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  1. When it comes to Texas, there are very few lateral moves in football. Notre Dame to Texas is one of those moves.
  2. Alabama got to New Orleans yesterday afternoon. http://www.rolltide.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/122713aaa.html Flight from Austin to New Orelans. http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N411ST/history/20131227/1530Z/KAUS/KMSY Plane registered to Benson Football LLC. Tom Benson is the owner of the New Orleans Saints Probably just coincidence since Benson owns dealerships in San Antonio where the flight originated from. I've never played around on this site much but it's pretty neat.
  3. Been saying this a while. I'd expect almost half of the staff to be cut and replaced back to about 2/3 of what the total number is now. Patterson is about running things efficiently and having people there who are proffesional and work diligently. When people talk of complacency and fat in the AD they are talking about the number of staff members that have a job or a created job becuase of friendships and relationships over qualificaions and necessity.
  4. Not going to put him down unless he regresses to the point where nothing can be done. Right now he's not losing blood and not requiring blood transfusions. I can't afford to shell out 5-10 grand at a hospital but the vet is helping us with all the meds, foods, and fluids to take care of at home. He's drinking on his own today but still fighting the food so we are forcing it with a syringe. He still has a lot of strength and fights like a bandit. He's playful after naps and can control his bowel movements to go to the door or wait until we take him outside. No blood in vomit or stool. Had solid poop this morning but the runny poo's are back this afternoon. In the last 48 hours he's only vomited about 4 times and he's not thorwing up the food. It looks more like thick drool and happens after the tamiflu. Wife and I are up with him around the clock pushing fluids and food. The fact that he's finally starting to drink on his own is a good sign. About to return to the vet for more anti-nausea meds and antibiotics to fight the secondary infections. Thanks again to all for the thoughts. We are bleeching the house every evening so far and will be throwing everything away that he's come in contact with, including toys, blankets, pillows, and bowls. We moved the other 2 dogs up stairs and keep them in the front yard, away from his movements in the back yard. It's a struggle but it's not the dogs fault he's sick so we are going to do everything we can to get him through it. Putting him down is the very last resort and he's shown now signs of getting worse.
  5. Does the NCAA have anything like the NFL’s “Rooney Rule?” The “Rooney Rule” is a National Football League policy requiring teams to interview minority candidates for head coaching positions. Legally, the NCAA can’t adopt such a rule. The NFL is a for-profit business that is legally able to draft and enforce such policies. In contrast, the NCAA is a non-profit and voluntary member association which can’t influence individual campus hiring practices. However, in early 2008, Division I athletics directors recognized the problem and adopted hiring guidelines similar to the “Rooney Rule.” While voluntary, peer pressure plays a major role in ensuring schools comply with these guidelines. The main focus, however, should be getting minority coaches hired, not just interviewed. EDIT: Meant to add that Strong will at the very least interview for political reasons.
  6. Thanks for all the kind words and advice. He's drinking water on his own this morning so he may be on the right side of this thing now.
  7. He is like by the vast majority but there are some that do not care for him. I played for one.
  8. My wife bought me a 7 week old Great Dane Puppy for Christmas. We picked him up Christmas Eve. On Thursday he wouldn't eat as much as he did the first couple of days and had diarrhea so we got him to the vet on Friday and he was diagnosed with Parvo after a positive snap test. We have been treating him in home. Friday the vet gave him 200ML under the skin as he was dehydrated because of diarrhea. Since yesterday he has been refusing food and water on his own. We have been force feeding him recovery and critical health can food through a syringe as well as liquids (gatorade and petialite). We also got a script and have him on .5 ML of 12 MG Tamiflu every 12 hours. He is also on anti-nausea and antibiotic pills. He has not thrown up the food but doesn't want anything to do with the tamiflu. There is no blood in the burped up tamiflu and no blood in the bowel movements. We also have a fluids bag from the vet but haven't had to give it to him yet because he's passing the tint skin test and gum check for dehydration. He's fighting the force feeding like a bandit and is showing no signs of getting weaker. My wife and I are on a rotating schedule to keep him under supervision and forcing fluids and food every 2-3 hours around the clock. He is playful after naps and potty breaks and can hold movements until he goes outside but we haven't let him play much at all and keep him layed down most of the day. Tonight he had 2 licks of water on his own but burped it back up. How far are we from being out of the woods? I know he has to drink and eat on his own to start showing signs of beating it but so far there's been no blood in vomit or bowel movements and only 2 times has he burped up fluids in the last 30 hours. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Worried sick about this little thing.
