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  1. I was reading this morning about the new hires and thought the same thing. Things are looking up, Longhorns. Exciting times!
  2. Sorry, but as grand and exciting and fun as football is, a big part of being a fan is feeling disappointed and complaining, screaming curse words at the television and arguing over the value of a particular player... I don't imagine that those things are going away any time soon. I appreciated some of your sentiment about staying positive, johnabeard, but except in cases of deliberate a-hole behavior or sharing of bad pornography, I'm mostly adverse to the internet police. ETA: I can't promise to stay on topic either. Did anybody see that documentary on Netflix about SeaWorld?
  3. I'm pretty sure this is the last thing on anybody's mind. The facilities aren't in bad shape, are they?
  4. I believe it probably is, but no way is it happening on the scale mentioned here. No way.
  5. I'd be surprised if anything came of it. It's one thing to sanction a guy like CS's guy, Hurtt, for infractions like taking an interest free loan... makes them look like they're doing their jobs. Nobody is going to dig that hard to bring down the pay-for-play subculture unless they're pushed by the media or some BFD with a vendetta.
  6. I'm so glad you said this. Social media blows for a million reasons, but in terms of increasing transparency? It's an amazing tool. Also, poor Johnny is determined to quit college and go pro when he may very well go the way of Tebow, and then have nothing to fall back on. Pitiful. In that vein, I love how CS talks about developing young men, and not just on the football field.
  7. I said this on another thread, but my problem with Watson are remarks he's made about 'the tiny people' and 'idiots who criticize him.' I don't mind arrogance at home or on the field, but I appreciate a little grace and humility behind the microphone.
  8. Thanks, Darrell. It certainly doesn't matter, but I sure wish we knew about that gap between when Saban said no and when Patterson extended the offer to CS. It would be interesting to know if NS made his decision before or after the OK game, you know? But anyway, it's exciting to hear that there's some significant support behind the CS hire. And if we're lucky, we can look back a year from now and this Red crap will have only been a blip on the radar.
  9. Awesome. Here's my Charlie Strong story. After the LSU/Florida game in 2007, which was just quite possibly the very best damned football game I have ever been to, we were leaving the stadium and heckling the players. Not something I do often, or am proud of, but things got ugly that night. Anyway, the team was filing out when CS came out. I have no idea what kind of drunken, cocky belligerence I spewed, but instead of ignoring us and just walking straight to the bus, he gave us a genuine smile, stopped to shake everybody's hands and said, 'Excellent game, guys. See you next year.' He was the only guy to do it. My girlfriend's mom reminded me about that a few days ago, I'd totally forgotten.
  10. We all need to cut McP a break. Imagine the pressure he's been laboring under for the last month as this thing has developed. Attacks from readers, losing sponsorships, etc. If he needs to dissent on this issue for whatever reason, I can step back far enough to respect that he has some legitimate reason for feeling how he does, whether I understand it or not.
  11. I care if it at all legitimizes the reports that so many cocky a-holes swore were just made up to sell subscriptions or feed ego. Even Finebaum believes NS was considering leaving Bama. Suck it, haters.
  12. If true, we'd have seen a LOT more Gruden talk.
  13. So, HIPPO. In mommy board speak, that means, 'Happily ignoring other poster's opinions,' or, 'I only read the OP.' HIPPO. Anyway, I'm sitting president of a BOD for a nonprofit here in Austin. If my ED hires somebody and I think that person sucks, I might complain over lunch to colleagues but I'm not going to race off to the media, because if my organization is to be successful, we've got to present a united front. Similarly, I'm on the BOD for the PTA at my son's school. If one of our chairpeople make a crap decision, I might bitch about it privately to my friends on Facebook, but I wouldn't go post about it on the actual PTA page. Dumb. And unlike CS, Watson has actually been fired from a coaching job because he wasn't performing or meeting a standard of excellence. He floundered around looking for a new one, it's not like he was some highly sought after commodity. So many reasons why I fail to see any correlation here. ETA: and more to the point, I've been busy all morning so I haven't read much- but are people complaining that hiring an incompetent Watson makes CS incompetent? Or are people just complaining that in their opinion, Watson sucks?
  14. I'm normally all in on 'say whatever you want, this is America,' but the first thing I thought (and tweeted) this morning was that I'd like to kick him out and revoke his passport.
  15. Damnit. How do I manually post a gif? This little icon thing doesn't want to let me do it?

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