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  1. Are we really going here again? yawn...
  2. I hope he's right. Jon Gruden would be the best choice, way better than Saban. Study Jon Gruden's work ethic and life and you should agree.
  3. My naivete is shared by many, then. Again, I would be amazed to see any coach that recently inked a long-term extension break that to go elsewhere. Breaking a freshly inked and executed long term extension, and utilizing the buy-out clause of a contract several years executed is definitely two different things entirely. As for first or third generation alumnus, kudos to all Texas Exes. Hook Em Horns
  4. "Not long before an NCAA report on violations at USC under Carroll was released, on January 10, 2010, Carroll told his players that he would resign his position with the Trojans and become the new head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. According to the Los Angeles Times, Carroll came to agreement with the Seahawks on a 5-year $33 million contract to become head coach"... True, Texas does have media coverage and attention, power, and prestige very similar to USC. That's the exact reason someone with NCAA violations such as Pete Carroll should never be considered to replace Mack Brown. Starting out with a microscope watching a coach who left College due to NCAA violations is not the best way for The University to begin a new head coaching era.
  5. Wrong. You DO NOT sign a 10 year extension and break it in a matter of weeks. Period. No one would ever be trusted again that made such a a move. I'm well aware of Saban's past and his denials, as well as other coaches. The act of breaking a contract that you just committed to is an act in a different league entirely than breaking a contract via buyout that you have served through several years. You are comforting yourself if you think all the coaches that just inked extensions are still available. I would be willing to bet you that the coach that Patterson recommends as a hire is not a coach that has recently signed with their respective university. I'm a third generation Texas alum, and third generation booster. I would argue that no one is more committed to The University. I have spoken to David Ubben several times regarding this subject, and people that are paid to follow sports and The University are in complete agreement.
  6. No chance that ever occurred. Art Briles would never break his freshly signed 10 year contract extension with Baylor...and if he did, that would ruin ALL credibility with his character. No school, especially The University, would ever consider hiring a coach capable of doing such an act. He could never be trusted again, and would never do that anyway. Any coach that has recently inked an extension or new contract is 100% off the table regarding our new hc vacancy, as well they should be... Do to the delay and extensive media coverage of Mack's imminent decision, several good coaches are now securely signed and off the market. Jimbo Fisher, although only 54 games as a head coach to his credit, has an 82% batting average. Jon Gruden?
  7. Notes: 1. Entire article seems extremely satirical. 2. He says son a lot. 3. No plan B is quite disturbing. 4. He sure says son a lot.

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