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  1. So much THIS ^^^. I was yelling at the TV, too. But in retrospect, we kept the ball away from the talented Baylor WRs for the most part and held them to 17 while time ticked away on the clock. Good thing since our offense resorted to inefficiency mode pretty much after the first quarter. We couldn't afford to take chances with quick points from Baylor. It was the right call. We won most of the jump balls to the Baylor receivers, but had there been more of them, the odds were not in our extremely young (especially in the fourth quarter) secondary's favor. It was a win that no one other than my sooner half brother predicted. I'll be damed if I complain about its being ugly.
  2. If you know anyone with LHN and have a Roku or Chromecast with the ESPN app, you can stream LHN in HD with their login. I'd offer up mine, but have already given it to a friend in Houston who is stuck with Comcast as well.
  3. Do you have internet yet? The ESPN app on Roku, Chromestick, etc. will stream LHN. I'm sure someone can hook you up with some logins credentials. /typing that game me so much 2012 deja vu. Still remember buying a slingbox and mailing it to a friend in Houston with Uverse.
  4. Somebody better tell the guys at LHN. They are treating it like fact.
  5. Sidenote: If Jamail was representing Mack, he was technically hired. But according to Jamail, he hasn't taken money to work a case in years. He doesn't need it. Now if he was lying when I heard him say that, color me shocked. I doubt he asked for money and I doubly doubt Mack offered any up. The goal was to get Mack paid, and they did. Can't say I'm too thrilled about the ultimate amount over buyout, but that's my hunch.
  6. Exactly. I have believed for months now that the so-called zone read plays are predetermined, essentially QB Keeper fakes. From memory, I can't recall more than 3 QB keepers on that play in the second half of the season. The decent defenses we played knew going in that TS wasn't going to keep it. Otherwise, a hole as big as the one we all saw last night doesn't open up (that thing was made for Moses). Arkie's D moved to cover the back because the odds were so heavily in favor of the QB's not keeping the ball because he was told to hand it off ahead of time.
  7. So McPhaul leaves, and the only people who know the details are now sitting on "inside information." Somebody spill it. It's probably the most intriguing thing I have seen on this side of the paywall in months. Or not. Carry on.
  8. Swoopes did fine. He's just not one of those superhuman quarterbacks that can win in spite of not having a serviceable offensive line.
  9. I've read so much crap about coaching, quarterback play, defense that gave up, etc. But I sat in that stadium for every play of that game with my 9 year old. But the OL was the missing link. With a seasoned offensive line, we get better runs, enough protection for longer passes, more time for the D to rest, and a closer game. It isn't a quick fix. It's a rebuilding year (or two). Stay onboard.
  10. Did her parents give her that name or is that her self-given news name? There can only be one Molly McGrath.
  11. I agree. Of course, with a $35 chromecast, I can feed the TV a link from Watch ESPN with my Dish password and see it in HD that way. The lack of HD is a minor inconvenience compared with not having it at all like I did with DirecTV.
  12. Just called Dish. No HD LHN yet, but when pressed, I got, we are working to get in HD, whereas in the past, I would get we have no plans for HD other than game day. I asked them why the Home Shopping Network was in HD and suggested that might be a good way to save bandwidth.
  13. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I just tuned to 407 on Dish and have a message that says Longhorn Network HD . . . check back soon. Rebooting my hopper. Hopeful they decided to give us the real stuff. /edit. Just looked at the guide and have two channel 407s. One is HD, but it's not active yet. Hopefully, this isn't just for game day. I did email Dish recently saying I noticed sec Network was in HD and asked when they were planning to switch the LHN over. So, uh, you're welcome!

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