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  1. That's him. You are the only one who's ever pointed that out that when I've said he was a prick lol. He was honest with me and I was honest with him and I think that's all you can really ask from a coach. I spent 2 weeks there in the summer, throwing to recievers who were in town and doing some summer conditioning. I got home sick really quick and it really wouldn't have been a good decision for me. At the time McM was D-3 so they couldn't offer scholarships. However they were able to provide some different grants to some of the players based on economic eligiblity from what I was told. Some people are cut out for the small town college life. It was a completely different culture than I was used to. Plus I may not be remembering it all that well since it was over a decade ago lol.
  2. McMurry out of Abeline? I visited there when I was a junior. I couldn't dig the small town lifestyle coming from Spring/Houston. When I was there, some players took me out to the only club in town. On Friday night it was hip hop night, on saturday it was country. I don't know how much has changed at McMurry since then. Their field had pot holes in it that ankle tape and braces wouldn't hold up againt. I had heard they got new turf and a new stadium but I'm not sure. I'm glad I decided against it and chased baseball. They didn't win a single game the year after I graduated high school. They did have a bad ass Tribe VHS tape they showed me and sent me home with. They were the Indians then and I think they changed their name. The head coach at the time didn't want me to be a dual-sport athlete either, he was kind of a prick. Anyway, congrats to your son... recruiting is one of the best parts of the football experience. If not much has changed on the up and up for McM, I'd steer him toward Navarro if they offer.
  3. Zook, Sherman, Mike billoti are three names that would be at the top for me if they'd be willing to take the pay cut. I think it's also important to have some youth amongst the player personnel department as well to stay dialed in to the trends with 17-18 year olds.
  4. http://www.cowboysrideforfree.com/2011/7/15/2275091/the-top-25-dirtiest-athletic-programs-in-college-history-iv-cheat Check out #7 on that list.
  5. You completely missed the mark on tihs one. Patterson wasn't hired with a whimper. He, unlike Luck, was willing to tackle the football coaching need at Texas. As we've seen it has come with a lot of backlash. Luck would have been Dodds Jr. IMO. Strongs hiring was completely choreographed by the man who was making the hire, void of BMD's voice because that's part of what go us in to this mess. The information we are getting is limited because of the change. We need to give it time to play out instead of jumping on the program. The leakers are protecting their jobs. In time there will be a new brand of sources but it's going to take a little while. The only thing making this unproffesional are all the extreme reactions by the fan base. Every day the sky is falling.
  6. I'd look for some Urban Meyer flair to our offense. My gut tells me it's Herman. For him to be a serious contender as a HC, he needs to get out of the shadow of Urban.
  7. Today is the day. I imagine we'll know something by or before this afternoon. Let's hope it's not Watson.
  8. I get the idea of your message but if everyone were to follow that idea there would be no need for message boards and we could all read about it in the paper. Sometimes the beauty of being on message boards is that we get information before the general public who doesn't participate in places like OB, IT, or HS. As long as we are discussing the topic and not attacking the posters I have no problem with people expressing their feelings towards any moves made by the athletic department.
  9. The problem is that we aren't arguing the MB staff at Texas vs the Strong staff at L'ville. We are arguing that there are better options and specifically on the offensive side of the ball than Watson. Truly, all of this would calm way they hell down if Watson would sign somewhere else quickly. Texas can and should do better than him. I trust Strong but it also seems that he's an inner circle type guy. He trusts his former staff and who can blame him? It helped land him the Texas job. But the Watson experiment in the Big 12 has already flopped. No need to try it again. The majority of the state runs a no huddle spread offense. Kids grow up playing that and want to continue playing that style in college. Again, I trust Strong but I think Patterson should encourage him to do better than Watson.
