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  1. The problem is that Charlie had a little over 30 days to build a relationship with recruits and families that had a relationship with Mack Brown and liked the rock star treatment and family style atomosphere (borderline coddling) players recieved at Texas under Mack Brown. Mack and Co were harder on players pre-2005 than post-2005. There's been a lot of credit given to "letting VY be VY" however relaxing for one group does not = success for all...especially young groups you can't trust. It's the post 2005 treatment that has led us right where we are and it started with big misses beyond that 2005 class up until now. Development of players fell off the table considerably a long time ago. Consider this, name me 10 players who left the University of Texas phsyically and fundamentally changed after the 2006 season. I'll start you off with Colt McCoy. You can probably grab some defensive guys who played under WM, but try and find the offensive ones not named McCoy and Shipley. Take a big look at Garret Gilbert, Mike Davis, Jaxon Shipley, MJ McFarland, Carrington Byndom, Case McCoy, David Ash, RB's, the O-line, D-line, DB's, so and and so forth. Does Mack have a single skin on the wall over the last 4 years like turning a former QB in to an NFL Draft pick on the defensive side of the ball? Mack was not out recruited so much as he was out coached and his players were out developed. Those players listed previously are the same players they were since they stepped foot on campus. Great talents poorly developed.


    2) Charlie had to recruit against coaches who had at least one year to build a relationship with players and families committed and not committed to Texas. The reason why Poona Ford is considering Texas? His relationship with Strong and Co, and nothing else.


    Bottom line is that you dance with the devil you know. And these players have known a whole lot of other devils longer than they have known Charlie Strong. So ya, new relationship, new rules, new culture... all of those things are going to cause doubt and frankly, I don't want anyone who is scared or uncomfortable with those things, no matter their star rating.


    It's amazing we haven't even played a game yet and some are already starting to question Charlie Strong on the recruiting trail and discarding his track record. 2015 will be a little easier than 2014 but don't forget... the same coaches who are poaching the Texas committment list are the same one's who have a year put in with the 2015 class as well. Winning will certainly help Charlie on that front and there is plenty of talent on the roster to win with. Recruiting will take care of itself if you win. And Charlie was brought in to change what was wrong with the Texas football program.... coaching and culture. And the man can coach.


    IMO - we need to back off the ledge on the 2014 class. Bill Snyder has the same amount of conference titles as Mack Brown with not nearly the same recruiting power. Why? Because he can coach and has an eye for talent. That's not to say that we don't need top players to win, because we certainly do. However we do have top talent on the current roster with back to back top 10 classes as juniors and seniors. Charlie's work was always going to be difficult but his real work begins with what is on campus, not with what might or might not be.

  2. Got bored and wanted to take a look at the Cardinals schedule and how it stacked up vs the Big 12 champs, Fiesta Bowl Winners, & BCS National Champion.


    Louisville 2012 Numbers - Removed FCS Missouri State

    Scoring Offense: - 31.2 (51st) - Scoring Defense; 23.8 (36th) = Difference of 7.4 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (119, 8, 85, 112, 76, 106, 39, 86, 56, 121, 98, 78)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 82nd

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (87, 53, 91, 116, 23, 57, 14, 88, 46, 19, 4, 5)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 53rd


    Kansas State (Co-Big 12 Champ) 2012 Numbers - Removed FCS Missouri State

    Scoring Offense: - 38.8 (11th) - Scoring Defense; 22.2 (28th) = Difference of 16.6 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (49, 105, 16, 118, 87, 9, 20, 3, 68, 4, 23, 2)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 42nd

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (85, 61, 51, 112, 38, 117, 92, 64, 30, 113, 74, 25)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 72nd


    Oregon (Fiesta Bowl Winner) 2012 Numbers - Removed FCS Tennessee Tech

    Scoring Offense: - 49.6 (2nd) - Scoring Defense; 21.6 (25th) = Difference of 28 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (27, 17, 15, 108, 90, 14, 120, 40, 93, 72, 37, 11)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 54th

