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  1. A better gauge may be how our recruits/commits feel about his announcement.
  2. At first, I thought this had to do with programs that thought they were entitled.
  3. Give the boy time to grow. He's still 3 yrs out.
  4. Horns have been a bit lacking there the last several years
  5. Ok... @Sirhornsalot ...I take it your Kate post from yesterday at 1:51p is for S. Mitchell. Now are you telling us that there is another with the Kate post up above?
  6. well...that is the way it came across.
  7. sorry...that was a typo...STARS, not starts, class average, etc.
  8. Can you take it a step further and give us what the final total is on number of starts, average, etc?
  9. Do we have a numbers guy on here? Paging @Eastexhorn
  10. Does that really have the same meaning when you are in the finals?
  11. Melendez single to LF Stehly - fly out to RF Horns up 5-2

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