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    male 34 home builder in the Beaumont tx area
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    everything football, and longhorns

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  1. If the whole goal is to win the big 12 and play in the playoff, why in the world would u want to play some of the toughest teams in the nation when u don't have to. Play two cupcakes and a decent team, don't make winning harder than it has to be
  2. one of the best post I have read, thank you randolph
  3. the big 12 and acc will most likely split up and combine into other conferences, I have no idea where a 25 team conference came from. But you can definitely look forward to bigger conferences the most likely scenario is 4 16 team conferences and an 8 team playoff.
  4. Awesome of mcphaul to take in questions and go seek the answers, we are lucky to be on a great site. Will strong stick with traditional uniforms or add maybe a third more updated uniform?
  5. just want to thank everyone that shares there opinon. My number one thing in the post is that I want to support strong and anyone he hires 100 percent until they give me a reason not to. And number two home field advantage should be priority one. That's all hook em
  6. Oregon gets players because it is a style school, its more focused on there pretty uniforms and hi tech nike facilities. Texas should always have upgraded facilities but lets focus more on what is best for players and coaches then having water falls and neon helmets. that's all
  7. Exactly the players are about to get a culture shock from brown to strong, no more lolly gagging around and half assing things. you will be held accountable and If you don't put in the work you will be gone.
  8. great post and I accept that, the first thing is being positive no matter what, negativity brings down things and we don't need it.
  9. Im no expert on insider info, but I will never bash the texas longhorns, Im 100 percent committed win or lose, just wanna stay on topic more instead of talking about what if's so much. The number one problem with what if's are they are what if's and can change in an instant. lets focus more on what is and what will be that's all
  10. If you can't offer something positive or insight or anything that is useful why even post? We are all fans of the same team.
  11. tyler murphy is a name I have heard im no insider or anyone special though
  12. First off let me say thanks to mchpaul and all the mods that help run this site. I am your number one fan with crossfire and other breaking stories, thank you for all the time you put into this site. Second the more I stay on this site and the more post I read about 80 percent of them are false advertising. Everyone thought we had the hired nailed down and we talked about saban till the earth was flat and not round anymore. When in reality it never happened and now we have strong. Im okay with what ifs and maybes but for every post to be about something that hasn't happened yet gets old. Why not let strong hire his staff unless we are in his coaching office with him we honestly have no clue who he wants or who he is talking to. Third lets be better than other sites, lets stay on topic and on things we know about that are certain. Everyone has been throwing names out about who is or who what will be can we just wait a second and actually see who it is before we bash them for what they have accomplished. Yesterday everyone on this site was up in arms about Watson coming here and we have no knowledge or truth that it will be him or not. Why waist a whole day bashing him to turn opposite the second day talking about another candidate. We all want the best for the school, we all want to win again. Before we bash people who are human beings and have a family and are doing the best they can with what they have aka Watson, why not lets see who he really hires before we say people cant do this or that. We on this site cant hire or dictate to the university who they hire, so instead of downing the school for what they have done and how have they done it. Lets take pride that Patterson stood up to the big money donors and brought in someone who wouldn't be a puppet to what they wanted. I like strong, I love that he puts defense first. I love that he wont take shit from anyone and he will turn this program around to team that when we step on the field, the other teams offense will be saying man I don't wanna get hit by those guys. Texas shouldn't about about spreading the ball out and being the newest prettiest offense out there, texas should be about knocking people on there asses and running the ball down field. Texas should number one be about home field advantage, I hope in the strong era we go back to never losing a game at home again. Why play here if we cant win here, home field wins should be priority one, you see that less in less in college football. Wasn't Nebraska like 40 wins at home before we stopped that streak, its time for texas to put homefield back on the priority list. Lets give coach strong a chance before we automatically bash the people he hires, the guy can coach he has 4 winning seasons and 3-1 in bowl games. So in strong I trust, Texas Strong.
  13. was Louisville 23 -3 the last two seasons, with a huge win over florida last year. Nobody heard of teddy bridgewater till that big win and quess who was his qbs coach and oc coordinator. Shawn Watson He ran a system that worked in Louisville, doesn't mean he cant change that system to fit in big 12
  14. was Louisville 23 -3 the last two seasons, with a huge win over florida last year. Nobody heard of teddy bridgewater till that big win and quess who was his qbs coach and oc coordinator. Shawn Watson He ran a system that worked in Louisville, doesn't mean he cant change that system to fit in big 12

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