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  1. so what , at this point because of our past hiccups we are backing into any bowl game we are invited to, but this Longhorn fan did not enjoy not even being bowl eligible last year, Hey we let some games get out of our grasp but that is now water under the bridge, we can argue about those all you want after Sat What if UT sneaks in the the BIG12 championship game and happens to win it, how are you gonna keep them out of a NY6 bowl game as a conference champ
  2. there was statement on Twitter attributed to Sark where he said, he wasn't going to get involved with any current players if they choose the transfer portal but if they had one foot in the portal , they might as well put the other foot in too and move on....
  3. Texas has a game that truly means something, they want another shot at TCU on a neutral field they take care of business against Baylor at home and Kansas breaks the hearts of everyone and pulls off the upset huge difference between 7-5 and 8-4
  4. People have no idea how great Chris Gilbert was, he played on some mediocre/crappy teams and they didnt switch to the Wishbone until the 3rd or 4th game of his senior season ...and he still made many 1st team All American squads playing ten game seasons
  5. I watched the USC vs UCLA game last night and the announcers were gushing about Caleb Williams and then they flashed all the QB Heisman contenders on the screen and the games they had and not ONE fricking mention of Bijan and the day he had, if that wasn't a Heisman worthy performance I dont know what is. If he doesnt get an invite to NY I will be bitterly disappointed
  6. I always enjoy reading this thread AFTER the game just to see how bad the UT naysayers are off....really makes me wonder if you truly are Longhorn fans or just bandwagoners that jump on when the Horns are playing well or jump ship the minute they hit adversity
  7. Texas defense lost containment on the QB, and its not the fist time this season that has happened
  8. Im looking forward to this game because I want to see if this team has the stones to man up and lay the wood to a team they should beat or if they feel sorry for themselves after the TCU game the other thing I want to watch is IF QE has another flat half if Sark is willing to go to Card I think Texas finishes the year strong the last two games, leaving us Longhorn faithful to spend the whole off season playing woulda shoulda coulda
  9. I didnt want to bring up the Eyes of Texas subject, because it was/is a hot button topic, but in all fairness to TH he got thrust into s situation that was lose/lose. IMO he want to be the hip cool coach and the BMD and the old time Longhorn faithful wanted no part of the "woke" mentality that seemed to be sweeping the nation, and made UT a less that desirable place for recruits to come play
  10. I think I can explain part of the reasoning...We are a right handed team, Bijan usually lines up to the right of the QB in the "pistol" formation because its easier for a rt handed QB like QE to use play action to his right side than his left side and then turn his back to the line, if he plays the zone read he can see half the field in front of him when he "rides the back" with the hand off which in actuality is a draw That is one of the reason I think the pistol is a poor formation to run out of opposed to a straight I formation where you let the back choose the hole and do his thing. Bijan's goose was already cooked when he got most of the handoffs on Sat because the hole he was supposed to hit never materialized, and he had no choice to run the play as designed No one in CFB sees the hole and hits it quicker than Bijan, but it was like asking a NASCAR driver to drive thru a wreck and hoping the cars would clear an opening
  11. Herman was the media darling as the hot coach , must have, and of course he had been a grad assistant here under Mack Brown so most of us ( me included) bought in hook line and sinker because it seemed on the surface that Texas had finally landed the "prom queen"..
  12. the OL got their asses whupped at the point of attack, it almost looked like the old two on one drill where the defensive player sheds the blocker and takes on the ball carrier...Ten games into the season and the OL got beat so using the freshman excuse doesnt cut it anymore. I have watched some of the Big Ten teams and their OL push people around create huge holes for above average backs...when was the last time UT had an All America OL, an Outland Trophy candidate...too long...We better get a great OL coach to teach these guys to push people around, We have some great backs coming up behind Ro and Bijan but if we dont get someone to clear holes for them then its all for naught
  13. I think its both plus one other thing to consider Worthy is spotting some of these guys 20-25lbs, he gets separation but I thing he has a case of the alligator arms on crossing routes and slants, he is a talented guy but when Ewers makes a back shoulder throw, XW is always looking the wrong way. I think QE is throwing to an open spot, and it doesnt seem that XW makes the adjustment when the ball is in the air, I also think QE has a tendency to chuck and duck and part of that is his inconsistent footwork which leads to inaccuracy

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