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  1. Nice to hear. Sounds like another kid that has his head on straight Talk about a perfect replacement for Bijan off the gridiron. Hopefully on as well.
  2. Look, I'm not disappointed. I knew Kansas would come in hungry after a loss and Texas had an emotional win two days ago. So, I'm good with a split in Kansas in 3 days. One other thing, Texas could have easily mailed this in and no one would think any less of them. This team however said F that and fought with everything they had even though the deck was stacked against them tonight
  3. Rodney Terry is putting together a great case to stay on as the HC.
  4. Excellent win on the road. Huge! This team just doesn't quit.
  5. The cash cows are leaving so the B12 is going to milk OU and UT for as long as they can.
  6. First of all, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Second, I think Texas had/has their guy Third, if that is at all true, then I'm very happy he did not come to Texas. That has the making of a kid that would bolt into the portal at the first sign of adversity. Only want recruits that really want to be at Texas.
  7. Agree. hate to say this, but Beard getting fired was probably the best thing to ever happen to Terry as far as his career goes. I know he has been a solid Asst Coach and was ok as a HC, but managing this team through the turmoil would be tough on anyone. You can tell the team is playing for him.
  8. The one thing I like about this team is that they scrape, scratch and claw every game. Even in the loss against Tenn they kept fighting. Love to see Mitchell more active tonight. Rice has been tearing it up lately. Would like to see Morris get a little more run and rest Carr for the end of games because he is proving to be clutch. Hopefully this game helps Hunter gain his confidence back. You know, a lineup I would like to see together at some point is Hunter, Morris, Cunningham, Mitchell and Bishop and just run it up and down. Then bring back Carr, Rice, Allen and Disu to slow the pace down and grind. Not the whole game, but in spurts.
  9. Omg, I'm so sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family during this devastating time.
  10. Like BDC said, I think recruiting will be fine as long as Sark and Banks are in the room
  11. With Chris Jackson now hired, which WR(s) benefit the most from his coaching? Worthy, JWhitt, Thompson? Nothing against Marion, but I think player development will be better in the WR core. I think technique will be better, routes will be crisper and hands better overall. Biggest question mark is recruiting by Jackson, but that will come over time.
  12. Completely agree. Morris and Mitchell should be contributing more at this point.
  13. This Texas team is a solid team, but they have to somehow figure out how to get a lot more out of Mitchell and Hunter for them to make a run in the tournament. Carr can't do it all, luckily Rice has been coming on lately. Allen also needs to pick it up some as well. All that said, this team is 17-4 and still hasn't peaked yet and that is exciting.
  14. If Texas does flip Roberson and J. McDonald stays at S, this is what I'm tracking on the backend for the D next year. Am I missing someone? After Spring, I could see any combination of Crawford, Brice & Jordan enter the portal. CB JR R. Watts; J. Barron; G. Holmes - 3 SO A. Jordan; J. Guilbeau, T. Brooks - 3 RS-FR X. Brice - 1 FR M. Muhammad - 1 8 Total S JR J. Catalon, J. Thompson, K. Crawford - 3 SO M. Blackwell - 1 (Could be LB) RS FR B. Allen, L. Turner-Gooden - 2 FR D. Williams; W. Roberson; J. McDonald? - 3 8-9 Total DB Total 16-17

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