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  1. Mack is a better recruiter than Strong, imo. He might not be a great Xs and Os guy, but he was definitely better than most in the living room.
  2. There's plenty of time, but what are the chances their commits flip to Texas (we use the plenty of time thing every time someone commits to them now)?
  3. Auburn finished #8 (rivals ranking) after Chizik was fired. Florida finished #12 after Meyer resigned.
  4. Because it's Vandy, right? My thoughts too. Most of the more powerful programs do better in recruiting, or do about the same, when there is a coaching change. USC fans HATED the coaching choice, but recruits are actually more interested in them now.
  5. The year after the national championship was pretty subpar...considering we just won a national championship.
  6. I'm not sure why it's hard for people to accept. We've seen all kinds of rants by coaches and players during press conferences, yet Sherman is a bad guy for doing it RIGHT after the game is over when emotions are still running high.
  7. That's before the combine and workouts. He ended up not being on there at all after the combine.
  8. Helps when he gets nothing but 5*/high 4* running backs and linemen. Helps even more that they're coached up pretty well while in college. The "I'd rather have 2 and 3 stars that want to be here/are evaluated thoroughly" doesn't really work with Bama fans, or most of the past 15 national championship winners that were littered with 4 and 5 stars.
  9. No, it said a Strong was very vocal and voiced his displeasure. The very next sentence says there was shouting or voices raised. My apologies. I should have said shouting instead of yelling.
  10. A coach yelling at a recruit over the phone isn't a bad thing?

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