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    From San Antonio, but now live in St. Louis, Mo because of work.
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  1. Whispers that Marvin Mims could be about to enter the portal. That is one Sark absolutely needs to chase down. Imagine MM and X?
  2. Dude, forget all brakes....we don't even have our foot near any of the pedals....the shit is in park and mom and dad are in the restaurant having drinks and dinner. Meanwhile, our neighbors down the street are driving around showing off their new ride.
  3. I'm guessing Texas is waiting until early signing day to do something in order to start momentum.
  4. See, I don't get this. Over half of the Texas coaches have high-level, SEC recruiting experience. They know what it's like to reel in the big fish. I know the narrative is to go negative when something like this happens, but I think these coaches do understand. Time will tell.
  5. Tuihalamaka is a new one. Get CJ Williams back in the picture.
  6. This made me think, when was the last time a Texas Longhorn Football HC left on his own to go to another program? I can't really think of one. Just proves, OU is not a destination gig, but Texas is.
  7. Forget him. Have fun in that offense. All I got to say is Kevin Coleman and Shazz Preston.....
  8. Quick funny story then back recruiting, I like UA polo shirts and my wife has bought me a lot of different colors. She is out of town right now and a packaged was delivered and she told me to open it. Well, it was a maroon UA polo (which I don't have). I immediately told her to start an exchange and she asked why. I just said, "come on honey, a maroon polo. When and where would I ever wear that?"
  9. Well then, who is your suspicion? Don't leave us hanging.
  10. You were suspended from Twitter and instagram? What did you say?
  11. Technically, don't they only have 20 at the moment? Was at 22, lost 3 and gained 1. So, does that mean a 2023 commit then or do they have 3 coming soon?
  12. If Sark drops Coleman and Joseph and replaces them with Raymond and Samples....now we're talking elite recruiters.

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