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  1. Bartow (247 natl guy) CBd Pouncey to Texas.
  2. Marvin Wilson, Levi Jones, Stephan Zabie and Chevin Calloway will be announcing live on ESPNU on NSD http://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2017/01/espnu-signing-day-special-feature-twelve-announcements-nations-top-recruits-including-no-4-marvin-wilson/ Stephan Zabie will announce at 7AM on ESPNU along w/ teammate Levi Jones
  3. Wells -- "Texas has been heading for a perceptually disappointing finish for a while, and its about to meet that end." from a Reddit session with Mike Farrell, a Rivals Natl guy
  4. I am going to briefly address one thing I think you (and Will) are overlooking. One potential conflict here. And then I will shut up about it. First, I think everyone gets where you are coming from. This is how you put groceries on the table. You want to stay on good, friendly terms with your peers. Everyone here gets this and no one would begrudge you for it. One never knows where the next job offer may come from, right? The small issue that might be created here is that what's best for your own career might not necessarily be the same as what is best for this site. And, from my perspective at least, what is best for my fellow users. So, I see a small crack here where all interests may not be perfectly aligned. I hope you can understand this. But, let us see what the boss says. Aaron is a good guy. I like him. What he says goes.
  5. Burton agrees the Cosmi offer may have "a sense of desperation" to it. But he thinks it has more to do with the "numbers overall," than it does with Zabie. He says he likes the tape. We will see ...... A little bit of Cosmi vs. Chaisson here
  6. I cant remember when you started here, but in the beginning here, it was a no no. But then later, I was specifically told not to worry about it. That's why I asked you if the policy had changed. I do usually take the time to pull the player quotes and change the font. I have never agreed with the idea that the paysites have copyright protection over what other people say. With this recent Nahlin quote on Chaisson, I did just plop down the full thing since some folks here were wondering what exactly was said about the possibility we were going to lose our top ranked recruit. I would like some clarity on this. Your reply above was too general and broad. Otherwise, it will just be an ongoing issue.
  7. 2017 OL -- is this Newton's Law of Motion again?
  8. Guidry will announce his decision tomorrow UT vs ut(ah)

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