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  1. It all depends on what you want to define talent as. For instance, you have guys who are skilled, athletic, and ready to go as soon as they step on campus. They just need to learn the plays and build chemestry. Then you have guys that are skilled and athletic, but are not ready. They tend to need some coaching to put it all together. Don't forget the athletic freaks, that are extremely raw and need a lot of coaching. I think we actually had talent in several areas, albeit a bit too raw and the previous staff never developed them. Now we most certainly had a MAJOR lack of talent in a few key areas like the OL and QB positions. Even those, if the previous staff had done a bit better job of developing, they may have been at the very least serviceble. Player development starts the day the kid is officially signed and receives playbooks and instructions. If development is lacking the talent will rarely live up to its potential. Once of the singal biggest parts of the development of a you player coming out of highschool is the attitude and understanding that they must get in order to build a team that has the right attitude to make the most out of the talent that is on the team.
  2. I like Strong and think he will end up being looked upon in a better light as he gets more of "his" players here. I still think this season will be a bit rough, but I think it will be improved in a few areas. Hell it is hard NOT to improve in some of the areas.
  3. It will come down to the offense and if it can give the defense both time and points to work with.
  4. Let me look into it. May not be too hard to whip that up.
  5. I don't know you haven't seen their diamond studded jizz jars.
  6. He is the kind of guy that could be a OC in a few years, he has a really good X and O mind. So he is a good get on both fronts.
  7. Give us this day our Burnt Ends! I love it, great and informative as always!!
  8. Hearing it from several people, but obviously all un-confirmed. Very solid hire in my opinion.
  9. Google Docs are for basic types of use. Obviously does not have the power of a Microsoft Office, but that also means less issues in general. For business use you can run into some issues around formatting. For instance some things you do in Google docs and email it as a Word doc to someone, may not look anywhere near what you intended. Their excel feature is limited, but good for basic use and the presenter is nice, again as long as you are not emailing it to a Microsoft Office user. There are still many security concerns with Google Docs, however you can get a BAA with them (at cost) if you are dealing with personal or health data. The best thing for all would be for companies to ween themselves off of Microsoft Office to a more open standard, but that is a very slow process.
  10. If any of you have an account at Inside Texas and use the same password elsewhere (bad idea), then you should go change those.
  11. For the love of all things Burnt Orange, you are wasting valuable forum resources. Almost as much as me!
  12. Lol, when I said it was going to get weird a few days ago, I didn't realize just how weird it was going to get. Geesh
  13. I think that unless he some how manages to make a deep run with this team, he will be gone this year. At least I hope so.
  14. Been the craziest recruiting season ever. The great thing about Strong versus Mack Brown, is that he seems to believe heavily in the "you can't win if you don't play" style of recruiting. With Mack, it was always the same, playing not to lose. Rick Barnes has always been perplexing. He seems to be able to get the talent and get them going in stretches, but can't get consistency out of them. I am kind of in the same boat with him as I was with Mack. It is just time to move on.
  15. Lol, Texags is just pure, ignorance is bliss, 24/7. Then again I can unfortunately say the same about a few of the UT TOS sites as well.
  16. Come on guys, I need updates My wife thinks I am nuts since the first thing I do before even getting out of bed is grab my phone and open up this thread, then get my coffee, and then check the phone for any updates. What am I going to do after this is over? Oh yeah, Spring practice!

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