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  1. based on the line and projected Over/Under at 53 +/- that would make it 40 -13 Horns ? I dont see it but then again I dont handicap games anymore either
  2. You left out ONE big factor, DKR also had Emory Bellard switch the offense to something they called the Wishbone, not saying Bill Bradley couldnt have run it, but obviously James Street ran it to perfection thanks to Worster, Bertelsen and Koy, along with having Weunsch, McKay and others to run behind
  3. You do realize HC was considered a dual threat QB in HS and used to play WR at Austin Lake Travis, so how can you can say he is slow and non mobile ....
  4. whats wrong with Horns Football ? Unrealistic expectations from a rabid fan base...the culture on and off the football field along with that of the fan base on social media make for a volatile combination of different agendas. Is Sark the answer, that remains to be seen, will the fan base and administration allow him the time to change the on the field culture, who knows for sure
  5. Im just saying lets not be so quick with the hook to pull Card, the last thing I want to see at UT is a QB controversy, and I dont think Card has lost the job two games into the season, does his performance against ULL not get him any cred or were you in the CT camp from the get go...If Card has a lackluster performance against Rice, then by all means make the change, ....nobody played well against Arky
  6. To those fans that want to yank Card after a less than stellar performance, you cant have such a knee jerk reaction to what was a bad game....Whittington makes that catch and the game is different....Now if you pull Card and Thompson stalls then what happens. Its one thing to platoon QB's but no one wants to play under a system where you have a lousy game and the next week you are riding the bench, it sends a bad signal to your team and is a surefire way to get one of them to enter the transfer portal
  7. Texas needs to put the QB under center and run Bijan out of an I formation or a single back formation, handing him the ball from the pistol gives the defense time to read and react. Its a horrible formation to run from
  8. I never thought I would see a Texas team get rattled and lose their composure, but this one did. It also shows that except for BR and maybe Overshown we have a lot of 3 star talent, and that doesnt cut it in big time NCAA football anymore, probably the poorest tackling UT team in quite some time, DB's look like they are so afraid of getting beat deep that they give up everything in front of them, and do we even have a stud of a linebacker...we got our butts kicked top to bottom in every aspect of the game
  9. the spread is 6 but the only reason ULL didnt back door cover last week is that they mismanaged the clock in the last minute I think UT wins but it may be ugly and the number may be close
  10. all the early season rankings are based on a school's reputation....Ohio State is not the #4 team in the country, LSU is not the #16th best team in the country OU is not as good as whatever they were ranked...North Carolina was grossly over rated too
  11. UT fans got a sample of what this offense can do, Sark didnt open the playbook but its obvious this aint the offense we have seen on the 40 Acres in a LONG Long time...defense gave up too many completions for my tastes but at least they didnt have to bring the house on every down.... This team will score and score often and from the ground and the air.... If they keep improving the Red River Rivalry may not be the forgone conclusion the so called prognosticators think it is
  12. does anyone know if the home feed with Craig Way is on Sirius XM radio, and if so what channel ?
  13. whoever ranked Mack Brown and the Tar Heels #10 needs to have their heads examined...their QB aint all that either
  14. Top ranked defense 2016 : 1) Alabama 2) Michigan 3) Ohio St 2017 : 1) Alabama 2) Clemson 3) Wisconsin 2018 : 1) Alabama 2) Wisconsin 3) Michigan 2019 : 1) Clemson 2) Ohio St 3) Auburn 2020 : 13) Alabama 14) Notre Dame 17)Georgia 18) Clemson there is a reason the top schools try and get the best and fastest HS defensive guys on scholarship...
  15. that ship has sailed, RJ is not going to vault over Wright and Ballard...they may play him in a wildcat set up but if he has to play QB at UT then half the team has CV19
  16. offense wins games but defense wins National Championships
  17. defenses are going to have to put at least 7 maybe 8 bodies in the box to stop or at least slow dow Bijan, we know that he can take it to the house on any play , if he gets past the linebackers he is gone...that should give the receivers a lot of one on one matchups, if Card is as slick as I think he is, play action is going to be deadly, In Sark's offense the QB must hit receivers in space and let them break it for huge gains after the catch. UT fans need to get out of the mindset and the type of offense we have seen in the last couple of years.
  18. the offense will still go thru Bijan...whether its by handoff or swing pass , he will make the offense go...if he gets his touches and the lineman do their job, the QB is going to get a lot of 2nd down and short looks...and then late in the game they can go to Roschon and pound the rock and eat up clock....If UT throws the ball more than 25 times a game then Bijan better be on the sideline with 200 yds rushing and a couple of TD's
  19. Jake Smith is a playmaker, he needs to catch the ball in space, or in stride and let him use his legs...unfortunately that was not Sam's strong suit, all JS seemed to get were curl routs, and routs where his back was to the DB, he wasn't built to take those kinds of hits...the kid was a former Gatorade POTY, we( coaching staff) squandered his talents at UT...not the first Gatorade POY we have chased away, anyone remember Jeff Brantley...
  20. my guess is that he is homesick for Phoenix, seems to have never fully embraced his Austin experience...just a guess

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