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  1. Question, I know some have already said Bryce Anderson is gone and is all Aggy. However, is there any glimmer of hope for Texas in this one? Have there been any new thoughts or developments? I know he was Fong'ed to Aggy, but Fong has been off this year or changes his prediction just moments before a kid chooses which maintains his accuracy level (they should really put a lock on CBs). Also, he seems to be very, very Pro-Aggy (don't know the backstory there), so I haven't really paid too much attention to his predictions this year. Anyway, back to Bryce. I know he stated he and Gilbeau are a packaged deal, is Aggy gonna take Jaylon as well?
  2. I know he is a 3* rated player and not all 3* players will pan out; however, this kid has something. He is big, has good speed and is very intelligent. Intelligence on the field can make up quite a lot of difference on the field. He has only played organized football for 3 years now (basically since HS). I know you might say i'm wearing orange colored glasses when i say this, but I would bet money that this kid ends up blowing up this year and becomes a mid 4* prospect. As a former coach, I loved high IQ players on the field/court.
  3. I heard/read WVU is in talks with the ACC (or at least trying). However, I also read that their academic standing could be a major hurdle. I guess that means WVU is "academically ineligible" to join as of now. I wonder if WVU can JUCO to get their grades up and try again
  4. If that is the case, then why does it matter if Texas is leaving or not? It obliviously is of no loss to the B12 according to this blowhard. What a child.
  5. Very true; however that pill will be less bitter if Sark can bring in Manning next year.
  6. True true, but I heard (I know, it's all hearsay) that the UT staff wasn't ready to take him (Patton) at this time. I know they just offered the kid from Cali which might seem like they went to plan B. However, I don't really think that offer had anything to do with Patton. That offer seemed to be in the works for a little bit since he took an unofficial on his dime. He also said he learned his HS school coach knew he was getting an offer (after he got it) and let him schedule it even though he was missing the start of fall camp at MD. Sounds like Choate and PK had been planning this offer for a little while, before the "surprise" 180 of Patton to Michigan (ultimately Baylor).
  7. Yes, to Texas. There is HS article on the main forum page.
  8. Note to Patton: Don't commit if you're that unsure. It's easy to push back young man. Don't let pressure rush your decision. This infuriates me when young men make a rash decision. On the flip side, if this kid is doing this on purpose then all I have to say is:
  9. Wow! I just told my son last night that I wonder if this SEC news will make a player like Jacoby Mathews consider Texas again. I'm not saying this is related, but the timing is uncanny.
  10. Rinse, lather and repeat. Story for the last 10 years. Anyway, I'm usually never a person with any information and can offer nothing on this board except stimulating conversation. With that said, I was told two weeks back, by a work colleague who was a Texas HS football coach and still has ties, that don't expect Patton to be in this class at this time. We were talking about recruiting (way before the SEC news) and I mentioned Texas might get some things rolling with a Brown and Patton commit st the end of the month. He heard the staff wasn't prepared to accept his commitment this early and wanted to wait on him. Take this for what it's worth. This is not news to me.
  11. Does this mean if Perkins isn't coning then Abor isn't either? Perkins did talk Abor into coming to the event.
  12. If he doesn't show to Texas, but makes the Aggy event then I would lose all hope (what little there was).
  13. I also think it was very well choreographed production by this duo. I haven't seen anything this well thought by a duo since:
  14. Prior to the SEC stuff I would have written him off reading this news (IMG and UT usually don't go together).....now,

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