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  1. Awesome! Signing day and the spring game cannot get here fast enough.
  2. Looks like DGB has a problem putting down the pipe.
  3. SHA, have Bermuda grass and need to know when I should fertilize? Also what type of fertilizer to feed/weed my yard? Thanks in advance.
  4. Are we seriously paying a coach that hasn't accomplished jack shat $5 million a year? If true, we are idiots. While I think CS is a good coach, is everyone cool with that amount of cash allocated to a guy that has few sig wins?
  5. What are terms? Please tell me he is in the 2 mills or less.
  6. Gut is telling me Saban, because he's a proven winner to help energize the fanbase and recruiting. Part of my gut is also telling me Mora Jr. I really started liking Mora Jr. when they beat the Huskers earlier this year. His post game interview was extremely emotional. If you recall UCLA lost a player that I believe was hit by a car the week prior to the game. The interview somewhat reminded me of how Mack handled the loss of Cole many years ago. I think Mora Jr. would be a great "fit" for Texas and would kill it here.
  7. My goodness, stayed up most of the night hoping for some "Saban is leaving for Texas" news from Bama player tweets. Woke up at 6 this morning thinking I missed the announcement! You know the type of dream where you wake up thinking your dream is in real time due to you only getting a couple of hours of sleep? The new HC announcement needs to happen today, because it is starting to jack with my sleep. Saban has to be the guy, my dreams have never steered me wrong! Plus all the great HS posters are stating it will happen.
  8. SirHornsalot referred me to this fantastic site. Since I started coming to this site, my OB visits have been reduced by at least 90% and stopped visiting 24/7 all together. Only go to OB for TMZ material now.
  9. I agree with the posters that think we already have our guy pegged. From the guys I know, that know some connects guys, it appears we are all in for Saban. Just need to work out the details to make it happen. These are the times I wish I was a fly to hang out on some walls.
  10. Mark, we are thinking the same thing man on Staver.
  11. http://http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/10125407/five-players-transfer-florida-gators ESPN announced earlier today six Gators are transferring, including Freshman 6'5" Pro-Style QB Max Staver. Thoughts on going after this kid? I believe Bama was recruiting him last year.

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