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (43, 37, 105, 101, 39, 40, 124, 41, 98, 11, 22, 28)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 57th


    Alabama (National Champion) 2012 Numbers - Removed FCS Western Carolina

    Scoring Offense: - 38.7 (12th) - Scoring Defense; 10.9 (1st) = Difference of 27.8 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (85, 70, 91, 107, 47, 82, 22, 61, 59, 5, 115, 19, 80)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 65th

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (20, 50, 82, 86, 60, 68, 108, 34, 12, 26, 66, 18, 2)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 45th


    -In 2012 I think Louisville got very lucky drawing Florida in the Sugar Bowl. Of all the BCS teams they Florida had the 2nd lowest difference between scoring offense and defense at 12 points. Both teams had a very low margin for error on the offensive side of the ball. Florida's offense never got anything going and Louisville won 33-23.

    -The 3rd lowest difference of the BCS teams in 2012 belonged to Notre Dame, who just so happened to get their butts dusted by Alabama who had the 2nd highest difference at 27.8, trailing Oregon by 0.2 pts.



    Louisville 2013 Numbers - Removed FCS Eastern Kentucky

    Scoring Offense: - 35.2 (25th) - Scoring Defense; 12.2 (2nd) = Difference of 20.3 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (72, 108, 124, 88, 76, 30, 122, 107, 38, 111, 47, 33)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 80th

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (72, 90, 113, 84, 82, 17, 75, 87, 20, 44, 14, 66)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 64th


    Baylor (Big 12 Champs) 2013 Numbers - Removed FCS Wofford

    Scoring Offense: - 52.4 (1st) - Scoring Defense; 23.5 (36th) = Difference of 28.9 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (54, 101, 78, 37, 89, 120, 40, 23, 14, 87, 65, 30)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 62nd

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (41, 85, 101, 31, 110, 94, 23, 88, 19, 54, 57, 17)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 60th


    UCF (Fiesta Bowl Champs) 2013 Numbers - No FCS Teams

    Scoring Offense: - 34.6 (30th) - Scoring Defense; 21.3 (17th) = Difference of 13.3 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (109, 124, 69, 32. 111, 25, 107, 38, 88, 76, 122, 75, 1)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced =75th

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (76, 113, 59, 12, 44, 2, 87, 20, 84, 82, 75, 100, 36)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 61st


    Florida State (National Champs) 2013 Numbers - Removed FCS Bethune-Cookman

    Scoring Offense: - 51.6 (2nd) - Scoring Defense; 12.1 (1st) = Difference of 39.5 points

    Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (79, 74, 71, 83, 9, 98, 33, 117, 99, 116, 113, 41, 12)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 73rd

    Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (70, 104, 79, 55, 24, 86, 66, 38, 56, 125, 15, 64, 48)

    Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 64th


    -Take away from it what you want. I just thought the numbers were interesting. The spikes in Louisville's production are mainly do to the schedule being weaker. No doubt there was improvement across the board for them. I think it's apparent that we are going to need to have an explosive offense capable of putting up bigger numbers than we have over the last couple of years. Louisville had struggles against teams with good defenses.

    -The Baylor UCF game is a mystery to me.

    -Florida State's opponents... yuk! I'm not sure if there's a weaker schedule for a BCS National Champ.

    -FSU has the highest differential between scoring offense and defense. 2nd is 2001 Miami, 3rd is 2005 Texas.

    -Both FSU and Lousiville faced the same avg ranking of scoring defense at 64th. FSU's offense was 19.1 points better.

  3. I posted the following in a different thread earlier today, but I thought it applied here so I am reposting it:




    Good News / Bad News

    So I did some research of the past 9 BCS champs...


    8 out of 9 -- Each champion had a #1 or #2 ranked recruiting class (rivals) in the 4 previous years

    (Cam Newton & Auburn is the exception)


    9 out of 9 -- Each champion had a 4 year average rivals ranking of 13.5 or lower

    (Texas was highest at 13.5)


    8 out of 9 -- Each champion had a lower 4 year average than their opponent

    (Texas vs USC is the exception)


    The average class ranking for all champions during their 4 year window: 7.1

    The average class ranking for all runner ups during their 4 year window: 11.4


    The good news...


