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  1. In the 1971 college football season, Big Eight teams finished ranked #1 (Nebraska), #2 (Oklahoma) and #3 (Colorado) in the nation in the AP Poll – the only time in college football history teams from one conference have held the top three spots in the final poll. In the final AP Poll issued before the Big Eight became the Big 12, half of the conference's teams were ranked in the nation's top 10 (#1 Nebraska, #5 Colorado, #7 Kansas State, #9 Kansas).
  2. I've always questioned why Dodds got to be an abject failure his first 15 years on the job, but old highest paid coach and assistants makes one wonder what the hell did he do but pad his bank account the last 5 years? QB depth. Absurd. Recruiting say DB's in a deep class last year? OL development. Hiring Diaz is so ludicrous it's beyond funny. No players drafted since Roosevelt? But we're the richest. Feel better? Dodds and Brown could not have left Texas in a worse position if they were trying to deliberately do it. There's no Ricky staying or joining a new conference to save Charlie his first year.
  3. Dodds was given his first 15 years to log failure after failure. So Patterson gets 3? Sounds about right.
  4. Kevin Sumlin, he's so funny cause he's so fat.:cool:
  5. Yes and the national semi final rematch that same year was a bunch of men against boys. UCLA absolutely kicked the crap out of Houston. Now what?
  6. Or AD actual accomplishments based on reality. Like yourself. Breakfast at Tiffany's, Award[24] Person Best Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture Henry Mancini Best Original Song: "Moon River" Henry Mancini Johnny Mercer Nominated: Best Actress in a Leading Role Audrey Hepburn Best Art Direction Hal Pereira Roland Anderson Sam Comer Ray Moyer Best Adapted Screenplay George Axelrod Other awards Golden Globe Awards, 1961: Best picture (musical or comedy) Golden Globe Awards, 1961: Best actress (musical or comedy) - Audrey Hepburn Henry Mancini won the Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album or Recording or Score. George Axelrod won the Writers Guild of America, East for Best Written American Drama. Blake Edwards was nominated for the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures. The film was ranked #486 on Empire's The 500 Greatest Movies of All Time list for 2008.[25] As said in Water Boy: "Looks like Mamas (AS) is wrong again". Don't let facts deter you.
  7. I read that one of the brothers didn't care for it. Parents might love it. Kids hate it. Unless we build a complex as OU had.
  8. Keeping Chambers and bringing Watson were question marks and remain so. 2 years and into the 3rd of Manny Diaz impacted defensive perception to the point in a deep DB class Texas went 0'fer. DT recruiting in the tank for 2 years. Got zero in 2013. Keep believing recruiting rankings don't matter and that Dodds was a genius by diluting the Big 12.
  9. I think you really should look at the recruiting gaps at positions Mack left before you proclaim this. Other then that your points have merit. My opinion, #1 on the list of had to go was Dodds. 15 years a failure until 1998. The Big 12 formation, Mack (he wanted Barnett), and Ricky resurrected Texas. Yep made a lot of $ as any decent AD would have under the same circumstances. This "we're Texas" bravado has left us in the old SWC. To add sitting around saying high ranked recruits don't matter is quite Aggy and statistics don't back that up. Certainly have to coach them up upon arrival. I'm disappointed in not hiring a big splash, young OC. Much as Stoops did in 1999 with Mike Leach. This is where we are at.
  10. There are fewer 5 stars in total, Statistics have proven their value at success at the college and pro levels. You want as many as possible.
  11. Big 12 has key non conference games that will either help or hurt it's declining national perception. Auburn, FSU, UCLA to name a few. Texas plays, UCLA (neutral site) OU (same) @ KState @ Tech @ Okie State Baylor BYU At home
  12. The Big 12, Mack Brown and Ricky helped put Texas back on the national map. Dodds wanted Gary Barnett. (Paid off 2, five year deals for coaches hired on his watch) His track record left much to be desired. He first 15 years up front and what 2? 3 years on the tail end? Those aren't opinions but over half of his total tenure. I couldn't get away with that record for 1.5 plus decades in my line of work, He also assisted in the decline of the Big 12. I had several wishes. The first was his departure and the dominos that would fall. My last wish is an AD who will get us out of this Big 12 ditch. But carry on at least you're reading through it now. Jerry Jones made a lot of $ in 2013 too. We are the Jones' you know.

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