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  1. Jake Smith is a playmaker, he needs to catch the ball in space, or in stride and let him use his legs...unfortunately that was not Sam's strong suit, all JS seemed to get were curl routs, and routs where his back was to the DB, he wasn't built to take those kinds of hits...the kid was a former Gatorade POTY, we( coaching staff) squandered his talents at UT...not the first Gatorade POY we have chased away, anyone remember Jeff Brantley...
  2. my guess is that he is homesick for Phoenix, seems to have never fully embraced his Austin experience...just a guess
  3. another Longhorn legend passed away....All SWC RB Jim Bertelesen #35 1969-71....the greatest thing to come from Wisconsin since Longhorn cheddar cheese according to one TX beat writer...Bertelsen was the starting HB in the Wishbone and known as a slashing runner and devastating blocker...he was part of that infamous backfield on the '69 National Championship team that included Street (QB) Worster (FB) Koy (HB) Bertelsen (HB)..he also had a short career with the LA Rams....thanks for the thrills #35 Hook Em
  4. How did Ossai drop all the way to the 3rd round ? thought for sure he was a bonafide First round pick
  5. one of my friends is a Pro bass angler and said Mr Lammons just had a few stents put in just a few days before the tournament, and thats what they think happened because the Pro Angler he was paired with was unable to lift him out of the water, and was reportedly trying to hang on to the side of the boat..Very sad situation....obviously was not wearing a PFD
  6. the standing punchline used to be " who is the most popular FB player on campus" ...and the answer is " whoever is the backup QB"....once you decide on the starter , you cant platoon the position, and you sure as heck cant "phase in the back up" especially if the team is winning....You go with the starter until they are no longer the starter, if the backup transfers, so be it. I dont think Sark will have any trouble finding someone to come to TEXAS and play QB...still a lot of practices this summer and there is no clear cut starter just yet
  7. Has Smart even put out a thank you to the University for keeping him employed for the last 6 years....as he slithers out of town
  8. here is my .02...where do you realistically see the UT hoops program we are light years maybe even a generation from being a perennial tournament team....BB is an afterthought in Austin, it seems to fill the void between CFB bowl games and the CWS...we need a program builder, someone who can recruit some HS talent to come to Austin and maybe on to the next level afterwards...its unrealistic to think we can get a Final 4 coach to come in here and make us an instant contender
  9. this is like the two happiest days of owning a boat.....the day you buy it....and the day you sell it
  10. the SS situation reminds me of the wealthy guy who is afraid to divorce the wife because of the cost, and now when he figures out that some other schmuck is willing to take her off his hands, he is asking how much will it cost him to make sure she leaves...

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