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  1. This community means a lot to me, because I fully believe it has the best group of readers on the internet. It is for that reason that I'm excited (and a little sad to announce) that I'm leaving HornSports. An opportunity came along to push my writing career in a new direction, and after a lot of thought and prayer on the subject I've decided to accept it. I can't yet say where my next destination will be, but I wanted to thank the readers of this community for giving me a shot to build the foundation of a dream job here. You all have been very supportive to me while I tried to bring you t
  2. Hey guys we've added some new stories Here is the Pouncey evaluation http://www.hornsports.com/forums/topic/13895-commitment-spotlight-jordan-pouncey-by-mike-roach/?do=findComment&comment=242901 Here's our signing day wrap up http://www.hornsports.com/forums/topic/13897-signing-day-wrap-herman-inks-transition-class/?do=findComment&comment=242904
  3. 1. We can't sugarcoat things. This recruiting class was a disappointing finish for those who had high hopes when Tom Herman was hired. Herman had close to no hope with the elites in state making early decisions (Walker Little, Anthony Hines, Baron Browning) but he did have a chance to close on guys like K'Lavon Chaisson, Stephan Zabie, and Grant Polley. Texas missed out on a top 10 player in the state according to the 247 composite rankings, and their highest ranking recruit was #20 (Sam Ehlinger). Schools that scored higher ranked players than #20 include Oklahoma State, Michigan, Stanfor
  4. From what I was told early in the week, Chaisson notified Texas commits and coaches he'd be headed to Austin. Yesterday he did the same thing to LSU coaches and commits.
  5. Just posted an interview I did with Texas signee Max Cummins. http://www.hornsports.com/articles/texas-longhorns-football/signing-day-spotlight-max-cummins-took-the-roa-r5156
  6. When the Longhorn season ended after a disappointing finish against TCU, Max Cummins was not a name on the Longhorn recruiting radar. Cummins would commit to Connecticut on December 11, but he didn’t know that his recruitment was about to heat up. In order to tell the full story you have to go back to Austin where Cummins played at St. Andrews high school. Cummins was a stand out at the Austin area private school, but their program was in serious decline. Cummins and his family made the decision to seek a new opportunity in order to better his future, and in December of 2015 they made th
  7. Yeah I wasn't going to say anything yet but the first two texts I got this morning were about his LOI going to lsu
  8. Teased this last night late in the chat. Texas came in last minute and got him. They were really looking for DL depth.
  9. Texas fans were treated to a surprise when Northeastern Oklahoma A&M defensive lineman Jamari Chisolm made a surprise announcement to sign with Texas. The junior college prospect was recently committed to Central Florida, but the Longhorns were able to stage an eleventh hour coup to add depth in the trenches. Georgia State also held offers from Minnesota, Syracuse, and Georgia State. Chisolm officially visited Texas in January, but he wasn’t given an offer at that time. The Longhorns came in with a last minute offer, and they were able to secure the flip from Chisolm. Herman and
  10. It's someone other than the three we've been talking about, but I can't say who at this time. I'm doing some more digging on it.
  11. I've gone back and forth on this. Earlier tonight I told someone 55% was about where I was at. Starting to feel a little better the later it gets, but this one has been way harder to read than originally thought.
  12. Not to mention he's best friends with the lead recruit in the class. My source wasn't certain but he was pretty sure. Maybe he's wrong. We'll see tomorrow.
  13. I've been back and forth on that one. Just feel like proximity would win out but the smoke is heavy tonight.

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