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  1. Not sure how to take that. Not worried as in he is already in the class or not worried because Texas has other guys in the bag.
  2. Don't get me wrong, I think Greathouse is a really good player, but there is something about him that I don't like for this offense. It seems like he is slower than others and will likely turn into a TE/H-Back. I would rather they add speed from a Pettaway or MHP type.
  3. Two days without a commit.......I don't like it. The last week gave me increased expectations.
  4. For some reason I have a good feeling about Hicks to UT. ATM got a great DL class last year and UT needs some infusion of young talent. Hicks has a better path to significant early playing time/reps, imo. Not saying he wouldn't beat out some the guys from atm, but the path at UT is not as cluttered.
  5. Yeah, i read that again and realized I interpreted that wrong. Doesn't matter because aggy still sucks.
  6. Texas Longhorns 2023 28 Targets PROJECTED TEAM SCORE WITH 27 COMMITS 312 with Mph (-Hale) 314 with Jalen Hale (-MHP) 28 Commits 319 with Downs & Hale 317 with Downs & MHP QB - Arch Manning 5* RB - Cedric Baxter - Proj 4* RB - Tre Wisner 4* WR - Johntay Cook II 5* WR - Jalen Hale. Or MHP- Proj 4* WR - Ryan Niblett 4* WR - Jonah Wilson 4* TE - Will Randle 3* TE - Spencer Shannon 3* OL - Jaydon Chatman 4* OL - Connor Stroh 3* OL - Trevor Goosby 3* OL - Andre Cojoe 3* DL - David Hicks - Proj/Hopeful 5* DL - Sydir Mitchell - Proj 4* DE/DL - B. Shelby or C. Vasek- Proj 4* DE - Dylan Spencer 4* DE - Billy Walton 3* DE/LB - Derion Guilete - Proj 4* LB - Anthony Hill - Proj/Hopeful 5* LB - S'Maje Burrell 4* LB - Liona Lefau 4* CB - Javion Toviano - Proj/Hopeful 5* CB - Malik Muhammad - Proj 4* CB - Jordan Mathews - Proj 4* S - Derek Williams 5* S - Jamel Johnson 4* 1 more for OL or S Caleb Downs 6 5*, 15 4* and 6 3* With Downs 7 5*, 15 4* and 6 3*
  7. Ah, I thought you were asking me to look years into the future. This makes way more sense
  8. Haha, I get it. Just saying that 22 and 23 (if it goes that high) combined would equal 63 new players to the program in just those 2 classes (not even including potential transfer portal guys in 23). Complete turnover of the roster with their guys.
  9. Reading other posts and seeing what others have said it seems the target line for this class is right at 28. Based on that, here is my projected class for 2023: Texas Longhorns 2023 28 Targets QB - Arch Manning RB - Cedric Baxter - Projected RB - Tre Wisner WR - Johntay Cook II WR - Jalen Hale or MHP - Projected WR - Ryan Niblett WR - Jonah Wilson TE - Will Randle TE - Spencer Shannon OL - Jaydon Chatman OL - Connor Stroh OL - Trevor Goosby OL - Andre Cojoe DL - David Hicks - Projected/Hopeful DL - Sydir Mitchell - Projected DE - Shelby or Vasek - Projected DE - Dylan Spencer DE - Billy Walton DE/LB - Derion Guilete - Projected LB - Anthony Hill - Projected/Hopeful LB - S'Maje Burrell LB - Liona Lefau CB - Javion Toviano - Projected/Hopeful CB - Malik Muhammad - Projected CB - Jordan Mathews - Projected S - Derek Williams S - Jamel Johnson 1 remaining for either OL or S Caleb Downs (if he wants in, you take it) Note - I'm fine with swapping out Hale for MHP (4 WR is plenty) and going with either Shelby or Vasek. Comment - IF this were to play out like this, that would be one of the best DB class hauls on paper I've ever seen. If Downs joins then it would be the best. Hope it turns out better than the Sterns and Foster class.
  10. Let me see if I get this, UGA is very much interested in this guy, but the mighty, mighty aggies aren't? Riiiiiiiiiiiiggght!!!!
  11. If that happened then I don't really care who else they get
  12. If not MM, what was all the excitement by Banks for last night? Something happened as in they got a commit.
  13. Well dang it. Was expecting to get out of work and see another commit today. What the hell? Jeff Banks led me on last night then stuck a banana in my pants and turned a monkey loose.
  14. I was planning to go check out one of his games this year. Of course I will be decked out in UT apparel from head to toe.
  15. This is the only Texas Longhorn board that I contribute to and that is because....well, it's free. More importantly, most of us on here are level headed and rational. I look around at other boards from time to time and just marvel at the stupidity levels out there. I looked at one today where all they care about is beating the Aggy recruiting ranking from last year. Who gives a crap about that. Let Aggy have that paper championship. 1/4 of that class will likely transfer out next year anyway. I care that this staff is getting elite guys and guys that fit the needs of the team and have potential to be developed into elite players. Kudos to this staff
  16. Does Walton attend the same school as Muhammad? NVM, I looked it up and he does. I was just being lazy.
  17. Recruits have to be thinking about the potential NIL ramifications with Arch in fold. Arch is a celebrity, whether he wants it or not, and with that celebrity comes nationwide popularity. Imagine the type of NIL deals these kids could see from that celebrity status. Nationwide deals.
  18. No clue who Travis Galey is, but he is probably just following Ketch's pick here. I pray Hill to Texas happens, but I don't believe he will make a decision until later this summer.
  19. Makes too much sense that he waited until his B-day.
  20. I gotta say the level of insecurity and incompetence across other boards is insane when it comes to Arch. Reading a little of the Bama sites and of course they're saying the QB they got from LA is the best in the state. However, those same guys stated, before Arch chose Texas, that they would take Arch over the other guy. Another incompetent statement, "Why does everyone think Sark would be good for QB's? What does he know about the QB position?". Seriously? He only set records at BYU as a QB, but what would he know. They think O'Brian is far and away better than Sark. I just laughed.
  21. I'll take Hill, Muhammad, Hicks, Cook and Toviano please Arch!!!!!
  22. I love that Arch is going after these guys. Go get em!!!!!!!
  23. Okay, my money is squarely on Baxter here with Coach Choice jumping in. I don't ever remember a week like this in UT recruiting (not signing day)
  24. well now, that would be much, much more than a sparkler

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