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  1. Bobby Burton said the injury isn't serious and he will play on Saturday.
  2. I can't speak for others, but if I was a 18 year old kid I would be taking free visits every weekend. Even if I was committed to another school. That's just how recruiting works now. Kids are going to visit other places. This is also why Strong's recruiting strategy is perfect. Strong doesn't try to fight the system, he lets kids visit. He knows the real recruiting doesn't start until December and January to begin with. Briles/Patterson's strategy of telling recruits and commits to not visit Texas has not only been ineffective but has helped Texas land recruits these past 2 to 3 cycles.
  3. He will pull an offer if you aren't upfront with the staff like Thompson. If you tell the staff you are going to take visits, I don't think the staff cares one bit.
  4. Strong encourages visits. Inside Texas said that Thompson discussed his visits with the Texas staff. Strong probably told him to go ahead and enjoy the process. Players taking visits to other schools will happen under Strong. He's not like Briles/Patterson in regards to trying to prevent players from visiting other schools. Matter of fact, Strong encourages players to take visits to make sure they want to play at Texas.
  5. Cal had the 2nd least efficient kickoff game in the country last year. They gave up 7 to SDSU on a kickoff return on Saturday. We should be able to have success on kickoff and punt returns. Cal really struggles on kickoff and punt coverage.
  6. Cal will put up some points and yards. They still have weapons on offense. The key is getting pressure and forcing a few turnovers. Cal's offense isn't what it was last year, but they are still one of the better offenses in the country. With two up tempo teams there's also going to be a ton of possessions/plays. Granted, I'm not sure Cal can stop anyone on defense.
  7. Ryan did you see any of those two fox end sets against ND?
  8. Speaking of defense, 7/10 top tacklers on the season are underclassmen.
  9. Gotta bring pressure on Webb. He will throw a couple interceptions if you hit him a few times.
  10. We held UTEP to 7 points and had good field position all game because of the defense. The only TD happened too because Tim Cole (a backup) was in the game and missed a gap. UTEP also has an above average offensive line and probably a NFL RB in Jones. It's going to be tough for this defense to please folks if you weren't impressed with the defense last night.
  11. Foreman, Hill, Haines, Williams, Perkins, and Bluiett didn't play. 6 starters. Plus Shack went out early. So more like 7. Good game to get healthy.
  12. UTEP did a decent job of stopping the run against New Mexico State, but New Mexico State didn't have their best player due to injury. Larry Rose ran for 1651 yards in 2015 and 1102 yards in 2014. New Mexico State ran for 139 yards against UTEP but it probably would have been a good bit more with Larry Rose. New Mexico State's leading rusher at RB against UTEP was a FR without Rose.
  13. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 Raulerson's first game at Arkansas against LA Tech.
  14. Based on what I've read, Perkins has a knee sprain but has been practicing. Vahe has an ankle injury but has been practicing. Williams has been going through concussion protocol and I'm not sure if he has been practicing. Nickelson is out for a few weeks I believe, but Hodges won the RT job before Nickelson was even injured. Outside of UTEP's nose guards they have little to no experience on the defensive line. From what I've read Vahe, Perkins and Williams could all probably play this weekend. I bet the staff will be extra cautious and only give them a few reps if any at all. Our 2nd string OL shouldn't have a problem with UTEP's DL. This is a game you should try to get guys healthy. If I was guessing, Vahe plays and Perk/Williams take the day off.
  15. The other thing about this game is it won't surprise me a bit if Strong rests some guys that were banged up in the ND game.
  16. Kavika Johnson will likely be the starter for UTEP now at QB. 27/53 throwing, 218 yards, 3 TD, 0 interceptions last year. Kavika Johnson ran for 204 yards on 71 carries last year. I would expect UTSA to try and run the ball a lot. Burn clock.
  17. Kavika Johnson will likely be the starter for UTEP now at QB. 27/53 throwing, 218 yards, 3 TD, 0 interceptions last year. Kavika Johnson ran for 204 yards on 71 carries last year. I would expect UTEP to try and run the ball a lot. Burn clock.
  18. — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011 Looks like UTEP's starting QB is out for Saturday.
  19. We should win comfortably but UTEP has an above average OL and a very good RB. This team isn't terrible. Not great by any means, but they aren't Prairie View A&M.
  20. UTEP's starting QB didn't practice again today.
  21. UTEP's starting QB didn't practice yesterday and his status for Saturday is "up in the air". Has some type of knee injury i think.
  22. Wow, I'm just now noticing that Cottrell didn't play. Getting him back would be pretty significant. All in all the DL survived against a very good offensive line. PFF had ND's OL ranked #1 coming into the season. I would have thought we would have been abused more up front without Cottrell.
  23. I need to go back and look but I'm pretty sure Hodges and Nickelson were rotating all game at RT. Hodges was listed as the starter at RT on the depth chart. If it's just sprain it's probably best to sit him against UTEP.
  24. We scored 44 last year on Cal. They lost their 2 best defensive players. Nickerson transferred and Kragen graduated. Cal's defense is probably worse than they were last year and that's really saying something. Texas will score on Cal, I have no doubt about that. It's pretty much the same Cal team as last year in the sense that Cal will have to outscore everyone. Probably going to be tough losing the #1 overall pick at QB and their top 6 WRs. Cal will score some points but they are gonna need to be scoring 50 a game to win games. The big key for Texas in this game is we now have Hill/Davis at CB. They weren't entrenched in starting positions yet when we played at Cal. Having a couple elite CBs is important against a team like Cal. They abused Bonney last year. That Hawaii team finished 104th in total defense and 120th in total offense last year, to give you perspective. The fact the were able to put up over 400 yards on Cal is pretty telling. Maybe Hawaii has drastically improved but I would put it more on Cal's defense just being really bad. This isn't the same Cal team as last year. I can see why some of their beat writers said they might struggle to win 5 games this year.

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