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  1. I watched Dorian Thompson Robinson in HS in LV he played behind Tate Martell, ..the buzz was that Chip Kelly tried to talk him into turning pro last year , but he stayed, very athletic but seems to turn the ball over way too much in critical situations, against USC he had two INT's and a fumble which either led to scores or killed drives, UCLA should have beat USC, the Trojan defense was doing it with smoke and mirrors all year long, Utah exploited them
  2. I watched EVERY UCLA game, their QB is an idiot, he cost them the USC game....I also think Chip Kelly will go after Card....UCLA beat Utah and the game really want that close
  3. Huskies beat THREE ranked teams this year and are 10-2, those two losses are one possession games against a VERY good UCLA team and a fluke against ASU....they should be 11-1...not sure how you see them at #19-# 20....
  4. so the # 18 team (UT) is the favorite against the # 12 team (Washington).....I have never bet against my Horns to lose but something stinks about that line
  5. Coach Kwiatkoski's defense against his former team, I bet the Huskies are frothing at the mouth with the thought of going against Coach K's soft zone (prevent)...I dont think the Horns have faced this kind of a passing attack in awhile..I actually think the Horns may be the under dog when the line comes out later today
  6. True but of those SIX first round draft picks what side of the ball did they play....
  7. that is because the armchair QBs expected UT to be passing team QE was slinging it all around the field 30+ times a game and throwing dimes for TD....guess what , we are a RUNNING team, we had the best RB in the Nation and IMHO even Sark forgot that a few times this year, but when he came to his senses look at the results...IT's assessment of what UT needs for 2023 is spot on, but another thing people need to remember is that championship teams are built on DEFENSE, just about every team that has one the NC in the last decade has a defense that can fly to the ball and create turnovers. We aren't there yet both in personnel or defensive philosophies or schemes. We have to recruit those 5 star blue chippers on defense, Sark know how to build an offense, he needs a QB who can be like a point guard in hoops where the offense runs thru him
  8. Bryce Young was a Sophomore when he won the Heisman and the NC, Trevor Lawrence was an underclassman when Clemson won it. VY was a junior
  9. did you pay attention this year, do you think there was a true QB competition, Charles Thompson transferred out, Hudson Card is transferring....Sark made it very clear he was willing to die on the hill with QE as QB1, even after HC played well while QE was hurt, with the Golden Child Arch coming to town what QB in the country is coming in behind that. I even see a future QB controversy in 2024 when QE is a junior and AM is a RS freshman
  10. if HC transfers out do you honestly think some QB would come to Texas in the hopes of sitting on the bench, makes no sense at all, do you think MM or CW are going to stick around to be QB3 and QB4
  11. I agree on the play calls, why not call some RPO with Duggan on a rollout...SMH
  12. K State beating TCU is what scares people from expanding the CFP, if that were the case does K State deserve a shot at the CFP (of course not)...at what point does a team not deserve a shot at the Nat Championship ( # 7-12)
  13. did Alabama just backdoor their way into the playoff along with Ohio State
  14. with all due respect for your opinion, Duggan won't even be 1st Team All American, Caleb Williams and CJ Stroud will be ahead of him
  15. something tells me JQJ will get a shot at QB when Rising leaves...I never saw him play at Duncanville but I can see how he was a blue chipper and one of the best DTQB in the country
  16. USC and the media were already polishing the Heisman and the spot in the CFP....Utah kicked their behinds
  17. I dont think the Horns want any part of Rising and the Utes
  18. I thought he or his media handlers were saying he wants to play for a Power 5 school...right now that means UCLA or Notre Dame...Arizona and ASU might be looking but both those programs are in the toilet right now ..LSU's current QB1 left ASU and Herm Edwards before he got fired
  19. B12 not having Ford as DPOY is the same reason BR won't win the Heisman, the media won't give it to a player on an 8-4 team so they had to find someone from an 11-0 team
  20. I will make a prediction, no inside info, just a hunch because I have watched them all year here on the west coast and they are in search of a QB1 because their current starter is graduating How about Card playing for Chip Kelly at UCLA, he fits the profile for a dual threat QB that Chip needs for his offense
  21. one of my sources tells me that Card will graduate at the end of the semester which makes sense as to why he is going thru the portal, does that give him one year or two years of eligibility remaining
  22. Seriously...the guy got NO PT this year and just because of his reported gun of an arm, they think that he will challenge QB1...take the Golden child out of the conversation for a second, Sark showed us he is willing to die on the hill with QE as his QB1, and you think MM has a shot at QB1...ok but I sure dont see it
  23. sorry to see him go, I thought the fact that he is close to graduation wold make him stay and transfer after . I hope this doesnt come back to bite us in the ass
  24. I have come to realize, the Heisman no longer goes to the best player in CFB...it now goes to the best player on the best team in CFB, a couple of weeks ago Hooker from Tenn was on everyone's short list, but down go the Vols and down goes HH and you dont even hear his name whispered.. then this Sat it was CJ Stroud's to win or lose, his team lost so will he Caleb Williams is having a great year for a streaking USC team and looks like he will win it.. Bijan is playing for a team that has gone 5-7 and 8-4 and is no doubt the best college football player in the country and probably won't get an invite to NY I still think Vince deserved it....and the winner ended up having to return the statue in disgrace

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