    Texas, Bama, FSU & Ohio State are the only teams to have a #1 or #2 ranked recruiting class going into next season. There is 91% chance one of these teams will win the championship...


    The bad news...


    If Texas plays against one of those teams for the championship, Texas' 4 year average will be higher and therefore we will have a 91% chance of losing... That being said, Texas is the exception to that rule, therefore the odds should be 100% if Texas makes the championship game.


    TLDR -- Texas is probably winning it all next year.


    Good stuff. IMO the roster is in good position for a quick turn around if they can stay healthy. It's not like they aren't adapt to picking up new schemes. The RS seniors will be going on their 4th scheme on offense and defense.


    Charlie is going to have to do some patchwork for the last two classes and land a talented one in 2015 to avoid a dip in production. I think this is a 10 win team possibly 11 depending on the bowl game. I know that may seem unrealistic to some, but if we can stay helathy at the QB position and Charlie mends the defense, this will actually be a pretty talented and salty team come August.

  4. So in my boredom at work today, I've gone back on rivals to 2002 and taken a look at the top 10 classes for each year and put the teams record 4 years later. Take a look. For years that Texas was not in the top 10 listed at the bottom as well.


    2002 Class - (2005 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. Texas - (13-0) - 1st

    2. Tennessee - (5-6) - NR

    3. Georgia - (10-3) - 10th

    4. Florida State - (8-5) - 23rd

    5. Ohio State - (10-2) - 4th

    6. Auburn - (9-3) - 14th

    7. Oklahoma - (8-4) - 22nd

    8. Miami - (9-3) - 17th

    9. UCLA - (10-2) - 16th

    10. Colorado - (7-6) - NR


    2003 Class - (2006 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. LSU - (11-2) - 3rd

    2. Florida - (13-1) - 1st

    3. USC - (11-2) - 4th

    4. Oklahoma - (11-3) - 11th

    5. Miami - (7-6) - NR

    6. Georgia - (9-4) - 23rd

    7. NC State - (3-9) - NR

    8. South Carolina - (8-5) - NR

    9. Mississippi State - (3-9) - NR

    10. Texas A&M - (9-4) - NR

    15. Texas - (10-3) - 12th


    2004 Class - (2007 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. USC - (11-2) - 3rd

    2. LSU - (12-2) - 1st

    3. Florida State - (7-6) - NR

    4. Miami - (5-7) - NR

    5. Michigan - (9-4) - 18th

    6. Georgia - (11-2) - 2nd

    7. Florida - (9-4) - 13th

    8. Oklahoma - (11-3) - 8th

    9. Michigan State - (7-6) - NR

    10. Ohio State - (11-2) - 5th

    18. Texas - (10-3) - 10th


    2005 Class - (2008 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. USC - (12-1) - 3rd

    2. Florida State - (9-4) - 21st

    3. Oklahoma - (12-2) - 5th

    4. Tennessee - (5-7) - NR

    5. Nebraska - (9-4) - NR

    6. Michigan - (3-9) - NR

    7. Miami - (7-6) - NR

    8. Texas A&M - (4-8) - NR

    9. California - (9-4) - 25th

    10. Georgia - (10-3) -13th

    15. Florida - (13-1) - 1st

    20. Texas - (12-1) - 4th


    2006 Class - (2009 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. USC - (9-4) - 22nd

    2. Florida - (13-1) - 3rd

    3. Florida State - (7-6) - NR

    4. Georgia - (8-5) - NR

    5. Texas - (13-1) - 2nd

    6. Penn State - (11-2) - 9th

    7. LSU - (9-4) - 17th

    8. Notre Dame - (6-6) - NR

    9. Oklahoma - (8-5) - NR

    10. Auburn - (8-5) - NR

    11. Alabama - (14-0) - 1st


    2007 Class - (2010 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. Florida - (8-5) - NR

    2. USC - (8-5) - NR

    3. Tennessee - (6-7) - NR

    4. LSU - (11-2) - 8th

    5. Texas - (5-7) - NR

