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  1. Hmmm, could you imagine Banks, Him, Hutson/Majors, Campbell and Cam Williams/Damien George across the line? Talk about massive.
  2. I don't know why, but I'm predicting DJ ends up at Colorado with Deion.
  3. Dude, this better be JWhitt or Bijan coming back. If it isn't something positive for the Horns in 2023, then I don't give a shit at this point.
  4. I guess I don't understand our level of expectations for QB play and team play. Texas finished exactly where most of us thought they would at 8-4. We expected QE to have good games and bad games. He had an awful game against OkSt in his 1st true road game and another really bad game against the #3 team in the country. I fully expect the game to slow down for him next year and for him to feel more comfortable with a more experienced OL in front. Without question, they will miss Bijan and Rojo, but the OL experience will make it feel like a smaller drop off, imo.
  5. The right 4 teams got in. I still think OSU should be 3 and TCU 4. OSU's only loss came against #2 whereas TCU lost to a lower ranked team. However, that is splitting hairs there. At least Bama got left out so that makes me happy.
  6. I think OSU leaps TCU into 3rd place and we have a rematch of OSU/Mich and UGA/TCU.
  7. Question for everyone, since K State won the B12 Championship and Texas beat K State, does that make Texas co-champion or get a share? I mean, aggy does that and it's their logic. Asking for a friend.
  8. Yeah, but at this point it's like the boy who cried wolf. I've become numb to these messages. For all we know that was a response to KSt beating TCU.
  9. The portal rules are a joke. NCAA won't do a damn thing about it and Sanders knows it. With that said, not sure what the rules are concerning a grad transfer. He might be allowed to contact them or maybe someone from the FCS.
  10. Nope. Justice was done though. TCU defender was doing his best Deshon Elliott impersonation after the play.
  11. Ok, this is actually the 1st time I've watched them (missed the Texas game because I was traveling).
  12. Is it just me or is TCU a little dirty? I've seen multiple plays where the defense is twisting players ankles a little. Also I've seen at least 2 different times when a TCU player has gotten up off a pile and has leg/knee bumped a KSt player in the head. Not all the time, just subtle.
  13. Oh yeah, Texas would've been screwed in the B12 Championship game. Looks like the same officiating crew that called 0 penalties against OkSt and 1 penalty against Baylor.
  14. I just found the scholarship roster that Tfloss put together. Awesome work Tfloss!!!!!!
  15. ETX, Tfloss or anyone that knows, how many scholarships are currently available as of today? I was tracking them at 82 (3 available already), 8 scholarship athletes heading to the portal right now (not including Ben Ballard), 16 Srs, Bijan and maybe JWhitt for around 28 or 29. Does that seem about right?
  16. Like you, I caught it in the 3rd Qtr and he was already hobbling. Feel for the kid, but so, so happy Riley got thwarted from making the CFP.
  17. Fair, but every fan base is like this. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.
  18. You said it brother. I'm also glad cell phones weren't in everyone's pocket during the 80s when I was in HS. No telling where I would be these days (anywhere from a TV star to in jail)
  19. Hope so. They need something to happen that can jump start momentum again.
  20. That USC defense sure has Todd Orlando tackling 101 written all over it. Just God awful.
  21. changing the topic back to the 2023 class, I'm assuming UT will not be getting anyone until Dec 21. Seems quiet on this front for now. I know they're in on guys like A. Hill, J. McDonald and the DL from Georgia. Duce Robinson is a longshot, but there still is a slight (and I mean slight) chance to pull the upset here. Where do they currently stand with P. Bowen, J. Greathouse, D. Hicks, Deandre Moore, Toviano, D. Wilson, T. Akana or any others?
  22. 3, 2, 1.......P. Dorbah, DJ Harris, JD Coffey, T Omiere, A Karic, H Card and J Johnson all announce their intent to sign with FAU

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