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  1. I could've i read something that Owens was excited about Choice to Texas. Something about having a long standing relationship with him. Maybe that was another RB.
  2. That is a bummer. Doesn't matter that Choice has a good relationship with him? If not, Texas is really gonna have to up the $$$ to compete with ATM.
  3. Just a normal Texas recruiting news day...awesome news followed by not so good news.
  4. I'm gonna pull the trigger and make a bold prediction......Neyor will attend a UT and wear Orange next fall. There, I did it. I feel weird for taking such a huge gamble like this.
  5. Just heard Neyor was supposed to move in tomorrow at Tenn, but is spending the night in Austin. I guess his bags are already packed and he could easily move into to UT tomorrow.
  6. Are you saying Texas may get a Tim Irvan in the next day or 2?
  7. Does IT still believe Devon signed with Texas? If he technically signed, can OU even talk to him?
  8. I'm not getting my hopes up on this one. All i care about to finish 2022 is having it announced that Devon C. signed. I know the staff has to keep working on Perkins, but it seems like a wasted effort to me.
  9. Exactly, now they have to use them. I trust Sark will find a way.
  10. Well, maybe the Horns can close on Moody. Sucks, but that's the way things go.
  11. Hoping to hear some good news today. Come on Sanders and Billingsley, just pull the trigger and join the good guys....you know you want to and it makes the most sense for both of you.
  12. Don't know a lot on Moody and Brini. Is Brini a CB or S? If it's a S then sign me up. A transfer class of Ewers, Watts, Sanders and Billingsley sounds okay to me is it stays like that. I wanted 1 OL with experience and another speedster at WR, but I like the upgrades so far.
  13. Yeah, he said 33 early on, but then said 36 at the early signing day. You know what, Im just going to let Sark and company figure it out. If Sark can get to 36, then like NTG said, he would know better than anyone.
  14. F Riley and everything he touches. Dude is a pos. Did i just type that. I just want him to crash and burn at USC. Doesn't seem like this guy has ever had to work hard for anything. Things are just handed to him. I wish the best for all the kids he coaches, just not him.
  15. I had 33 in my head as well, but then Sark said something about 36 as the target or something like that. So, I have 36 in my head as the target if the right players are there.
  16. I'm so confused by the numbers, I thought Texas was/could take up to 7 transfers this year? Ewers, Watts, lets say Billingsley, Sanders, the edge from TCU and 2 others.
  17. I thought i read something about him filming a sex tape or similar, but he seems to still be on the team...at least I haven't read any info that he was removed, so I kept him on there.
  18. While I wish another Fr OL was an EE, I love having Watts, Brooks, Allen, Gilbeau and LTG on campus early to get to work. Hopefully the backend of the defense will be much improved. Jamison, Crawford, Barron, Johnson, Ibrahem, Cook, J. Thompson, JD Coffey, Watts, Brooks, Allen, Gilbeau and LTG should produce some good competition this Spring and surely improve that group. I think the only player in that won't be there this Spring is Austin Jordan.
  19. Congrats to UGA. In related news, College Station is celebrating their 3rd consecutive NC and raising the banner as we speak.
  20. Here are the numbers i came up with at the skill positions next year: WR 10 Jordan Whittington Xavier Worthy Troy Omiere Kelvontay Dixon Jaden Alexis Marcus Washington Casey Cain Dajon Harrison (did he go into the portal?) Brennan Thompson Savion Red RB 5 Bijan Robinson Roschon Johnson Keilan Robinson Jonathon Brooks Jaydon Blue QB 4 Quinn Ewers Hudson Card Charles Wright Maalik Murphy TE 4 Brayden Liebrock Jatavion Sanders Gunner Helm Juan Davis I agree with ETH, i think Texas needs 1 more quality, speed WR (if one becomes available). If they don't find one, Worthy, Whittington and Omiere will be more than good if healthy. Dixon, Washington and Thompson will provide situational reps. Don't know much about Alexis, Harrison and Cain and Red can RS. I think the TE position is in a good position and I think Sanders, Helm and Davis (Hback type) will be good with Liebrock being a wild card (has the talent). My prediction is that Sanders will take over the position.

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