    6. South Carolina - (9-5) - 22nd

    7. Auburn - (14-0) - 1st

    8. Notre Dame - (8-5) - NR

    9. Georgia - (6-7) - NR

    10. Alabama - (10-3) - 10th


    2008 Class - (2011 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. Alabama - (12-1) - 1st

    2. Notre Dame - (8-5) - NR

    3. Florida - (7-6) - NR

    4. Ohio State - (6-7) - NR

    5. Miami - (6-6) - NR

    6. Oklahoma - (10-3) - 16th

    7. Georgia - (10-4) - 18th

    8. USC - (10-2) - 6th

    9. Florida State - (9-4) - 23rd

    10. Michigan - (11-2) - 12th

    14. Texas - (8-5) - NR


    2009 Class - (2012 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. Alabama - (13-1) - 1st

    2. LSU - (10-3) - 14th

    3. Ohio State - (12-0) - 3rd

    4. USC - (7-6) - NR

    5. Texas - (9-4) - 19th

    6. Georgia - (12-2) - 5th

    7. Florida State - (12-2) - 10th

    8. Michigan - (8-5) - 24th

    9. North Carolina - (8-4) - NR

    10. Tennessee - (5-7) - NR

    2010 Class - (2013 Record) - Final Ranking

    1. USC - (10-4) - 19th

    2. Florida - (4-8) - NR

    3. Texas - (8-5) - NR

    4. Auburn - (12-2) - 2nd

    5. Alabama - (11-2) - 7th

    6. LSU - (10-3) - 14th

    7. Oklahoma - (11-2) - 6th

    8. UCLA - (10-3) - 16th

    9. Tennessee - (5-7) - NR

    10. Florida State - (14-0) - 1st


    My initial thoughts...


    Tennessee has been such a failure when it comes results out of their classes. From 2002-2010 they had 5 top 10 classes and finished unranked with them all 5 times. When it comes to a program wasting more talent, I'm not sure if there's a bigger offender over the last 10 or so years than the Vols.


    3 out of 9 times since 2002, the #1 class won the national championship. (Texas, Alabama, Alabama)

    4 out of 9 times since 2002, a team with a top 2 thru 10 class won the national championship.

    Top 15 classes are 9 for 9 since 2002 in winning the national championship.

    Only 1 time has a #1 class finished the season unranked (Florida under Urban Meyer)

    My god was the 2007 class a disaster for a lot of folks.


    37 out of 90 top 10 classes have finished their 4th year unranked.


    What's left for coach Strong to work with? Classes that rank #3, #2, #24, & #14. He has some talent to work with and if the players buy in to the culture change, I don't believe we are looking at another 5 loss year. IMO Charlie can have this thing right back to the 10 win mark in his 1st year. He's going to have to make some repairs on the last two classes but it's there for him to work with.

  5. I know it's hot here in Texas but damn it, I'm ready for it to be hot again. This has been the earliest and coldest winter that I can remember for some time. We haven't had any good ice storms in the houston area though. I can do Upper 30's at night, upper 60's in the afternoon. But waking up to 19 degrees like I did two weeks ago... nope, that's why I live in Texas.

  6. Um you have no ties to Texas, and Sumlin and Briles are all over you. What does this offensive staff have to offer you that tells you this is the best offense for you? I don't see it.


    Kind of hard to see when we haven't even been able to see a press conference where questions are asked at the very least. Kids flocked to play for Greg Davis and he's everyone's favorite whipping boy of the Mack Brown era. Turns out the old fart cranked out offenses that Texas hasn't seen since he left.


    While I get the desire to go out and hire a young spread offensive mind, I keep getting drawn back to the fact that most of their offenses bog down against physical defenses because they lack the ability to be able to run the ball. I won't be worried unless we come out in double TE's and 2 backs.


