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    My other favorite team is Central Bucks West HS in PA....Google "The Last Game"
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    Football, football...and maybe even Aussie Rules football
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    counting beans

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  1. That's chicken scratch really....UT is the richest school in the all the land!!! That's money ya gotta spend to land a Manning....surprised it wasn't double that! https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2022-harvard-university-of-texas-richest-college-oil-endowments/#:~:text=Every day%2C the University of,richest in US higher education.
  2. So when does the 30 For 30 on this come out, 2030?
  3. If you do a search for Jordan Hall from Florida, make sure you search for DT and not LB....there's actually 2 of them! The other is a 4 star LB committed to MSU from IMG: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2023/jordan-hall-259309
  4. Until Dec when Alabamie & Clemsons clean up... and when Aggie robs (or "borrows") from First State Bank College Station to fund the 2023 recruit payroll
  5. Great article on the Athletic: https://theathletic.com/3380281/2022/06/23/arch-manning-commit-texas-longhorns/
  6. Is 6'4" a little short for a tackle? Would he slide to the inside? They always add an inch on the measurements so he's probably like 6 3". Or does that not matter if he has skills?
  7. He also mentioned that we're in the drivers seat for Shannon...but who knows!
  8. Dang, another ATX kid to Clemson....was this expected? Rivals is showing him visiting the good guys on the 24th...i guess that's probably not happening?
  9. I'm not worried. Look we have Quintavious at the helm right now. If we don't get Manning...we're in a great spot for '24 QB Julian "Just" Sayin. It's all good SARK AFTA DARK baybee!!!
  10. Interesting article from Rivals about Manning, and how it impacts 2024 QBs, Julian "Just" Sayin. Essentially whichever school Manning doesn't pick is where Sayin will end up. So even if we lose Manning, we potentially gain Sayin in 2024: https://n.rivals.com/news/qb-dominoes-how-holstein-s-commitment-impacts-others
  11. I think we're landing a big time kicker, a huge 3* get..... Yes a recruiting rosetta stone would be helpful!
  12. Even Alabamie homer thinks Arch is coming here, makes a great point on why would he pick Georgia where 4/5 star QB's go to sit on the bench:
  13. That dude is 6 5", 400 pounds!!! Ain't that a bit much?

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