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  1. It became pretty clear to me about midway through the ISU game that Ehlinger is the correct choice at QB. He seems more able to escape pressure - which is a must given the porous offensive line. I was mildly surprised we didn't see him come in at any point in the game Thursday even given how ugly it was becoming on offense. I expect Buechele will have a short leash this week.
  2. We've had several "moral" victories over the last years, so I'd like to see the team continue to grow and string multiple performances together, but it was encouraging to see the defense continue to rise up and make big plays even when the offense was non-existent for most of the game. I was expecting the defense to tire and flood gates to open and they never did. I can almost talk myself in to believing the team we saw on the field Saturday could contend for a Big 12 title next year provided they fix the offensive line. Also, I was texting friends in the moment saying they should've gone for 2 in the first OT. Odds were not in our favor that we'd outlast USC in an OT situation so why not go for broke? In that moment, I think the team believed they could win and I'm pretty confident they would've converted. Oh well. Cautiously optimistic - just don't blow all the goodwill with a let down in Ames!
  3. An "inspired" looking win against a lesser opponent which will serve to get everyone's hopes up way too high before we come crashing back to earth following the USC game. Seems to be our MO the last handful of years...
  4. I saw buzz that there was a "Player's Only" meeting in the Longhorn locker room yesterday. I think that makes it at least 3 consecutive years. I'd prefer they stop talking and start actually playing! Those of you that went back and watched the game are much braver than I. No way I could've done that...
  5. I guess it's possible the week of practice for Texas, Baylor, and A&M lacked a bit of focus. Presumably quite a few of the players were affected in some manner by the floods in and around Houston. As an individual temporarily displaced myself, I found it hard to focus on much of anything last week. It would be only be human for these kids to do the same. Don't get me wrong, Texas still has problems they're going to need to fix but in hindsight I can see how the flood situation may have been a barrier this week.
  6. It's not clear to me why people keep saying "we have more talent than" team X. This is essentially the same team that lost to Kansas. We're just not very good and it's going to take a while for Herman to get his guys in there. This game doesn't burst the Tom Herman bubble for me as much as it simply bursts the 2017 bubble. This isn't a team that's competing for the big 12 title this year. Too many key players are scarred from years of losing.
  7. It's certainly a bold move to tweet your phone number out to everyone like that. I'll bookmark this thread in case I ever see something on the field that I need to discuss directly with the HFC.
  8. KHOU Houston just reported that UH settled on Kiffin as head coach. I suspect we'll see movement on our OC/DC situation shortly.
  9. It seems pretty clear that the Bears season is already over...
  10. Look, I'm not a Charlie Strong guy by any means. I was saying I'd seen enough last year even. It was time for him to go. But you can't compare the situations and rush to report at OSU/Bama to the situation at Texas. Any of their sites reporting "sources say Saban to be fired at year end" would be laughed off the internet. Whereas here they're taken seriously by not only fans, but these kids that are truly affected, because of the poor results on the field. The only point I'm trying to make is that when things start going bad then I believe all the speculation and mixed reporting can impact the results on the field. It's human nature. Edit: this was probably a 7 win team that was affected by outside grumblings. I still find that entirely unacceptable for two reason: 1) we should be better than a 7 win team in year three and 2) It's Strong's job to make sure the chatter doesn't affect focus. He failed
  11. I do believe there are a couple of very big differences in the situations: 1) The RB position has been significantly devalued by NFL teams compared to what it was when Ricky was playing. 2) The rookie salary scale throttles the earnings potential quite a bit relative to 2000. When combined with the average working life of an NFL player, it makes less and less sense for a RB to stay in school for their senior season. It's significantly more enticing to make the jump, reduce the number of hits the body is taking for free and using that year to push through the rookie contract at a younger age.
  12. I'm not sure it's an excuse - more of a statement of fact. I don't think it's a coincidence that UH fell to Memphis the day after "sources" indicated Herman to LSU was basically a done deal. Strong didn't play to his paper and he was rightfully held accountable. But I do think it's fair to question whether or not these Texas pay sites, in a rush to justify their fees, do more harm than good when it comes to the stability of the program and the product the fans see on the field.
  13. Definitely agree. We're all very hopeful that it's just a coaching issue but I started getting concerned about player character being a big issue after the Kansas game and then they followed it up by rolling over for TCU. Makes me think the task ahead of Herman may be a little more difficult than most want to believe.
