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  1. I think we get a lot of FGs due to stalled drives…5 total. Add 3 TDS and I have the Horns scoring 36 points. Bummer Sooners will have…fewer points. The current time is 10:02 and ou still sucks!
  2. I have no numbers…I just want to leave a LARGE beating on the toads. LARGE.
  3. They got their butts kicked in a hostile environment. I’m interested to see how they bounce back next game and how they handle an angry road crowd next time. It may be a bit early to think the sky is falling…
  4. Good read! I think I’m still in “wait and see” mode. A lot of good things with the Horns for sure, but I want to see if we have improvement from week 1 and how they handle a hostile environment. Honestly, I cant get excited about the Big XII this year. A Texas conference championship would be awesome as a goodbye gesture but I’m looking more towards a great first year in the SEC being a contender for a conference title and being a serious playoff contender. I guess I’m expecting good things, but we have been expecting good things in the past…I’m just not quite ready to drink the koolaid.
  5. I have Baylor and Gonzaga in the final with Gonzaga winning. Should be fun!
  6. So sorry to hear this...I am praying God will comfort you and your family
  7. Pretty sure this is a joke...White Goodman is the name of the Ben Stiller character in the movie "Dodgeball"
  8. Congrats!! As the Father of two daughters, I can assure you they will steal your heart and spend your money!! And you Sir, will love every minute of it!!
  9. I keep telling myself that I won't read this thread anymore. Every time I do, I feel dirty and a little dumber.
  10. Texas will score 23 points...2 TDs, 3 FG. Georgia will score either 17 or 31. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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