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    Canyon, TX
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  1. Kate is late? I have an alibi! But then again...I could love the kid as my own.
  2. Does all this mean that aTm actually has no pull, or impact, on the state of athletics at universities in Texas?
  3. I do have to feel sorry for KU basketball.
  4. Your friend possibly knows a certain current recruit will not stick and who still might transfer?
  5. I went to my local nursery to show them a grass that is invading my lawn. They called it a "lake grass." It looks like a version of St. Augustine. Any suggestions on what will get rid of it? I have mostly bermuda with a few fortunate areas of what is said to be blue grass. The blue grass is doing really well, and spreading from year to year, as long as I keep it watered well.
  6. What are our silent commits waiting on? I suspect mainly to finish enjoying the process. But, like has been said before on this board, a silent commitment is really no commitment...at least to recruiting fans.

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