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  1. I have a feeling that one is going to be tightly held until fall practice. I've heard both have been splitting time evenly.. I guess the only way we will hear something either way is from a players media availability, but that is also a long shot
  2. Someone send this to him and tell him this is what a SEC field looks like (seriously, this was a football field in Louisiana or it could've been Miss...either way, SEC country)
  3. Didn't he say he already committed to an all-star game? I'm still very skeptical because of Apr 1, but I can't help to be interested.
  4. Did they really not score at all in the 4th qtr? Well, only playing 6 players will do that, especially as hard as they play. Will be nice when Coach Vic has 8 or 9 to rotate. Anyway, great year and something very positive to build on.
  5. That should be interesting. I can tell you one thing, I'm not a fan of Riley and I dislike OU, but that is jealous dislike. However, I can't stand Patterson and TCU. I just plain don't like them at all. I never use the "H" word, but that team and that coach are right there. I want Texas to beat OU because that means Texas is in the hunt for the B12, but I want Texas to beat TCU every year simply for the fact of beating them and shutting that mouth up. I can't wait for that day when Texas is routinely beating those toads.
  6. Man that sucks for the kid. Waited all this time to get back out there and show the new coaches what you can do and it's ended just like that. That really sucks.
  7. One thing I really like is that the 2 lowest rated players currently committed to Texas are 2 guys that should/will climb the ranking charts (Ross and T. Johnson). I think Johnson will end up being a high 4* to borderline 5* when everything is done. I also predict Ross will end up a mid-4*.
  8. I know Texas has a lot of work to do in filling out the roster for 2022, but all I really want for the rest of 2022 class is: Devon Campbell, Denver Harris, Bryce Anderson, 1 additional OL between Banks, Dewberry or Greene, 1 more WR between Coleman, Williams and Stewart. That's it. 5 guys out of that list. Everything else after those is a plus. I know they need more OL and DL and LB, but 5 of those guys to go with what they already have and that is a great class by itself. Don't get me wrong, I want them all, but I will be content with 5 of them.
  9. If it's Denver Harris i'm going have SHA hunt you down and give you a giant, friendly embrace of pure joy.
  10. I'm thinking she may be making an appearance for a certain DL prospect from North Shore on the 23rd.
  11. Omg, Ohio State fans are the Aggie of the North. Nevermind that tOSU was bounced in rd 1 as a #2 seed....I ran into an tOSU fan that said Texas losing yesterday to ACU was going to affect UT football recruiting. WTF? I said how the hell is the Bball program going to do that? He said top players pick schools that have winning programs throughout. I said what about the Buckeyes loss in round 1 and he responded that tOSU is a football program and players know this. What the F is that logic? I told him to please leave and take the stupidity with him. I've met some dumb people in my life, bu

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