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  1. Seriously HODO you misplay a deep fly ball into a HR
  2. I don't understand why TX doesnt send the runner from 3rd on a fly ball to right, you HAVE to make the RF make a play to beat you, his throw would NOT have gotten the runner at the plate...IMO it was a poor choice by the third base coach
  3. LIGHT UP the TOWER....FIFTY Years after Crenshaw and Kite won the National Championship, Hammer-Pi Coody , Pa Coody, Nome, Vick, bring home a Championship in Men's golf. so happy for Coach Fields and the program HOOK EM HORNS
  4. Karsten GC in Tempe is the Sun Devil home course, Grayhawk is nearby but ASU plays it often
  5. HORNS advance to the National Championship in Men's Golf, they will play Arizona St tomorrow on paper they should beat ASU but the Sun Devils are the host team and know the course well Horns need to play smart golf and not give holes away with unforced errors
  6. Horns knocks out Ok State to advance to the semi finals of match play vs #1 seed Vandy this afternoon...both OU and OSU got beat in match play which made the day sweeter
  7. Parker Coody just fired TWO ACES in one round of the local US Open qualifier at Forest Creek GC in Round Rock....needless to say that should get him to the next stage of US Open qualifying Hook EM
  8. the Coody boys and Hammer come from very affluent families, dont know about the other guys but I dont think they are starving and eating at the cafeteria... and the USGA has much stricter rules on Amateur golfers so the NIL would jeopardize their Amateur standing and all these guys will play in the US Amateur this summer
  9. they tried to give away the Western Collegiate tournament a couple of weeks ago....Coody had the medalist position in his hip pocket and crapped his pants on the final 5 holes...they won the Team title but he cant afford to play that way from here on out. A little disappointed in Hammer too, came to UT as the Top Junior Amateur out of HS and has had a less than stellar career, I would have thought he was going to be the next big thing to come out of Austin in Men's golf...He needs to play to his All American status
  10. the Longhorns Mens golf team is headed to NORMAN Ok as the # 2 seed in the NCAA Regional Semi's at the Jimmie AUSTIN CC....how much better than that to go into the heart of Sooner Nation and drive a wooden stake in their hearts... They have a legit shot at bringing home National Championship this year if all their All Americans play up to their normal levels Hook EM
  11. I saw Stroud here in SoCal during his high school years and while he was at ASU. He was also a Heisman finalist if I'm not mistaken,I don't think he was in any danger of being replaced at OSU
  12. this transfer portal has more activity than a MLB waiver wire...just a total sham, bunch of former blue chipper free agents whose careers may not have panned out of whoever they signed with changing teams like a high school cheerleader changing boyfriends
  13. and your assumptions are half right...I do know a few former UT football players but they are all old guys like me, and some are long departed, one was actually my family attorney for a short time and used to tell me about being the receiver that would shuttle in the plays from the sideline to the huddle, that once when the play was called for him he stopped halfway to the huddle to look back at sideline to make sure he wasn't hearing things...but those guys all played before you were probably born...as far as BMD dont know any personally, but have waited on a few when I worked at a private CC in Austin with an illustrious member list... Ewers may be the next big thing....but what happens if Arch Manning shows up on campus I remember when "Super" Bill Bradley came to Austin heralded as the next big thing to hit the Forty Acres...but it was a kid from Longview that became the LEGEND and led the Horns to the promised land
  14. the Transfer portal has changed recruiting forever along with the NIL rules...the traditional recruiting of Blue Chippers as we knew it has changed
  15. are you at the daily practices or at the coaches meetings..I sure hope you aren't basing your assessment on the Spring scrimmage/workout or what you read from the FB rags, who seem to have their own agenda...there are still a lot of practices between now and the first live snap this fall... I trust that Sark will make the move that is best for UT..he is no stranger to having a bench full of blue chipper QB's all thinking they should start, and has seen many transfer out and the last man standing ended up doing well..IMO neither has won the job at this point, I still think on the depth chart you have to list Card as # 1 until he gets replaced, and Sark has shown us he is not afraid to platoon the position...it may come down to whom the team follows as its leader not just who understands the X's and O's
  16. I respectively disagree...Card has real game experience, its his position to lose, Ewers may end up as the starter at some point during the year but IMO Sark starts Card unless Ewers just totally out performs him this summer...History repeats itself again, the back up QB in Austin is always the most popular guy in town...we did this last year..
  17. Congrats to the Lady Longhorn golf team on winning the Big XII Conference Team Championship...Good Luck at the NCAA's , sure would love the see the Men's and Women's teams both bring home a National Championship this year
  18. Eve got Adam to bite the Apple....I know that Spieth is good friends with Palmer too full disclosure one of my brother's is a Texas EX but he also has an advanced degree from CS and has an MD after his name
  19. Never thought I would this happen. Former Longhorn and current Masters champion Scottie Scheffler is teaming up with former Aggie alumnus Ryan Palmer in the two man team competition at this week's Zurich Classic held just outside of New Orleans..
  20. Longhorns win Back to Back...Jordan Spieth wins the RBC Heritage Classic in Hilton Head SC, shoots a Final Rd five under 66 and wins in a playoff...
  21. Im really hoping the UT Mens golf Team can light up the Tower this year and bring a National Championship back to Austin, their team is stacked with the Coody brothers , Cole Hammer, Vick and about four other guys who can fill in the fifth spot
  22. did they light up the Tower on Sunday night...the dude is # 1 in the OWGR, he joins an Elite group of Former Longhorns to win a Major let alone the Masters...well done Scottie Sheffler
  23. this topic reminds me what I learned in the years that I worked in the golf business and hung around the GC superintendent, it was fascinating stuff, I learned a lot about aeration, top dressing and overseeding, really got into the different grasses being used by architects like Nicklaus, Greg Norman and of course Ben Crenshaw-Bill Coore, especially in different parts of the country
  24. so Riley has directly caused 4starting QBs to transfer, Rattler and Williams at OU and now Dart and Kedon Slovis at USC....its no secret where Williams is going now, guess the National LOI means squat nowadays

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