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  1. I have gained a lot of respect for Patterson through this process. He will own this decision and made it clear that no matter how thick your wallet is, that doesn't qualify you to decide the future of Texas football. That said, I agree with you about Strong. He's not your A list type option because of his name but if you don't think that he'll change the culture at Texas, you simply don't know much about football. This is a guy who has had to make his own way against politics that were not in his favor. He did that through hard work and determination and he'll expect the same from players wanting to wear burnt orange. His staff hires are critical so I'm on a wait and see approach with that. However, from day one, the mentally weak players will be weeded out and the physically weak will be demanded along with others to raise their game to see the field. If this works out, how thankful will we be that Foley turned down Strong multiple times and took Muschamp off of our hands?
  2. Harbaugh, Gruden, and Fisher never got serious looks. Patterson liked Strong from the get go and Saban backed too far away to jump back in after Mackmania. It appears the days of throwing money at Texas football and wanting your opinion to be heard because of it is over. Patterson is a pro and this hire is his alone and tied to his hip going forward. He left himself no out and also no excuses... that's what people who are very good at their job do, but he also set a boundary moving forward IMO.
  3. Briles turned down an interview not a contract. There's a very big difference.
  4. HC or not, he's seen a higher level of schools during his time in the SEC. Not to mentioned that his defense owned Bob Stoops and Kevin Wilson's highest scoring offense in the 08' MNC game. Charlie is the real deal. He's not a big splash but he'll bring the culture change we've all wanted for our program. I'm starting to be more and more thankful that this wasn't a glitz & glam hire.
  5. You want Sponsors who are loyal to you, not just because you are telling them what they want to hear. Thanks for the info and this is a fun and reasonable board.
  6. Texas is a fast track for HC jobs as a coordinator.
  7. There were a lot of us that had some insight through people who would or used to have influence in the decision. I sent a message a couple of weeks ago to McP and some others as to who I was hearing it from and while it may not be as high up the food chain as their sources, he was close enough with a BMD that I trusted the info on NS. Bottom line is that there were a lot of wrong people in all of this. Strong is a really good hire. He's not the wow guy that most were hoping for but when you talk about someone who absolutely wants this job.. i'm not sure if there was anyone who wanted it more and that's a positive moving forward. He's got a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. Because of that I think the players are going to rally around him and we are going to see the culture change we've been craving for years.
  8. I have no clue where he goes on offense but I'll throw this out for defense. Charlie Strong - HC Jerry Gray - DC & DB's Randy Shannon - LB's & Recruiting Ed Orgeron - DL & Recruting Coordinator or Bo Davis Oscar Giles - DE's & Recruting
  9. Strong, Gray as DC & DB's, and Shannon as co-dc and LB coach. Keep Bo Davis and Giles.
  10. Keep in mind the last time they were involved with a search, all of the smoke pointed to Oliver Luck until the last minute. I don't know who signed and I'm on pins and needles.
  11. Strong is not a bad hire, he's just not a splash hire. An African American coach at Texas helps fill the void of Mr. February even though he fell off the wagon in his latter years.
  12. No reason to have low morale until something is final.
  13. Flight aware just vaporized that flight.
  14. Briles out, Mora out, if Franklin pulls his name, you boys get your hard hats on.
  15. It's scary quiet. Not just on the boards. I can't get a word from anyone that I talk to.
  16. Mora made a good impression. I agree that you don't run off Mack to replace him with Mora jr. based on resume but Mora has been around the block. I'm sure he interviews very well.
  17. Keep in mind that Gruden came straight out and said he wouldn't be interested in any of the current NFL openings. He said nothing about Texas. And of all the names making headlines, you would think Gruden would be one that is talked about. I tend to say it's just smoke but if it ends up being Gruden, it's been the carrot hanging in front of our face for a few weeks.
  18. Don't know if it's smoke or not... but if you are Gruden fan, you want him in front of the Committee... if you are not a Gruden fan, you want this to be smoke and for him never to see a closed meeting with all of the committee members.
  19. Set the floor... First Franklin, then Strong, now Mora Jr. If it isn't Saban, don't be surprised if it comes out as, "He interviewd and was hired" in the same day. I still think it's Saban or Harbaugh, but if a guy like Gruden, who's getting major push from Red, gets in front of the committee, look out.
  20. Get ready boys, if you thought today was a tailspin... tomorrow and possibly through the weekend is going to be nuts.
  21. Stoops is a rectum ranger. Good coach, but still a frog looking anal assasain.
  22. It's very hard to sustain success as long as Saban has. No matter how good you are, without some turnover, complacency will set in. I believe that is why Saban has job hopped so much. That's not saying he si coming to Texas but if he's going to make a move, now is the time to jump. And TBH... coming off back to back losses and heading in to a year where he loses his 3 ring QB, he'd be a little cooky to not accept the stupid money Texas is willing to pay him.

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