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  1. A good coach wins with the talent they have, Bill Snyder for example. There is not a lack of talent, and every coach in the country deals with turnover. I just can't abide the excuse making for this guy any more than I could for Mack.
  2. I expect Strong to win big early if he's as good as you hope he is. And to suggest the cupboard is bare and he needs more time because we don't have his type of kid is just plain BS. There is plenty of talent on hand, and he knows it.
  3. If this team finishes well, Barnes may find he's in demand. So far the story has been about the great job he's done turning it around with this young team. Should be interesting to see this play out. Still a lot of upside with this group IMO
  4. You could take down the San Jac garage and go vertical. Anyway, they need to do it somewhere close and do it right now, along with getting rid of that darn bubble. Cannot imagine what the hold up has been - surely Patterson has planning underway.
  5. Real estate investor primarily with what we call our family and friends group, mostly commercial deals in the $5-15 mm range. Also dabble in energy as I used to be in the business in the 80s and 90s.
  6. Uh huh, I'm hearing the same rumblings about the Major
  7. Some of the coaches he's got May be in play for other positions. I think there is some question about the final makeup of this staff beyond just who is OC. If Chambers has been re-assigned we need a TE coach and I hope they make Brewester an offer he can't refuse.
  8. Better check your sources as at least as of the other day he had not
  9. That would be a good spot for J Gray. Someone will get him I'm sure.
  10. Morris is a damn aggie. Hope it is none of the bums discussed above. Would like to see Brewster come back and coach TEs. Lots of firepower and experience on the O so far. Surely Chambers will be assigned somewhere else soon. Anybody heard anything about Jerry Gray and where he may end up? Helluva coach IMO.
  11. Lol at you guys wanting that aggie Morris.
  12. Mcphaul the ags have been paying at least since the 70s level 1 so to speak. I could name names but it isn't really important now. Fact is they have always had alums willing to step up and often without being asked. This doesn't make them any different than most other big schools IMO
  13. Very good move by CS. Should play big role in recruiting and getting him introduced around the state.

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