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  1. My bold prediction if Addison picks Texas: Texas will avg 540ypg this coming season. Predicting 14 games (12reg, B12CC, Bowl game) Bijan - 130ypg (100rush and 30rec) = 1400rsh & 420rec) Rojo - 50ypg = 700rsh Addison - 90ypg = 1260rec Worthy - 80ypg = 1120rec Neyor - 60ypg = 840rec Whittington - 50ypg = 700rec Others (TE, other RB & WR) - 80ypg = 1120ypg Total ypg x14 = 7560ypg I know it all depends on the OL, but they will be much improved this year. Just a feeling. They will get knocked around by Bama in week 2 for sure, but they will be a lot better against the B12 opponents and other NonConf games. I might be a little drunk right now so I'm feeling optimistic.
  2. I know it's only May, but Arch Manning I'm... And Texas boosters, this is what you should be doing to Addison right now
  3. Call me a pessimist, but if the USC visit happens then he will not leave SoCal without committing to them. If that happens then he was never really interested and was putting on a show to take the heat off of a decision already made before he entered the portal. That is just one guys opinion.
  4. So, by my count i have 8 total WRs on the roster (9 if you count FR Savion Red) Jordan Whittington Xavier Worthy Agiye Hall Isiah Neyor Troy Omiere Jaden Alexis Casey Cain Brennan Thompson Savion Red??? Sark has talked about liking to have around 10 WR on the roster. I don't think adding Addison (if they can get him) is too much. Of the "9", 2 are true FR (Red and Thompson), 1 is very green (Cain), 1 has been productive but been injury plagued (Whittington) and 2 are coming off major injuries and have yet to prove themselves (Omiere and Alexis). So really that is 3 WRs you count on (I'm not even sure you can count on Hall at this point as well).
  5. Ok, so can someone summarize things for me or at least verify (my head is swimming): 1. Xavier Worthy and Jahdae Barron are not in the portal and are staying with Texas; 2. The Longhorns are pursuing transfer WR Addison; 3. The Longhorns are pursuing the DE/LB from FAMU (Forgot his name). Did i miss anything on where things stand right now? Any help would be appreciated (I'm looking at you Tzar Tfloss).
  6. I never wish ill will to anyone, but I gotta say that if anyone deserves to have a run of awful luck it is absolutely LR. I hope he has major turmoil in that locker room and they can't get things right. I wish we could just isolate LR from the players so they don't have the bad luck, but we can't. He is quickly becoming a despicable human being.
  7. That is exactly what i'm saying about all this BS. The NCAA needs to get off they're ass and stop F'ing around with little BS and develop some kind of rules system. Most Worthless governing body on the earth.
  8. I do like Texas getting the last one.
  9. Same here.....however, I watch and follow college football because of the purity and the NFL is just lost. The way NIL is being run (I know Texas should do it) is looking more and more like NFL Lite. I'm starting to get turned off. Whelp, I guess it's time to start my BASEFootketball League and get sports right again. Who is with me?
  10. Good luck to the kid, but forget him now. On the bright side, Texas doesn't have to face him this year....so, there is that.
  11. Technically Addison's name is not in the portal yet, but USC already has a NIL deal for him. How in the F does that happen and not be tampering?
  12. Can they take Addison? Neyor, Hall, Whittington, Worthy and Addison (now that Dixon is gone and lord knows about Omiere). Would be a great one to get.
  13. I dont think players have to announce where they're going by 1 May; just have to be in the TP by then.
  14. No doubt at all, but would sure love a 1 yr filler like a Calvin Anderson to let those develop.
  15. Don't think I've ever seen this from Sark. Could it be the BIG FISH?

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