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  1. This is off topic, I apologize. There's a commercial on the LHN where these people are sitting around a campfire singing "The Eyes of Texas" while a man with silver hair plays his guitar to the tune. At the end the Texas Cowboys fire off the cannon. Can anybody tell me, who is the older guy playing the guitar? I figured it's some known musician, but I don't know who it is and my wife keeps asking me who it is. Thanks in advance to whoever can tell me.
  2. My father fought in WWII and attended UT on the GI Bill. Went on to get his JD from the UT Law School. He was EXTREMELY orange blooded. He used to say "If the University of Texas competes against another school in tiddlywinks, I damn well expect them to win!!" I suspect Bear may have a similar mindset...if Texas loses at any sport, it doesn't sit well with him.
  3. June Cleaver, upon realizing she has developed a yeast infection, says to her husband: "Ward...I'm worried about the Beaver!"
  4. First Big 12 series sweep by Texas since 2015...great job, Texas Longhorns!!
  5. Texas Football 2012: Paden Kelley Quits - Burnt Orange Nation I couldn't remember what happened to him; you made me look it up. He came out of Lake Travis at 6'6" 265. First Team All State as a Jr. and Sr. That sounds great; maybe that's why McWhorter was gushing.
  6. Ike Clanton: "How about I just wring your scrawny neck!"
  7. Making cuts carrying that much weight has got to put a lot of stress on his knees. Here's hoping from this point forward he can stay healthy!
  8. For a Mexican style breakfast, migas and huevos rancheros, the best place for decades was Cisco's on East 6th Street. I haven't eaten there since the early 90s...I'd like to think it's still just as good.
  9. Erick Fowler and The Shark on defense. I expected big things out of both when they first came to Texas and I still do.
  10. Shaggytexas - A message board based around University of ... I'm not a member there; I can't describe the place.
  11. The woman slapping Dr. McCoy is Julie Newmar a/k/a the original Catwoman. She was pretty hot back in her day!
  12. Thanks, Daniel, for all the great reportage you provided all weekend.

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