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  1. I told a friend from work I feared this exact outcome (well...not the score). Texas would dominate as long as Rattler was in the game. If OU put in their backup QB, they'd come back.
  2. Is there a ticket thread? Not that I can find, so I will place this here. My wife and I will be down in Cedar Creek the weekend of the Baylor game cleaning up a mess from multiple estates. So.. Need 3 tickets to BU game.
  3. I believe we have a better shot with Rattler as their QB. He's not shown much so far this season, IMO.
  4. I told some co-workers early last week that I was glad we got them early in the season while we are healthy and they had not played anyone good enough to gauge their progress. Thanks for the write up Echeese
  5. I was trying to support your statement above. So, I agree.
  6. Does anyone still have the photo of the Tceh flag carriers when they were out of order?
  7. I don't think the youngsters came in until after Tceh did most of their scoring in the 3rd.
  8. Ou(sux) fans were chanting for the backup QB in the first half, and booed Rattler at one point.

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