    The knowledge is there.. Wickline has worked with Gundy, Holgerson, Fedora, and Yurich. Koenning has put in many years, is loved by the HS coaches in the state, and has been under Mullen, an Urban diciple, setting school records at MSU, with MSU type talent. Watson, due in large part to TB, helped elevate Charlie to the level of being able to get a job like Texas. We don't know if he's coming in to his own as an offensive mind or if Louisville was an anomoly but I have my doubts on him. Robinson's track record speaks for itself, however USC rushed for 170+ a game this year and that hasn't been done since 2010. The only head scratcher for me is Chambers and I'm willing to give the rest the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.


    Our defense is finally going to get right and IMO one of the most exciting things about Strong coming to Texas is that the "invisible freshman" phenomenon under Mack Brown is no more.

  7. Who is the boss on offense or is it a committee. Why did Strong demote Watson and wait 10 days to hire a WR coach that he could have hired on day one. Why did Strong hire an unproven OC in Wickline after demoting Watson. What system will we run, who decides.


    Opposing recruiters are going to make it hard to,keep some of our 2013 commits. This was handled poorly and I am afraid we will pay for it. Hope I am wrong. It would have been helpful if we hired good recruiters to try and sell whatever it is that we are selling. But we kept Chambers who was our worst coach and recruiter and replaced the rest with average recruiters except for Wickline.


    Here's a list of the coaches if you want to track their recruiting history... not sure how accurate it is.


    Bruce Chambers - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=69&Team=81&Sport=1&Year=2014


    Shawn Watson - http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=166&Team=50&Sport=1&Year=2014


    Joe Wickline - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=622&Team=58&Sport=1&Year=2014


    Tommie Robinson - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=414&Team=43&Sport=1&Year=2010


    Les Koening - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Year=2010&Sport=1&Team=48


    Vance Bedford - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Year=2010&Sport=1&Coach=614


    Brian Jean-Mary - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Year=2010&Sport=1&Coach=411


    Chris Vaughn - http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=265&Team=47&Sport=1&Year=2014


    Chris Rumph - http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Year=2014&Sport=1&Coach=989

  8. Disagree completely. It will be a power spead offense built around a tough running game and the ability to open it up in the passing game. Schemes have changed over many years, but in the end, this game is won at the LOS and on defense before it's ever in the hands of a high flying athlete who can throw or catch the ball. Look no further than our step-children in College Station. Hiesman winner, MNC hopes, regressing O-line, terrible defense, lost 4 games.

  9. There's not a single "look at me" type coach. You have a staff full of knowledge concerning the spread offense and power spread offense. When these guys all sit down and start putting a plan together, you don't have to worry about inexperience being a factor in the game plan.


    I know everyone wants to freak out regarding the lack of a splash hire but if we are really being honest, Texas doesn't need a splash. It needs X's and O's, mental and physical development, and a group of guys who are more concerned about building student athletes than they are in building their own careers. Wickline was the splash hire of the staff for me. He's been the best coach on the OSU staff for a long time and helped a couple of good OC's land head coaching jobs. He's a king maker, not a king. And when you are talking about a program full off laziness and entitlement, you need king makers, and that IMO is what this entire staff is.


    Fire away shots at me if you want but this isn't a youth or geriatric movement... it's a football movement that Texas has desperately needed for a long time.

  10. 5.2 mill is too much just to buy out a coordinator who could leave after 1 year.


    Not if you make it a 2-3 year commitment and an even larger buy out to recover the cost should he decide to leave for any position. There are ways around all of it if you think Morris is your guy. TBH $5 mil is a drop in the bucket for Texas. The real quesiton is, who does CS want to be the OC?

  11. my official guess is shannahan


    Of all the coaches, Kyle and Watson would have been my bottom 2. I don't think it's Shannahan. I think it's more like Riley or that there's serious negotiations going on in organizing a large buy out for an OC... Morris.

