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    If you guessed Texan & Doctor, you would be right !!!
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  1. I LOL Sirhorns. I was just thinkin' : When's Saban Gettin' Here (?) when I read your post.
  2. Barring a complete collapse..... What A Season!!! I thought Barnes was gonna be done...
  3. Over on texag board, somebody with a good sense of humor bumped a thread called "pick your candidate". It's a thread from right after the sherman firing, & it's an overwhelming lovefest for Charlie Strong !!! Most of the ags list him as their favorite, & several want "Strong or nobody " Fedora was a distant 2nd. Even the ags are laughing. Only one guy wanted sumlin back then...
  4. No one is forcing them to play. If they don't like what is being offered, then make good grades, enroll, & pay tuition & books, etc, like every other student. They are spoiled already compared to students that have to work nights, etc, in order to get a degree.
  5. Second Bonehead move that he's made recently.
  6. Yes, if they continue to improve. They are the youngest team (in the Nation ??? ) & are playing way better now than a month ago. If (I know - "IF" ) they had held on vs ou , they would be ranked above ou, 15-3 (Best record in Big 12 w/okie state) & 4-1 (Tied for 2nd) in conference. Tey were THAT close, & like I said - They Are Young. I'm not holding my breath on getting Turner, but either way if guys like Ridley & Javan improve as much this year as they did last (& Holmes) we would be pretty salty next year & beyond. With Turner - even better. OTOH, if they start to regress, bicker, & defect, then show him the door.
  7. Plus, good choice of outfits in case Coach makes him run a few laps after the picture...... These guys know one thing already: They may not win every game, but they will never lose because the other team was in better shape than them !!! (Which will also account for a few close wins)
  8. I'm voting Manly, but I order my Margs on the rocks, & although I would support chasing it with a Dos Equis, the Doctor in me keeps saying "I wonder who didn't wash their hands before handling that bottle that ended up in the middle of my drink"??? Just Sayin.....
  9. Owner/Administrator of a Group Surgical Practice (Dallas-Ft Worth Surgical). My Office is in Grapevine, but we work at about 15 different Hospitals all over the Metroplex.
  10. His source is not accurate. Other than that... not bad.
  11. DL Coach. I know it's not about Strong's Staff, but didn't see it posted yet. Prob because it was bad info. Tried to change title, but don't know how to edit title. I'll be under my rock if you need me......
  12. C'mon ! It's a weekday. Don't they know we have things we need to do ???
  13. I'm pretty good for a second opinion Steve, & I concur...

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