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  1. The problem is that Charlie had a little over 30 days to build a relationship with recruits and families that had a relationship with Mack Brown and liked the rock star treatment and family style atomosphere (borderline coddling) players recieved at Texas under Mack Brown. Mack and Co were harder on players pre-2005 than post-2005. There's been a lot of credit given to "letting VY be VY" however relaxing for one group does not = success for all...especially young groups you can't trust. It's the post 2005 treatment that has led us right where we are and it started with big misses beyond tha
  2. Supposed to be 35.2 not 32.5... my bad on the typo. Will edit. Thanks!
  3. Got bored and wanted to take a look at the Cardinals schedule and how it stacked up vs the Big 12 champs, Fiesta Bowl Winners, & BCS National Champion. Louisville 2012 Numbers - Removed FCS Missouri State Scoring Offense: - 31.2 (51st) - Scoring Defense; 23.8 (36th) = Difference of 7.4 points Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced (119, 8, 85, 112, 76, 106, 39, 86, 56, 121, 98, 78) Avg Rank of Scoring Offenses Faced = 82nd Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced (87, 53, 91, 116, 23, 57, 14, 88, 46, 19, 4, 5) Avg Rank of Scoring Defenses Faced = 53rd Kansas State (Co-Big 12 Champ) 2012 Number
  4. Good stuff. IMO the roster is in good position for a quick turn around if they can stay healthy. It's not like they aren't adapt to picking up new schemes. The RS seniors will be going on their 4th scheme on offense and defense. Charlie is going to have to do some patchwork for the last two classes and land a talented one in 2015 to avoid a dip in production. I think this is a 10 win team possibly 11 depending on the bowl game. I know that may seem unrealistic to some, but if we can stay helathy at the QB position and Charlie mends the defense, this will actually be a pretty talente
  5. So in my boredom at work today, I've gone back on rivals to 2002 and taken a look at the top 10 classes for each year and put the teams record 4 years later. Take a look. For years that Texas was not in the top 10 listed at the bottom as well. 2002 Class - (2005 Record) - Final Ranking 1. Texas - (13-0) - 1st 2. Tennessee - (5-6) - NR 3. Georgia - (10-3) - 10th 4. Florida State - (8-5) - 23rd 5. Ohio State - (10-2) - 4th 6. Auburn - (9-3) - 14th 7. Oklahoma - (8-4) - 22nd 8. Miami - (9-3) - 17th 9. UCLA - (10-2) - 16th 10. Colorado - (7-6) - NR 2003 Class - (2006 Record) -
  6. I know it's hot here in Texas but damn it, I'm ready for it to be hot again. This has been the earliest and coldest winter that I can remember for some time. We haven't had any good ice storms in the houston area though. I can do Upper 30's at night, upper 60's in the afternoon. But waking up to 19 degrees like I did two weeks ago... nope, that's why I live in Texas.
  7. NVM... Link post screw up. Damn internet fail.
  8. Kind of hard to see when we haven't even been able to see a press conference where questions are asked at the very least. Kids flocked to play for Greg Davis and he's everyone's favorite whipping boy of the Mack Brown era. Turns out the old fart cranked out offenses that Texas hasn't seen since he left. While I get the desire to go out and hire a young spread offensive mind, I keep getting drawn back to the fact that most of their offenses bog down against physical defenses because they lack the ability to be able to run the ball. I won't be worried unless we come out in double TE's a
  9. Here's a list of the coaches if you want to track their recruiting history... not sure how accurate it is. Bruce Chambers - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=69&Team=81&Sport=1&Year=2014 Shawn Watson - http://footballrecruiting.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=166&Team=50&Sport=1&Year=2014 Joe Wickline - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=622&Team=58&Sport=1&Year=2014 Tommie Robinson - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Coach=414&Team=43&Sport=1&Year=2010 Les Koening - http://www.rivals.com/viewcoach.asp?Year=2
  10. Disagree completely. It will be a power spead offense built around a tough running game and the ability to open it up in the passing game. Schemes have changed over many years, but in the end, this game is won at the LOS and on defense before it's ever in the hands of a high flying athlete who can throw or catch the ball. Look no further than our step-children in College Station. Hiesman winner, MNC hopes, regressing O-line, terrible defense, lost 4 games.
  11. There's not a single "look at me" type coach. You have a staff full of knowledge concerning the spread offense and power spread offense. When these guys all sit down and start putting a plan together, you don't have to worry about inexperience being a factor in the game plan. I know everyone wants to freak out regarding the lack of a splash hire but if we are really being honest, Texas doesn't need a splash. It needs X's and O's, mental and physical development, and a group of guys who are more concerned about building student athletes than they are in building their own careers. Wick
  12. Not if you make it a 2-3 year commitment and an even larger buy out to recover the cost should he decide to leave for any position. There are ways around all of it if you think Morris is your guy. TBH $5 mil is a drop in the bucket for Texas. The real quesiton is, who does CS want to be the OC?
  13. With Ed O possibly heading back to USC, you have to wonder if he wasn't pushed out of 2 jobs in less than 2 weeks.
  14. Of all the coaches, Kyle and Watson would have been my bottom 2. I don't think it's Shannahan. I think it's more like Riley or that there's serious negotiations going on in organizing a large buy out for an OC... Morris.

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