  12. Not sure I'm warmed up to the Lincoln Riley chatter. Is this the name EM and others were referring to?


    I'm not sure who EM is referring to. However Riley + Wickline, Robinson, & Wyatt, gives the young man a lot of knowledge concerining the running game to mix in with his passing game knowledge learned under The Pirate. If this were Riley with a bunch of fillers at the other offensive position coaches, then I would be hesitant. But what you have is a head coach that wants to put up points while also understanding that you have to be able to run the football to win games. He would be taking a bright young offensive minded coach and mixing him with some of the better coaches around the country when it comes to a running game. I think it's a great idea and Riley being 32 is realistically a few years away from getting his own HC recs. That gives some longevity to the position.


    All that said, I'm not sure if it's Riley or not as Strong is throwing 3-2 curveballs right now and nobody is making contact when it comes to the right information. Just a bunch of foul balls.

  13. We are all in the dark but I think it's possible Watson may be coming... but not to be the OC... but because he needs a job and he (by Bridgewater default) helped Charlie elevate his name enough to land the Texas head coaching job. Sooo here's my updated guess.


    HC - Charlie Strong

    OC/WR - Lincoln Riley

    QB - Shawn Watson

    OL - Joe Wickline

    RB - Tommie Robinson

    TE - ???

    DC - Vance Bedford

    DL - Chris Rumph

    DB - Chris Vaughn

    LB - Brian Jean-Mary


    The other option that I could see would be if Watson didn't come and Riley coached QB's. Then I think it's possible we would be keeping Wyatt on as WR coach. If he was able to land Tim Brewster in there as a TE's coach this staff would be phenominal. But Brewster has a good thing at FSU and they are raking in the talent.


    If I had my choice it would look like this and it would be a landslide with recruiting in the state not to mention the perk of having all the South East ties in there, especially Florida.


    HC - Charlie Strong

    OC/QB - Lincoln Riley

    OL - Joe Wickline

    RB - Tommie Robinson

    WR - Darrell Wyatt

    TE - Tim Brewster

    DC - Vance Bedford

    DL - Chris Rumph

    DB - Chris Vaughn

    LB - Brian Jean-Mary

  14. Has kept his coaching staff information on lock down and is evidenced by the fact that most of the positions have been clear misses by most of the insiders. For one, I happen to like it. I know that there will be places to get leaks as time goes by but right now, I don't think I've ever felt better about what's going on inside the athletic department and for Texas Football. My normal places for information have been not just off, but way off, and I love it.


    These hires, like the hire of coach Strong, are not about a splash, they are about people who do their job very well, recruit very well, coach very well, and will get kids fired up and ready to run through a brick wall at Texas. These are ego-less coaches that come without entitlement.


    Get pumped fellas.

  15. Hearing on my end that if Wyatt is selected to go to SHSU that Strong has a back up plan in Joker Phillips. I'm not sure if it is true but if the staff comes together the way I think it will, we will not be disappointed.


    My Guesses at this moment would be.


    OC - Chad Morris or Tom Herman

    WR - Darrell Wyatt or Joker Phillips

    OL - Joe Wickline or Stacey Searels

    RB - Kevin Carter or Larry Porter

    TE - Bruce Chambers or ???


    DC - Vance Bedford

    DB - Jerry Gray or ???

    DL - Ed Orgeron or Jim Jeffcoat

  16. One thing you have to consider as an OC is whether or not the job is a stepping stone to a possible HC gig...Holgerson hasnt exactly set the world on fire at WV,and Morris might find himself more in line for the spot there, then he would if he came here..IMO Strong isnt going to hire someone who might be out of here a year or two from now, he needs someone who buys into what he wants to do, not someone who wants to use Texas as a springboard to a HC job. Our next OC will probably have to serve as the QB coach, because next year's choices are a true freshman,and an inexperienced soph..(not counting DA until I see him survive spring practice)


    Unless coaches have already tried and failed on the move from OC to HC, they will all be looking to spring board off of the job they do at Texas anyway. Since Texas hasn't been dynamic on offense since 2009, if an OC comes in here in his 1st or 2nd year and changes that, he's going to be on everyone's radar. OU has lost a bunch of OC's over the years and if Strong, a defensive minded coach, has success here on offense, you can bet that people will be coming after his OC's.

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