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  1. It’s now beyond scorching. I’m not sure the fire can be turned off either.
  2. as usual, I agree with joeywa. Hah, I always agree with Joeywa. Force of habit. i don’t think the UM thing will work out timing wise anyway. Let’s go steal that young up and comer from North Carolina.
  3. I don’t think it’s right to pile on after an emotional loss like this. Wait a few days and let the emotion subside. i do think we’re likely to lose again this year, maybe more than once because we have key players dropping like flies and my antenna is picking up a negative undercurrent at a fairly high level. thats all I can contribute to that discussion. Whether or not the timing of a UM hire would work out is pretty speculative but his body language certainly seems to be there. Tom needs to right the ship and I’m not sure the team can do that, Sam’s heroics notwithstanding.
  4. This game appears to be over. The defense doesn’t seem to care right now.
  5. We’re gonna need Devine intervention to win this game. I doubt we’ll win it with coaching brilliance.
  6. Tom, we had third and one and needed to sustain a drive. I want to know who called that play.
  7. Meanwhile, Ags beating gators. Hope that doesn’t hold up
  8. Do we own the third quarter or fourth quarter? I forget
  9. Boys, we’re gonna have to fit the entire team with shock collars. seriously. Stupid penalty. Zzzaaapppp.
  10. And that makes one consecutive play without a fumble. Let’s go with the hot hand.
  11. I think we’re gonna be fine, boys stay positive its OU, weird shit happens in this game. I’ve seen 70 of them

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