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  1. Texas over the years has two fan bases...the fair weather front runner kind that runs to Wal Mart to load up on UT swag when the team is winning and especially during the VY National Championship years, and then your dyed in the wool bleed burnt orange come hell or high water and expects conference championships and runs at a NY6 bowl game or back in the day a BCS bowl game right now both fan bases are lost, the hard core Texas fan is livid that the prospect of a losing season is a real possibility and the ridicule from Aggie fans, Techsters , and most of all Boomer Sooner nation is more than they care to contemplate...the fair weather fan is quick to jump on the Lynch mob pitch fork mentality because in many ways they are sheeple and easily influenced and swayed by the current status quo Sark will pull out of this dumpster fire because unlike the previous admins he has a better understanding of what it takes to build and maintain the elite National program...Strong might have been UM's DC but it was evident he reached his ceiling as a coordinator...TH had lots of media buzz but when the rubber hit the road his teams underperformed If UT fans can show some patience Sark can bring an exciting brand of football back to the Forty Acres, but one of the areas that never gets talked about is Texas recruiting, that needs to change and it needs to change this year...the 3 star and 4 star athlete just aint good enough anymore, we need All State bonafide blue chippers, we need a few Under Armour All American types and it sure wouldn't hurt to have an Elite 11 signal caller having UT on his short list of schools he wants to attend
  2. IMO last year's woke culture assault on the University did more harm than the product they put on the field...Parents and players dont want that social justice activism at the school, they just want to play their sport...it hurt the TEXAS brand more than anything, right now UT is NOT the cool place to attend..winning and winning big can change that
  3. Bijan has a dislocated elbow, will miss the rest of the season according to 24/7 sports
  4. Sark has brought a very good offensive scheme to town...he inherited a team with two inexperienced QB's, one of whom is a gamer but not the most accurate, the other with a very good accurate arm but seems to be turnover prone..we would have NEVER seen this offensive outburst with the last 3 HC's unfortunately Sark entrusted that his hand picked DC and staff would cover his backside while he concentrated on bringing the new greatest show on turf to town..they have failed him miserably, he has to bite his tongue for now because as the HC is is ultimately responsible for everything they put on the field, and throwing PK and staff under the bus at this stage of the season would be a very bad look.. where we learn about Sark is how he handles the results at the end of the season..if he does nothing, he is fooling himself, if he makes major changes then it shows me he knows where he made his mistake We have not faced an elite QB this season, but we have made a few teams offenses look like world beaters
  5. not only NO but HELL NO bring back Mushchamp, he will kick some tails and break some hearts, but he will also put guys in the NFL
  6. The 3-2 is a prevent defense, it prevents you from winning, what is There to protect ? All the team that beat us have pounded the rock not air raided us, the defense is designed to keep the ball in front of you and not get beat deep, but we are giving up huge yardage ahead of our defenders before someone comes up to make the stop. You want to protect your corners, get a better pass rush and make them think you can bring the house whenever you want. This defense plays soft and reacts. I would rather take my chances with a defense that attacks and causes turnovers , mistakes and creates opportunities
  7. I have been a DC Pete K apologist all year but he has lost me, his inability to change his base defense from the 3-2-5 2 high safety scheme and getting shredded every game has got me thinking that Sark need to shop for a new DC, even Manny D wasn't this bad... I also think Hudson Card has played his way into the QB dog house with only one way to go and thats the transfer portal, I won't blame him for the blindside fumble but the Pick Six was a back breaker that we never recovered from, you cant make that kind of mistake coming off a turnover this team showed some balls coming back, but the unsportsmanlike penalty was inexcusable especially in OT, and why PK didnt bring the house still has me scratching my head kinda ashamed of this team, to get beat at home by a KU team that was a 30 pt underdog is unacceptable, not from a betting standpoint but because KU doesnt deserve to be on the field with UT on paper and the Horns made them look like world beaters Sark is burning his political capital like a pimp burning C Notes...his hand picked staff has some dead weight cronies that need to go down the road
  8. thats the type of play/route you would have never seen the last couple of years....good throw
  9. I thought he named him as the starter on Friday afternoon ?
  10. Honest Q was there a reason given for the last second change ? thats Sark's call but to tell you QB he is starting and then tell him he's not but to sit and be ready to play is really messing with his psyche
  11. the way Aranda explained it was it was one of the tie beaker criteria, point differential...you decide, it sure wasn't the point spread or the over/under

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