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  1. Sumlin never had control. aggy all about the swag and the end result. aggy don't care who gets hurt along the way. It's just one big party.
  2. His wife is top 5 in the world. He's a chubber. He needs to lay off biscuits and gravy.
  3. HELL YES! I've been saying that for years. Every major program keeps running their game planned office with backups in no matter the score. Mack was always afraid he'd hurt the other teams feelings. To the detriment of our program.
  4. Who cares? Why does it matter? I don't care if a circus clown calls the plays as long as we win!
  5. Mack thought locking down the Texas borders meant he couldn't go out of state to recruit. Glad Charlie isn't that narrow-minded.
  6. Baylor buys off the discontinued rack at Marshall's. Someone at BU needs to step up and stop them from wearing that crap.
  7. aggy just recruiting "me first" kids with questionable background who are attracted to material objects and don't care about winning. I'm glad those kind of kids are going to collie station instead of Austin.
  8. And why is that? Does that touch a sore spot with you?
  9. Possessing prescriptions drugs without a prescription is only a felony if possession is of 28 grams or more.
  10. Anyone else hearing rumors of a big time football recruit transferring to Texas?
  11. Dale thanks you for not disagreeing.

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