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  1. This is how I picture Eastexhorn...always counting.
  2. His GF is on a soccer scholarship at OU(sux)
  3. And...it's always taken as truth by far too many. I am heading to Houston to check that out, though.
  4. Trying to peddle off your coach?
  5. We're flipping a KC Chief? Edit: please know there is humor in that stmt.
  6. It would be very hilarious if JF goes to Auburn and is much more successful there than at dog town.
  7. Going to be able to attend a home game for the first time in a decade. Looking for two (2) tickets to the UT/Baylor game. Drop me a DM if you are looking to sell.
  8. Actually, cartilage is between the bones and cushions the articulating (touching surfaces) of two or more bones that "are" connected by ligaments. Ligaments hold the bones in place to form a joint. They do not have the blood supply that muscle has and therefore take longer to heal. Tendons are the continuation of the tissue that surround muscle fibers/bundles and "do" attach the muscle to the bone. Think of ligaments as the tie-down straps that hold your lawn equipment in place on your trailer. These straps can get over stretched.
  9. What happened to "All Gas, No Brakes"? Or is that just a practice mantra?
  10. A better gauge may be how our recruits/commits feel about his announcement.
  11. At first, I thought this had to do with programs that thought they were entitled.
  12. Give the boy time to grow. He's still 3 yrs out.
  13. Horns have been a bit lacking there the last several years
  14. Ok... @Sirhornsalot ...I take it your Kate post from yesterday at 1:51p is for S. Mitchell. Now are you telling us that there is another with the Kate post up above?
  15. well...that is the way it came across.
  16. sorry...that was a typo...STARS, not starts, class average, etc.
  17. Can you take it a step further and give us what the final total is on number of starts, average, etc?
  18. Do we have a numbers guy on here? Paging @Eastexhorn
  19. Does that really have the same meaning when you are in the finals?

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