and Mack Brown is the pinnate for all of the upset fans.
  10. Sorry...but this is the type of delusion that has made the Longhorn program the laughing stock of the nation right now. Please stop....don't stoke the flames with your uninformed opinion that some poster will run off and claim as fact on a dozen other boards.
  11. Texas has become a clown show to the nation.....and Chip Brown, McPhaul, and JS unfortunately have been the ring leaders.
  12. Since Patterson was quoted tonight as saying "I hope me and coach Brown work together for years" I'm skeptical on him firing Brown anytime soon.
  13. It is apparent Chip got played by Belmont on Mack's retiring this week and McPhauls source on Saban was not credible. ...it seems these guys should seriously consider giving up their sources or be in danger of ever regaining credibility in Longhorn circles....just saying.
  14. I am of the belief that the Texas brass will not allow Mack to determine the future of the program....and if Mack was truly trying to intentionally "harm" us that he would have already been dismissed/retired and no potential future "services" contract would be extended. I think a process was already put in place and yeah, maybe it was delayed a day or two because Mack got mad at Chip Brown's "leak".....but nonetheless the process will result in the outcome most every Orangeblood wants.
  15. McPaul has been seen with NS this A.M. in a undisclosed location outside Austin....there supposedly is a picture available. Just google it....
  16. I wonder how many recruits Alabama and Texas are cross recruiting? I suspect if Saban is coming that is a larger factor than people realize.
  17. If you believe one word of that then I can't help you...SMH. The second Patterson was hired, Mack Brown was gone after the season. And Saban was coming.
  18. The old LBJ adage is in effect here: "I'd rather have him pissing inside my tent than pissing ON my tent." Good old hush money at play....nothing more.

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