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  1. Has Smart even put out a thank you to the University for keeping him employed for the last 6 years....as he slithers out of town
  2. here is my .02...where do you realistically see the UT hoops program we are light years maybe even a generation from being a perennial tournament team....BB is an afterthought in Austin, it seems to fill the void between CFB bowl games and the CWS...we need a program builder, someone who can recruit some HS talent to come to Austin and maybe on to the next level afterwards...its unrealistic to think we can get a Final 4 coach to come in here and make us an instant contender
  3. this is like the two happiest days of owning a boat.....the day you buy it....and the day you sell it
  4. the SS situation reminds me of the wealthy guy who is afraid to divorce the wife because of the cost, and now when he figures out that some other schmuck is willing to take her off his hands, he is asking how much will it cost him to make sure she leaves...
  5. He must have one heck of an agent ....whoever it is must be able to sell ice cubes to an Eskimo
  6. I will admit I have not read anything on this thread, and I am on the Fire SS side of the fence....but as I learned with the whole UM debacle that we just went thru and we got damn lucky to get Sark.... IF/WHEN they fire SS is there a real rainmaker available to come in and make us a legit Sweet 16 team within two years...
  7. in college FOOTBALL the team with more talent usually wins...in college BASKETBALL the team with better coaching can beat the team with better talent, thats really what makes March Madness Thats what we saw last night, there probably isn't a kid on ACU who could break into the lineup at UT, but the Horns were outcoached by a team that showed more heart and guts, and the go to guys on the Horns failed to show when the team needed them the most. Lets face facts Shaka Smart has been coaching on his past reputation, he has gotten away with collecting a check from UT because TBH basketb
  8. a first round exit to a # 14 seed from Abilene.....Goodbye Shaka
  9. its the coverup not the actual crime/inappropriate behavior that will come back to bite LSU....especially if University funds were used in the settlement...Miles will pay from them (NCAA) not getting the guys from Waco
  10. Don't know if this was already posted but Urban cites health issues allegedly and takes the Jags job and reports are that he is getting the band back together and hiring Charlie Strong on his staff
  11. And you would be wrong, I'm a minority, I remember the days when Texas was an all white school, some member of my family has been enrolled at UT from 1953- 1978...I don't see black and white, I see athletes that want to play for UT and those that would rather argue and be SJW
  12. I think he was well aware of the shitstorm and mishandling of the entire situation by the previous staff, if he wasn't he and his people didn't do their research. How do you think Urban Meyer would have handled it, everyone here wanted an authoritarian type of coach, and IMO we got ourselves one. Kids are going to transfer no matter what, if that's the excuse they use then they really don't want to be here..Sark just coached a Heisman Trophy winner and a National Championship, would you walk away from that on some ideological differences regarding the interpretation of a song? I h
  13. Laid the law down on Day 1....sets the tone, this is not up for negotiation

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