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  1. Agree with you. It's much easier for me to sit back behind a screen and analyze after the fact. It is on Sark, but I just can't imagine where he felt confident calling a play on offense. Maybe more runs to the outside and counters would've worked or a TE screen or two to Sanders. Texas had a hobbled 2nd string QB, an OL that seemed to be blocking air and no deep threat to soften up the defense. Even if he did have a deep threat, it's 50/50 if the QB could get it to him and if he would catch it. Hudson played his heart out, but there were a lot of plays left out on the field by him. I saw the TE open a couple of times and he was late on a couple of throws, especially the 3 and 3 to JWhitt. TT sat back in a single high S look the entire 2nd half and stacked the box with 8. Outside of the one Bijan run, the run blocking wasn't there. Shit I saw one play where Cole Hutson tried to block his man with his chest and never got his hands up. His man went right around him. I saw too many run plays where 3 white jerseys were on the ground 2-3 yards ahead of where the tackle was taking place for TT. Maybe I am a Texas sunshine pumper, but I think this will start working. Saturday will be a telling day.
  2. Absolutely, but how much of that can be attributed to Texas not having the depth and experience up front to close out those games? Sustain drives and suck the life out of the opponent. Getting a lead is great, but you need the horses up front to take a game over and secure the victory. Texas simply did not have the OL last year to do that. To me, it's as simple as that. Sure, his play calling and design could be better, but the game is always won up front. Hat on hat, man on man up front. Win your battle and the game is easier. The OL is simply not getting it done on a consistent basis. The defense was bad last year, but the offense played their part in not keeping them off the field and putting them in bad positions. I really believe they have the OL they need to do that now, they just need time to get there. It is absolutely on the coaches and Sark should take all the blame right now. Being a coach for years I believe in the statement, coaches take all the blame for losses and players get all the credit for wins.
  3. Let me say one final thing about this TT game and I will be done. Texas is more talented than TT across the board, but the previous 2 trips to TT would've been losses if not for Sam. He pretty much single- handedly brought them back from defeat in Lubbock on both occasions. Problem with this game, we didn't have a Sam at QB to will the team to victory. Don't tell me TT doesn't circle this game every year above all others.
  4. I don't get this fan base sometimes. Does it suck to lose to Tech? Absolutely. Why can't we stay patient and let something build? Did Mack Brown lose to Tech in year 2 of his tenure? yes he did. Did Mack go 9-5 in year 2? yes he did. I don't know about you guys, but I'm kind of glad we didn't knee jerk fire him after 2 years. Losses like this happen. Shit, Texas beat OU under Strong and that Texas team sucked bad. OU still went 11-2 that year. Texas played above their heads in that game because it was OU. I can tell you without a doubt TT looks at Texas the same way Texas does OU. problem is, Texas doesn't look at TT the same way. It's been 13 years since Texas was relevant, but their still a "signature" win for these other programs like TT. How sad is that? This Texas team needs to learn they're every ones Superbowl and need to play at least a B+ game. It's true, we suck until we don't. however, let the suck have time to be washed away. This team is being built the right way, from the inside out. Herman tried to build with skill players and left the inside cupboard bare.
  5. I said this before the season and I will say it again, we (at least I did) expected this team to drop 2 games on the road that everyone expected them to win. I just did. Young players will do that. Young, inexperience OL; young and inexperienced QB. Say all you want about this being year 13 of this, but it still is only year 2 for this staff and year 1 or 2 for a lot of these players. Sure they dropped a lot of close games last year and this feels the same, but I hope they can string a couple of wins together in a row and show growth from last year. Long way to go. Go 3-1 in the next 4 and 3-1 in the 4 after that and this team is still moving upwards. Just my thoughts, but then again I'm an optimist.
  6. btw, we all knew deep down we would be having 3 or 4 of these meltdown threads this year, it's just TT wasn't one i thought of.
  7. Well said BDC. The part that frustrates me is that you can see how close this team really is one week then they shat the bed and go backwards. It's the 2 steps forward; 2 steps back and being stuck neutral. In the current scheme of things this is a young team in only year 2 of the rebuilding, but in the grand scheme this is year 13 in lather, rinse repeat cycle we're in. We can make all of the excuses we want, but the blame falls on the coaching staff. The players are not immune to the blame at all, but coaching takes ALL blame for a loss. I truly believe this offense will be sharper and better with Quinn in there, which in turn will allow the defense to play loose, but the D coaches have to allow that to happen. Card has done a good job and has played his heart out. However, that 3rd and 3 play to Whitt on the sidelines is a perfect example of what is missing. Card held the ball a step or 2 too long and then threw it and it was incomplete. Whitt was open 3 steps before that. He didn't anticipate and thus it was incomplete and they punted. Sure this team will be better with Quinn, but the question is and will always be, can they absolutely demoralize an opposing team and keep the foot on the gas as Sark preaches All gas no brakes. While I don't think they're exactly stepping on the brakes; the problem is that stepping on the gas pedal does nothing if the thing is in neutral.
  8. Sad......but true! Does this team go into a tail spin and not fight or does this team suck it up and rise above? 1st 1/3 of the season was a mixed bag of good and bad. Can this young team learn and grow? We will find out in 7 days.
  9. Well, OU looks like they might go down at home against KST. So, there is that.
  10. This right here is where the great game against Alabama goes out the window. As good as they played then, it is the exact opposite here. Not counting the last drive of regular time, how many times did Texas try to throw deep in the 2nd half? I can't remember one time. Very conservative game call in the 2nd half. Played not to lose and not to win. Simple as that.
  11. Totally agree with the Oline. The TT DL was manhandling them in the 2nd half. This was the 1st bad game overall for them. No surprise It was in their 1st road game experience. Also thought our DL looked very, very suspect.
  12. Wtf was Cole Hutson doing? Get your hands up to block. It looks like he tried to block the DLman with his chest.
  13. While i love the Ags losing out on top prospects, I'm not thrilled about one of them going to OU. Bittersweet

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