  14. I couldn't agree more and I'll take it a step further. I hope they bring him back now. I don't think he's the guy, I've been saying it for a long time. But I think the administration's spectacular mishandling of this situation highlights a much bigger issue within the program than whether our football team is winning and no amount of coaching changes is going to fix it. Marching Strong in front of the media to flap about like a fart in the wind when everyone knows what a loss to Kansas really meant puts the gross incompetence by too many to list on full display (AD, president, BMDs, etc). We deserve every bit of the criticism our program is receiving. I'm disgusted that Strong was put in that position today and firmly believed he was simply being afforded the ability to make the official statement himself (Randolph Duke I think you even mentioned that in a thread last night...). Strong handled that conference with the dignity and class he's presented since his hiring yet our administration is unwilling/unable to offer him the same in return when it's clear it's time to move on. Again, we deserve to be the laughing stock we've become.
  15. I saw these pop across my twitter feed and wasn't sure what Diggs was trying to imply: the players didn't execute it's not Strong's fault and he needs to be retained OR the players didn't execute and he needs to be held accountable for that. I don't see the logic of the former - he's in charge, was responsible for recruiting the players and putting them in position to succeed on the field. They didn't and that's on him. By all accounts the players love Strong but they've been unable to express it through their production on the field. It's a shame it didn't work out here but at the end of the day, Ws matter and everything else (nice guy, players love him, etc.) is all downstream bonus.
  16. Perrin's lack of experience on display big time here. It's time we get a real AD hired as well.
  17. I guess in particular I'm referring to games that should be "gimmie" wins (ISU last year, Kansas this year) but point taken - he's been unable to have his team consistently ready to play throughout his tenure.
  18. Honestly, I'm surprised people are shocked we lost. We've consistently under performed on the road and all week the chatter was about TCU and whether or not we could get to 7-5. Almost everyone just assumed wed be bowl eligible after today. I texted two separate groups of friends today and told both of them we were losing this game. No one believed me. This had the makings of a trap game written all over it and that's exactly the type of game Strong has been so terrible at preparing his team for. This is just another example of a massive failure at the top. Strong seems like a nice enough guy but that doesn't show up on the scoreboard. Someone give Romo's number to Charlie - they can commiserate over a beer about the harsh reality of sports: only winning matters
  19. I'll always root for a Longhorn W but I've stopped planning my weekend around kick-off which is a disappointing feeling. Joel Klatt was on The Ticket the other day saying he thought this was a really weird game because "what does UT do if they win?" I honestly don't think it matters at this point. Given the line on this game, it's clear that many people don't know what to make of Baylor yet (i.e., they may be as equally overrated as we were early in the season). A win on Saturday won't change my opinion on the direction of the program. We beat OU last year, we beat Baylor last year - we've been able to generally get up for the big games. It's the consistency against the inferior opponents, the poor fundamentals, the STUPID offensive penalties putting us behind the chains that I've seen enough of and have lost faith that it can change under Strong, regardless of the outcome Saturday.
  20. I said the same about UH not looking right since Herman job rumors started in another thread over the weekend. Some were saying it was an indictment on his coaching ability but I think it's just been tough for the players to muster the same attitude while feeling like their coach is a goner (same can be said for UT really...). I guess my main question here is how can it be "all but official" if Strong hasn't been fired. I understand that backroom discussions happen all the time but if this is really true, doesn't it become an issue to agree to terms with another coach while you already have a coach under contract? Or might there already be an agreement in place with Strong to move on?
  21. UH hasn't been the same since the rumors about Herman leaving started. The players look slower to me - letdown
  22. I didn't mean to imply the LHN commitment was the only reason but rather that it's one of several additional time commitments that the coach of a smaller program doesn't have to deal with. He's just pulled in more directions and the are still only 24 hours in a day. Mack was successful because he dealt with the off-the-field issues very well and had trusted and competent coaches to fill his gaps. Strong hasn't proven to be able to Juggle it all appropriately
  23. The job at Texas requires a significant increase in responsibilities such as donor and LHN commitments that Louisville just doesn't have. The uptick in responsibilities means our coach needs to be organized and skilled at hiring coordinators to help him run a successful program. Charlie's downfall has been ineptitude in both of those spaces which puts too much on his plate. There aren't enough hours in the day to execute in all areas so he devotes unsatisfactory amount of time to each and this is the result
  24. Anyone still believing Strong can right this ship isn't watching the product closely enough. This is so beyond unacceptable that Strong should be told to find his own ride home.
  25. Texas really needs to slow this game down and pound the ball to keep the defense off the field but that's going to hinge on how healthy Foreman is. Also, look for the 18-wheeler package to add some pass option - teams are starting to crowd the line when Swoopes is in. A healthy Foreman with a mix of over-the-top passes from Swoopes might keep this game close. But that's probably wishful thinking. I think it's going to be 3 straight double-digit losses for the 'Horns (and yes I'm counting Cal even if the actual final score doesn't reflect simply because of a bonehead play). OU 45, Texas 20

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