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  1. I think Foreman has done enough to "seize" the lion's share of rb carries. How has that worked out?
  2. Based on what I've read it's McNeal and Burt.
  3. One Day in September was an awesome doc, also the Sonny Liston one that HBO did. HBO has actually done several good ones.
  4. Tuehema brothers went to LSU for a visit and some are reporting they flipped.
  5. This is why I have hope for the team to improve immediately. If our players look better as pros than collegians( Marquise), something has been amiss that will hopefully get fixed.
  6. Is this new thread based on any news or merely speculation?
  7. Lacy is a pro bowler and Richardson probably would be too w/o all the injuries. The thing that Saban seems to believe in as has been stated above is a big nasty OL and big backs (215 or bigger) with speed who can break tackles. He rarely recruits the 195 lb speedster.
  8. I used to play music too loud in college. Cops would come and tell us to turn it down and we would comply. Never got arrested.
  9. This kid stood out even in the AA game against great competition. I agree with needing to lose a few pounds but he has the potential to be great, not good.
  10. I hope this isn't the case, it's not what I heard. I hope they ask that ahole Leinart why he said, "sometimes the best team doesn't win", after the game. What a tool.
  11. Manziel is an exceptional athlete but I don't know if his game translates that we'll to the pros. His arm is avg and some of those ducks he throws up when he's in trouble will be sure INT's.
  12. Damn it, I was disappointed but finally coming to terms with our offensive staff. Now I'm hearing from some guy on the shag that a friend of his who called Strong a week before the hire is telling him Herman will be announced tomorrow. I can't take this.
  13. The more I research this guy, the more I like him. Urban Meyer credits him with being one of his major influences in developing his offense. The guy is innovative and knows X's and O's.
  14. Wickline doesn't come unless Strong's got a dynamic OC IMO. Decision has to have already been made.
  15. Terrible news ! This kid played as well as I've ever seen for a Fr at tackle. I really had high hopes for what he could become as a senior.
  16. The Natural (who cares if Glenn Close is pretty or not, the story was amazing. I still get chills when I hear the music associated with a Roy Hobbs home run. Also tons of symbolism with light/dark, good/evil themes. Bad News Bears for comedy. I was about the age of those players when it came out. Walter Matthau was awesome.
  17. I don't think he had the skins on the wall for his gig in DC and I don't think he has enough for this job yet either.
  18. Listen to this man. He knows good food. Didn't mention these because they're not on the river walk but if you're off the beaten path, all of them are great choices.
  19. Casa Rio has always been a good family place. If you're looking for a higher end option check out Luke, Boudro's, or Biga on the Banks

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