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  1. Have been out of town for a few days... What are the Hudson rumors at this point??
  2. I agree, the site is getting harder to load as we go... I'm even getting ads about buying bayler tickets,,, really?
  3. You ain't kidding it got Teaff some calls! In fact, the Oklahoma St. game this year was the worse I can remember seeing since the Texas/Baylor game that year...
  4. "Roger, we may not see eye to eye on electricity, but when it comes to potting petunias, I'm a Giant."
  5. I agree. This team doesn't "quit" like some of the MB teams. Charley really needs another couple of great classes and continue to upgrade his staff were needed & things should be good...
  6. Heard,,, he's on a Juanama Canal cruise...
  7. Yes, I think Tech pulls the upset, and can beat Briles as well... Opening opportunities for us...
  8. Interestingly enough, I'm the advertising photographer at the Tribune-Herald... Wish I had more to report about this, but I don't... We are part of the BH Media "Warren Buffett" machine ... If I hear anything about the bayler situation, I will relay the information here...ðŸ®
  9. I'm in! Puts me right up there with Joe & Red... Waiting for my luxury suite invitation... Hook 'Em!ðŸ®ðŸ‚
  10. If you're at the game in Waco or leaving the area, avoid the Central Texas Marketplace on I35 & Hwy. 6. There was a motorcycle gang shoot out at the Twin Peaks restaurant earlier and they are closing down the entire shopping center. It's confirmed there are 9 dead and area hospitals reporting another 18 injured. Law enforcement is concerned that other gang members are possibly moving into the area...
  11. Yes, Jeff Leiding, I was there too... One of the loudest & most exciting games that I have attended...
  12. One of my friend's daughter used "Let the bodies hit the floor" by Drowning Pool.. Loved it!
  13. Bottom line, isn't this fun compared to where we were a month agoâ“I foresee a big smile on our faces when it all ends...ðŸ®
  14. So now it will be much more difficult to find recruiting news updates, especially on a phone, without scrolling through many threads instead of one. Thanks for that...
  15. Thanks Juan, I'm not a huge Twitter person but am now adding the recruits as faves..l
  16. Dang, I thought maybe Kyler had committed...😜 Merry Christmas & enjoy the game!!
  17. I went 50% on the Poteet guys predictions... My current thoughts are, isn't it amazing how fast you can go from rags to riches & vice versa in recruiting?
  18. The Boyd duo just threw up the Hook 'Em as DeMarco accepted the Defensive Player of the Game award!!
  19. MJ - Texas The wishes of the parents coupled with the uncertainty at A&M help the young man make a wise decision. DM - UCLA A program on the rise and the allure of LA are just too alluring to deny. (I'm not staff but what the heck)

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