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  1. If Aggies beat Bama, and Bama beat #1 Georgia, when will aggies have their national championship banner put up? #aggielogic
  2. This is the best article I have read. https://www.si.com/college/2021/07/24/texas-am-cant-escape-sec-shadow-longhorns?fbclid=IwAR3qSAJKfSaH9gPQaXwQlTkrK2lSg6jAgRpTXJ-6aXV8lDe9WK7eou5Il4g
  3. I was at the game, but look forward to rewatching it. Me and my daughter sat about 15 rows up on the 40 behind the orange team. Here are several players who physically looked the part and could have a huge season. 1 Troy Omeire!!! 2 Jordan Whittington 3 Bijan Robinson 4 Alfred Collins All 4 of these are physically impressive
  4. I think the singing of "The Eyes of Texas" has done more to bring people of all races together than it has ever done to divide. People of all religions, creeds, colors, and nationalities have proudly sang the song at the top of their lungs after victories and even after defeat. It's a song that regardless of the outcome, we are still together.
  5. When you are in Nashville on vacation and Vandy is playing in CWS there is only one thing to do. Go to a sports bar across from campus and where BURNT ORANGE.
  6. A few takeaways from being at the game today: 1. The plan was to be very vanilla! There was nothing in the offense game plan to reveal anything about this offense. 2. The wind did impact several throws, no excuses 3. The defense is very fast. 4. TE’s have to catch the ball 5. The freshmen stars, Bru and Jordan will be everything we want them to be. 6. Rhafiti must learn to snap or move to guard. They were consistently slow and low. 7. LBs with McCullough, dele, and Ossai will be fine but need to stay healthy 8. Overall nothing exciting other than getting to watch a little football
  7. Coach McKnight and Hand get big credit for how we are playing
  8. Young is just like Warren. they are fine if they are moving North and South but have no lateral speed and think they do.
  9. So let me get this straight... Aggies paid FSU $5million Are still paying Sumlin $10.4Million and Fisher could, in theory, coach 1 year and walk away with $75Million
  10. Does anyone know when the spring game will be or when it will be announced?
  11. Can someone make a pic of aggies putting last nights national championship on their stadium?

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