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  1. This can' t be a bad thing. Still view him as a long shot, but 2 games in a row gives a glimmer.
  2. Okay, IT says Texas is in the final 2 for Harris and SHA's source says Texas is not. I guess only time will tell and Harris is the only one that really knows. I will say this though, Bama is the one common denominator in both of those lists. Doesn't matter if Texas is 2nd or 3rd:
  3. Okay, really good talent that has potential to be elite with proper development. I think this coaching staff can develop good talent to elite levels (most have in the past). It all starts with the QB. There was a time when Clemson didn't have elite talent. I would argue they had good to really good talent, but started getting elite when Trevor Lawrence committed to them in 2018. They got 1 or 2 guys (like Texas), but the classes were ranked #16 in 2014, #9 in 2015, #11 in 2016, #16 in 2017, #7 in 2018 (a lot of 5* guys), #10 in 2019 and #3 in 2020. For the most part, Clemson and Texas have had similar classes, but I think that 2017 class was elite. They've developed a hell of a lot better. UGA has always gotten the talent.
  4. Getting elite talent has to start somewhere. The Manning family is savvy and knows this. Texas is starting to get elite talent as evidence by the DL class they're putting together in 2022. I get it, they're not there right now and suck, but gotta start it somewhere and Arch is that kind of somewhere that can bring in the others. I know, I know..we've been saying this for 10 years, but I gotta believe this is it. If not, then what the hell am I still doing here?
  5. I will say this, IF, BIG IF, Texas is able to land Harris then Alabama will certainly take notice and know Texas is for real on the recruiting trail. Saban:
  6. Domani Jackson? Evan Stewart? Kelvin Banks? Someone else take over....... P.S. I'm just guessing it's a 2022 recruit since it's in this thread.
  7. Im not holding my breath on this one. I've already considered him at Bama. Like MB says, we suck until we don't. Hope i'm surprised, but im not feeling it. One good thing in Texas' favor is Harris could probably start his freshman year. Wait, you asked me right?
  8. Just a thought, but there has got to be a way to have Bijan, Keilen, Jwhitt, and Worthy on the field at the same time. On that note, they have got to think of more ways to get Keilen Robinson the ball more out in space (like they did with X). He is just too fast to play blowout minutes. Maybe find a Ramonce Taylor type role with reverses, jet sweeps, or screens. He can take it to the house on any play. At least 8-10 touches a game, imo. With all that said from this armchair QB, I would bet money that Sark has a plan for these things as the season progresses. No need to show your cards before conference play. Not trick plays, but true matchup advantages that Sark will exploit. Never felt that way about the last staff.
  9. I know, if i only saw those numbers i would say Texas has the best OL in the country.
  10. I figured that's what you thought. I should've clarified. I really hope we can vastly improve the OL by next year because they owe Bijan at least 1 year with a really go.....ok, maybe just good OL.
  11. Im about to pull a Eastexhorn here.....NO MORE DL, WE NEED OL AND CB.
  12. Well, all he has to to is keep his current avg of 99.6yds a game for the remaining 10 games (bowl included) and he will be at 2k for his career.
  13. Let me start by saying I like having Texas as an unranked team right now, but how is UCLA still ranked? They beat a bad LSU and Hawaii team and lost to a previously unranked Fresno State team. That poll is jacked up.
  14. Congrats to him! With 9 reg season games remaining and a probable bowl, I think Bijan can hit the 2k club before the season is done.
  15. So, Did Harold Perkins, Devon Campbell and Brennan Thompson commit last night or today? No, then that game was a total waste of time.
  16. Question, is it too early to give up on Tyler Johnson? I'm surprised he is not in there, but this seems like this might be a swing and a miss at this point.
  17. I've watched a lot of Texas Football for many, many years and can't remember Texas ever having 3 RBs with over 100yds in one game. Talking purely RBs, not 2 RBs and a QB.
  18. In all honesty, texas being up 30-0 , Tom Herman would've won this game as well, but the final wouldve been 37-14.
  19. I know it's Rice, but when is the last time Texas scored 44 points in one half of play?

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