  9. If it's Briles vs Franklin <---lol then give me Briles.
  10. I don't care that he wants more money. I care about the timed leaks to the media. Other than that, pay the man and let him go do TV. Personally I don't understand why Texas would even flinch at the money. Just make or let him go away.
  11. Just putting it out there... but it's very possible that Saban phoned a friend and said, I don't care what you do or how you do it, even if you have to say I'm not coming, but make sure they keep this down until after my bowl game. The info pattern is interesting. Info dump on Monday & Tuesday, opposite info dump the day after Christmas.
  12. Was wondering the same thing. Driving up to San Antonio on Sunday night.
  13. I'll add that the one thing Saban understands is personnel and the value of a deep roster. It's one thing to talk about wanting to be two-deep, it's another thing to do it. He loses players to injury, graduation, and the NFL just like everyone else, but has little fall off because of his ability to evaluate talent and build a roster. It starts with the staff he puts together, the player personnel department, and player evaluations. He runs a top notch program top to bottom and for the most part has done a pretty damn good job off keeping the filthy Alabama boosters from ruining what he has going.
  14. The best thing that can happen for Mack Brown's reputaiton is for Texas to hire a top coach and start winning again, very fast. If we get back in the top 10 quickly then people will forget and forgive. If we end up with a Franklin or Fedora type hire, Mack Brown will be resented around here for a long time.
  15. NS is still the lead dog by a nose and JF is ready to make the pass if NS and company hesitate down the back stretch. Right now there is a number one and number two and they are both great options. Beyond that there's a group of candidates who would have the same amount of positive and negative splash but there's a gap between number two and the rest of the pack. With all the distractions going on with Brown and his hurt feelings, Texas is probably going to get hammered by Oregon Monday evening. If Texas is going to hang with Oregon it will be a player led effort, not a coaching one. Mack is going to be asked to step away, not forever, but for a while.
  16. Frankliln would be a comfortable hire for all those who would want to have influence on the direction of the program. He would be in way too deep at Texas and would lose his identity. And IMO he doesn't have that great of an identity to begin with.
  17. No rules opinions really other than to keep the poster on poster attacking down. Discussion of information posted is great and that's where it needs to stay. I have only been here a short time and it seems to be growing fast and the best thing about this place has been the ability to have mature discussion on topics with out personal attacks. The other things I would suggest would be to have a good number of moderators on the board and keep the count rising as more members come in. We all have busy schedules, work, family etc... keeping the mod count up only helps the flow of the board.
  18. I don't think you need any more proof that Chip is being misdirected that what is starting to come out in the last couple of days IMO.
  19. If you follow Chips pattern in reporting that Mack was stepping down, it was that Mack was to be out by friday of the banquet, then that Mack may be staying, and then that Mack was indeed out on Saturday. Chip's story on Mack's retirement was picked up by ESPN hours after he broke the story. You would think that if you have information that you are trying to keep quiet, that you wouldn't leak it to a group that ESPN has their eyes on. The national media is following what Chip is reporting. As i've said before, I dont' know if he's coming or not, I know a couple of people who believe he is. But this is a situation where being wrong about Saban in saying that he's not coming, isn't a bad thing. Earlier in the day yesterday, OB moved Saban up on their coaching hot board only to render it a virtual impossibility later that evening. Expect many more turns heading in to the week of the Championship game.
  20. No, but run down the list of programs that won the national championship since 2000, find which major programs had an opening (without NCAA sanctions) and compare those schools to FSU and I think you'll have the answer as to why? 2000 - Oklahoma - Bob Stoops 2001 - Miami - Larry Coker 2002 - Ohio State - Jim Tressel 2003 - LSU - Nick Saban 2004 - USC - Pete Carrol 2005 - Texas - Mack Brown 2006 - Florida - Urban Meyer 2007 - LSU - Les Miles 2008 - Florida - Urban Meyer 2009 - Alabama - Nick Saban 2010 - Auburn - Gene Chizik 2011 - Alabama - Nick Saban 2012 - Alabama - Nick Saban 2013 - FSU/Auburn - ??? Of all those schools listed above LSU, FSU, Auburn, and Miami are the closest together IMO. And if you'll remember, Michigan had Les Miles in their grasp until LSU got wind of it and put the major pressure on Miles to make a decision. Nick Saban left LSU for the NFL.

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