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  1. I don't know why, but I'm nervous about this game. Kansas has nothing to lose.
  2. How much snake oil does that man have? Surely people have seen the light on Fisher.
  3. Ok, what gives with this guy? Something is off on his ranking. Teams seem to be clamoring for him, but yet his ranking says otherwise. I've seen film and even I think he is underrated (granted, I don't know his level of competition). Gotta think he is going to be a high riser in the rankings when all is said and done.
  4. Translation: I will not pursue the job opening, but I will be open to it if they come to me. Or Why would I go there when I have a better chance of winning this conference once Texas and OU depart next year?
  5. One thing about Johnson is he is a non-running version of Milroe. What I mean by that is he throws a nice deep ball when he has that one read. He stares his receivers down and teams will start keying in on that and the ints will start flying....literally.
  6. I want to think because this is a WR that this has something to do with Ryan Wingo. Coupled with him not going to Colorado this weekend. Also would like to think this is related to Bussey and his commitment tomorrow, but I think that is all aggy. This more than likely related to Dakorian (sp) Moore visiting this weekend.
  7. Deion probably didn't want him seeing another beat down.
  8. True, but I'm just thankful the refs are actually calling some penalties against B12 opponents and not fictitious penalties against Texas.
  9. At least football gods made up for it because Ford got the INT a couple of plays later. The ball don't lie.
  10. Ok Kobe Black, you were at the game so go ahead and pull the trigger.
  11. Saw Davis is no longer visiting because the secret was leaked. My thinking is, if a leak is keeping you from visiting then you weren't really serious about flipping. Stay in Collieville.
  12. One thing that needs to be cleaned up is the deep ball on defense and that's about it.
  13. Great catch by "Johnny Cock" (that is what the announcers called him) and then followed by great throw and catch from Ewers to Worthy for a TD
  14. This!!!!!! This is what I've been waiting for. Offense/Defense/Special Teams all playing well in the 1st half. Obviously not perfect, but still efficient. Edit: Defense is almost perfect and playing at a high level (minus a couple long passes)

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