  10. When you have the resources that Texas has, I just can't get on board with the Watson hire. The guy has already had multiple failures in the Big 12 and there's nothing about his offense that is going to get the top kids in the state on board IMO. It's a comfort hire and if I were Patterson, I'd tell him that he should be plenty comfortable bringing his DC, LB, and RB coach. Watson should be a 3rd of 4th choice if your hail mary's miss. Could he have success? Sure he could, he struck lightning in a bottle with Teddy. But his tack record is full of underwhelming production. I guess that's why I don't get paid to make the decisions though. I'm the best keyboard coach there is lol
  11. As a poster who was relaying information regarding Saban, I can say that I'm ready to move past the talk. What's done is done. Those of us who had an inside track don't really need confirmation from writers. I can't speak for everyone but some of us simply give the information made available to us as a favor. Message board cred has never been my thing as I'm not a mod, writer, part of any staff, and don't have a relationship with a single poster off of any the sites. The truth of the matter is that there were terms that were agreed to verbally and all that needed to be done was to have them in contract form available for signature. Saban was genuinely interested in coming to Texas but there were a lot of personal influences involved with that desire... One of the big ones was Terry. The reality is that we don't know how much Saban has left in the tank. He deserves the title of best coach in the country at the moment. But once you are in to your 60's the passion and desire can quickly turn to burn out and just flat out exhaustion which can cause some clouded judgement. It's not apples to apples comparing Brown to Saban but we saw it with Mack. He lost his own identity and made some poor decisions in more of a panic then anything else. The loss of guys like Tomey and Cleve really hurt Mack's decision process even if the latter had poor character. In the end it's more than possible that Patterson made the right decision concerning the future of Texas Football. He was employed to do a job that he has the experience to accomplish. We should trust him until he proves unworthy of that gift. Strong is in and it's time to look and get behind what we have instead of continuing the negativity surrounding the program by only looking at what we don't.
  12. Santos isn't going anywhere. He plays with an attitude that Charlie likes. I could see Edmond losing his job. Strong wants noise makers on defense and I've always felt Edmond's personality was better served on the offensive side of the ball. If Hicks gets healthy I'd expect him and Jenkins to make a lot of noise.
  13. Muschamp scared the mess out of Stoops. Strong will do the same. I'm not much in to conspiracy theories but there's a reason why Bob recommended Will to Florida. Sure part of that could be because of respect or friendship, but I believe after 08, 09, & 10, Bob had seen enough of Muschamp's defense neutering their high octane offense. Don't let the memories of Florida's 08 performance against that Sooner squad which scored 60 in its final 5 games get too far from your memory. OU mustered just 14 points against the Gators. You can't not be excited about what Strong brings to the table in regards ot mental toughness and downright nasty attitude. We will have not seen a defense play with that kind of attitude on the 40 since coach Boom departed.
  14. Overstreet needs to learn the difference between running in to a hole and running in to an ahole.
  15. I don't think Wick wants the buzz of Austin TBH.
  16. Two completely differen situations. DKR was 20+ years removed from coaching when Mack was hired. Mackovic wasn't around when Brown was hired, Brown won't be around for this hire. It's simply too soon.
  17. Wording is key. Nick Saban backed too far away from the table after the friday of Mackmania. There could be no official candidates for the job until the job became open and the job didn't become open until after Nick Saban re-signed and Mack Brown retired. So technically Steve is not lying. We all know that Saban was a big target. He's not the type of coach you interview. You offer and he signs.
  18. People are attracted to shiny new things and Texas has now become that. When you think about it, all of the top programs in the Big XII haven't seen a coaching change in a few years. Stoops, Snyder x2, & Gundy have all been around a while. Briles is going in to his 7th year at Baylor. As fans it feels like Texas fell a long way, but Strong brings the kind of positive momentum needed on the recruiting trail and he will light a fire under our players. Mack lost his mojo and when players do what the coach preaches and it doesn't work for 4 years, a little bit of burn out occurs. Strong lights a fire under their ass. We have some depth issues but what I'm most excited about is for them to have a coach who is still hungry to get to the top that relies heavily on his own knowledge of X's and O's. His staff will be critical to his success but this is a 180 from a Mack Brown type hire.
  19. This.. Bennie has been neutered in to a raa raa guy under MB and Mad Dog. I don't think he stays in the end but for the track record he's built up, it's hard to understand why he was so ineffective here. Same for Harsin, Sereals, Major, Wyatt, the list goes on and on... it really points back to one thing, and going over that is beating a dead horse.
  20. If I'm Strong I hit the in state defensive studs hard and show them his 08 defense at Florida, where they went in the draft, and play the close to home card as much as possible. If he flips more than 1 in the 14' class I'll be shocked. If he flips more than that, it's a very good sign of things to come.
  21. Where does Jerry Gray end up now that the Titans have canned their head coach?
  22. badboy is gonna nail his wife tonight and create his own little goon squad after this post.
  23. Entitlement has been allowed in this program for a long time. The family atmosphere brought a lot of success but when things fell off that family began turning on one another quickly like step-children. This will be a new learning curve for all invlovled.

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