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    UT alum '92. Radio-TV-FIlm. Father of two future Longhorns. Married to a beautiful Red Raider.
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  1. I'm very disappointed in the young men, but in my opinion it also may underscore why we are a perennial .500 team. It is their right to make the choice no doubt. I get that. It seems few of these young men are really in it for the "team" and the school. When it comes down to it, there is no heart to finish. Not just him but the others who are skipping the bowl game too. What more of an indicator do you need regarding a team that got close but couldn't finish many many times on the field than a group of leaders who got close but will not finish on the field. Metaphorically equivalent to driving to the 3 yard line on offense and then coughing up the ball, or a defense that gives up two TD's to lose in the final minutes of a game. This is who we are/were. Hopefully the new groups brought in are closers. These guys just proved they aren't closers. I wish them well, but I've lost some of the respect I carried for them.
  2. Hey Urban. Karma can be a little bitch. And so can you.
  3. There are alumni at every school who aren't even fans of their own teams. The two are not necessarily intertwined, but do have great influence on the other. My parents influenced me to be a Longhorn fan early on because they were. They actually went to Lamar U. Mom went to HS with Steve Worster, was part of it I think. I went to UT and am now paying for my oldest daughter to go. I expect very strongly starting next year I'll also be paying for my youngest to go as well as she graduates high school. We were all brainwashed early. I'd argue that I became an alum BECAUSE I was a fan of athletics first. Not the other way around. I'm not alone. It would have been really difficult for me to go anywhere else after all the shit I talked and took throughout my teens. I see above, like my parents, some who were "just fans" are now sending kids to UT. That's why intercollegiate athletics is BIG BUCKS BUSINESS! The impact it has on national appeal and tuition and enrollment increases. Buy the T-shirt, Yell your ass off and send your kid. I'm no bigger fan than you or my parents BECAUSE I'm an alum. I'm an alum because I was first a fan.
  4. I haven't posted in a long while, but I have a hard time seeing either extreme position thus far as reasonable. Some of you guys are going way too extreme in both directions. My opinion: 1. Horny was a very bad hire at least in terms of optics at this point in Herman's tenure and after such little time had passed since Horny's idiocy was on full display. You can include me (and many others) with RD in at least that this makes me question Herman's honesty in his desire to run a program that will hold the players accountable to off field expectations worthy of our school and majority of our historical track record. This raises an eyebrow and Herman will now receive my increased scrutiny and probably less "benefit of the doubt" when it comes to disciplinary issues, statements about discipline etc. 2. At the same time, if we have no major issues and are quick to punish and discipline any random troublemakers that all programs deal with on occasion, like we normally do...those feelings will probably subside. As far as selling Xanax to classmates... Major red flag. Under Mack it seemed any time we had a recruit or someone do something like that even if we brought them in a freshmen...they rarely panned out and eventually landed elsewhere, rarely as studly contributors without further issue. If I'm the coach... I probably pull the 'ship and load up in '18 where we have more momentum. I'm not the coach.
  5. I've read every word on this thread. Perhaps because I have no life. It hasn't changed my opinion at all. I still agree that it is their choice to make. They are free to make that choice but they are not immune to the consequences of that choice. Maybe it is financially smart to skip the bowl game. I think less of them as men for making that choice than those who choose team first. And that's my choice. And I still question whether this isn't a hint as to who is going to quit on teammates when things get tough, not make that catch going over the middle for fear of taking a hit etc. so there's the McAf's and Fournettes of the world, and then the D. Foremans of the world who still was running like the weight of his whole state was on his shoulders on carry 48 of a losing cause. I'm not an NFL GM but if I were, I would have a ranking for toughness and heart to go along with speed and elusiveness etc. The guys that bailed slip down my board and I'd go a different direction in the First round where you can't afford to miss on a pick. Maybe look at them as a bargain later if they slip far enough. Fortunately for them, I'm not. And they obviously and perhaps rightfully give no crap about my opinion, especially if they don't care much about their teammates opinions on having the best chance to win a game.
  6. I think it is a BS move in most ways. I get that it is their choice, but I think much less of those that don't fight to the end with their teammates. Most of their current teammates will be publicly supportive and take the high road. If I'm a coach or potential teammate in the NFL though, I would start to question if this guy is going to be "all in" on a 7-9 campaign or is he going to be a quitter. Definitely a "me" guy move. Major red flag.
  7. Before the season I would take 8-4 plus a Bowl Win as the minimum to stay. That's pretty much what we laid on Mack Brown too his final year after a losing season and regression for several years. Most expected about that this year. So yes, if we run the table (which would mean drastic improvement on Defense and Special Teams) I'd say that would be sufficient evidence of improvement and I want Charlie to be successful here. It would also probably salvage recruiting to keep the pipeline full. And tomorrow I might buy the winning lotto ticket.
  8. So simply due to extra point disasters instead of 21-21 we are down 4. Embarrassing.
  9. "Cal did a great job of reviewing their game film and seeing what other teams were doing, preparing that Texas was going to be looking at the same game tape, and then making their own adjustments that caught Texas off guard to where they couldn't make some plays to create turnovers. Then Cal got a few stops and won the game." So you do realize this is the very definition of being outcoached don't you?
  10. Disappointing. I didn't expect to go undefeated. Nobody did. But most expected to take two steps forward and one back, not one forward and two back. Offense: Yes many yards and yes many points... against a defense that gives up loads to everyone they play. Why insist on throwing (after two picks already) when your running game is tearing off chunks of 4-12 yards every play. The only way we were going to lose, even as atrociously as our defense played, was if we gave them extra possessions...and we did...and it was avoidable. I'm sure the original gameplan was to run if they put 7 in the box, and check to pass if they went with 8. But an experienced OC and QB know when to change the script once the game is underway and the dividends of the original gameplan change. We were still able to run with however many in the box and were unable to throw consistently under any circumstances. We stubborned our way into an average performance when we needed stellar. Defense: Players play hard in the front 7. D-Line gets penetration most downs. Linebackers lose their gaps same as last year. Forget coverage from a linebacker. We are about to get exposed there for a loss or two even if the DB's improve. DB's are completely lost. Second year...no improvement with this group. Miss tackles, miss assignments, talk trash, get burned, get shown up with horns down in your face only to come back and get burned worse seems to be the mantra. The season isn't over, I get it. But seeing ND get basically raped at home and seeing Army beat UTEP worse than we did tells me we aren't very good. We are what Okie State has been the past decade. Reasonable to really good offense with average to really bad defense. Okie Sate Young this...Young that... It took Charlie two years to learn Watson wasn't the right guy when everyone else knew after two games. Bedford ain't the guy either and I hate that. I wish he were. But between the lack of progress and the inability to adjust in-game...he ain't the guy. If Charlie doesn't do something quickly to get 9 wins out of this team in his 3rd year...he probably isn't either. And I will hate that even worse. But let's not be the same team 3 years in a row and call it progress just because we have a new group of highly ranked recruits underperforming.
  11. Their body language is better than ours at present. Someone is gonna have to make a play. If we can get one turnover back maybe we win. If we don't I doubt we do.
  12. Just go with Swoopes and run. They can't stop it. We keep stopping ourselves by throwing!

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