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  1. As I stated in another thread, there is a good chance he's immediately the best coach on staff.
  2. LOL. If you're trying to give me the grief I deserve, you're gonna be a while
  3. Anyone? Bueller? Ooops, over on OB. I'm posting on HS. Damnit I can be dyslexic at the weirdest times.
  4. This info is from the OkState side, according to OB. (can't speak to other sites) So far, that's how these hires have broken. Strong/Patterson don't allow a lot of leaks.
  5. Damn it man, now I need brain bleach.
  6. Yes, he SHOULD be... He also SHOULD have stepped out of the way and let Texas hire Saban... but he didn't. I said Burton was Mack's propaganda arm because of what happened with the whole Mack's retiring, Mack's texting me saying he's staying thing.
  7. Any coach we hire would have those same exact issues, and NONE have the resume that Saban does.

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