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  1. Andrew King --  This one is so close as Chaisson literally talks to NOBODY. Anyone outside of probably his mom is guessing with him right now.



    Super K -- Chaisson doesn’t talk much but folks around him tell me that LSU currently has a slight lead but Texas is still very much in this one. I hope to find out more this weekend.


  2. .... but there are boundaries that we like to try to respect when it comes to other people's work that people have to purchase subs to read.


    I am going to briefly address one thing I think you (and Will) are overlooking.  One potential conflict here.  And then I will shut up about it.


    First, I think everyone gets where you are coming from.  This is how you put groceries on the table.  You want to stay on good, friendly terms with your peers.  Everyone here gets this and no one would begrudge you for it.  One never knows where the next job offer may come from, right?


    The small issue that might be created here is that what's best for your own career might not necessarily be the same as what is best for this site.  And, from my perspective at least, what is best for my fellow users.  So, I see a small crack here where all interests may not be perfectly aligned.  I hope you can understand this.


    But, let us see what the boss says.  Aaron is a good guy. I like him.  What he says goes.

  3. Copy and pasting information from behind pay walls of other sites has always been a no no in my experiences on message boards.




    I cant remember when you started here, but in the beginning here, it was a no no.

    But then later, I was specifically told not to worry about it.  That's why I asked you if the policy had changed.


    I do usually take the time to pull the player quotes and change the font.  I have never agreed with the idea that the paysites have copyright protection over what other people say.


    With this recent Nahlin quote on Chaisson, I did just plop down the full thing since some folks here were wondering what exactly was said about the possibility we were going to lose our top ranked recruit.


    I would like some clarity on this. Your reply above was too general and broad.  Otherwise, it will just be an ongoing issue.

  4. I've said before, but the posting of info from behind a pay wall needs to stop. I don't like being that guy, but I have to on stuff like that.


    I don't care if y'all discuss what's being posted elsewhere, but copying and pasting chunks of stuff needs to stop.


    I was unaware that your policy on this changed - when did this happen?

    And again, as said above, please feel free to take it down

  5. This is the LSU247 guy - Shea Dixon


    K’Lavon Chaisson… Texas is confident they have Chaisson, and that’s been there stance for really the past month. I know he really enjoyed his visit at LSU and Arden Key playing host to him was big. They really sold him on all angles, from football to life after football. And I know Texas has done the same. Chaisson has kept pretty quiet with where he’s leaning, and I’ve known him for two years now and talk to him often, and I can’t really get a good read on where he’s going from talking to him. There are some sources I speak with who feel he’s leaning to LSU, and others say it’s Texas. I won’t be surprised either way, obviously. My pick for LSU was put in the day he got offered, so it’s been about two years now. If I get good intel that it’s definitely going to be Texas, I will switch it. Until then, I want to keep digging here. Texas is set to go in-home on Thursday, and then LSU will go in-home with him Friday before he leaves for his official visit to Florida. Orgeron will be on that in-home visit, too. So the push continues from both sides as Chaisson winds this thing down.

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