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  1. At first, I thought this had to do with programs that thought they were entitled.
  2. Give the boy time to grow. He's still 3 yrs out.
  3. Horns have been a bit lacking there the last several years
  4. Ok... @Sirhornsalot ...I take it your Kate post from yesterday at 1:51p is for S. Mitchell. Now are you telling us that there is another with the Kate post up above?
  5. well...that is the way it came across.
  6. sorry...that was a typo...STARS, not starts, class average, etc.
  7. Can you take it a step further and give us what the final total is on number of starts, average, etc?
  8. Do we have a numbers guy on here? Paging @Eastexhorn
  9. Does that really have the same meaning when you are in the finals?
  10. Melendez single to LF Stehly - fly out to RF Horns up 5-2
  11. Tanner Knight in to pitch for LT Faltine - double to L Hodo - sac bunt moves Faltine to 3rd. Ryan H to pitch Daly RBI Sac fly to CF Horns up 5-2...two outs
  12. T8 leadoff double Liner to ss, 1 out single to RC, runners on the corners. 3-1..2 outs...runners on 2nd and 3rd K Swinging Horns lead 4-2 going to B8
  13. brought back memories of my flop into 2nd base which resulted in a torn ligament in my right hip and surgery.
  14. Messinger - RBI double to L Runners on 2nd and 3rd. Ardoin - W Bases loaded. 2 outs Campbell - Fly out to L Horns lead 4-1
  15. Stehly - RBI Single to LC, Runners on 1st and 2nd 3-1 Horns Single to R Melendez with funky slide is thrown out at home Runners on 1st and 2nd...2 outs
  16. Crigger pitching for LaTech Faltine - K Hodo - Single to L Kennedy - Single dribbler to 3B, Runners 1st and 2nd Melendez - RBI single to LC, Runners on the corners
  17. T7 Don't know how 1st out occurred. HBP puts runner on 1st K swinging Single to Center puts runners on 1st and 2nd Fly out to R 1-1 going to B7
  18. Not disagreeing...and I see you typed "IMO", but based on what? Has anyone received an update on their development as OL?
  19. Not disagreeing...and I see you typed "IMO", but based on what? Has anyone received an update on their development as OL?
  20. I, for one, am NOT surprised no one was drafted. Only player that may have set the world on fire for a moment was Dicker the kicker. I would have loved to have seen Kerstetter drafted just due to his dependability over his career at UT. Even if someone was drafted in the late rounds, it still would be used against us.
  21. If you ever need a sheep breeder, College Station has an entire campus.

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