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  1. Thoughts are with you and your dad, Matt. Hang in there.
  2. I think we all saw that Watson really wanted Swoopes to be "the guy", even to the point about almost coming to tears during the pre-season press conference. I wanted to believe all that we heard about Swoopes during the summer, but when that press conference was concluded and I saw how emotionally involved Watson was with Swoopes, I was very concerned. Unfortunately, I think Mailik and the team saw that as well. That would lead me to believe that Heard was not given a fair shake. I also think that as the coaches will start to trust Heard, the more he plays. Especially if he can protect the ball.
  3. I would just be happy to see the offense have a pulse for once. If we can get that, then we can get this thing moving in the right direction.
  4. That is pretty much spot on for what I see. Watson, while a capable OC in other parts of the country, is simply not a good mesh for either the types of players in Texas nor the staff he has. I think that if he does get the hook this year, you will see an almost immediate positive impact. Nothing "great" but I think the "true" spread is able to hide the weak spots better.
  5. The sad thing is this "should" be an easy game. Pure skill wise we beat them across the board. However our mental state concerns me. On the flip side, if we do beat them handily, like we should, I am concerned that Strong will think everything is fixed. It is almost a no-win game. In any case I will be there for my first game in almost 2 years! Finally I am starting to be able to walk like a normal person after back to back knee reconstructions. Nothing, even the horrendous first game, is going to stop me from seeing my Longhorns this week!
  6. The worst thing about the same personel for the Rice game is that if they look decent it will give the false impression that things are better.
  7. If Swoopes can be the player he has become in practice, we will have a chance. I get and agree, that the OL may be a big problem, but the biggest thing is Swoopes and his mental state after a hit or bad play. On defense I am worried about our youth in key areas against a QB that can take off at any time. Lose contain on him and he is off to the races. Great write up!!
  8. Well, on one side you have to figure that they are not going to give away much right before a big game. Another way to look at it is that we don't really have a clue what the offense was supposed to look like last year, do we?
  9. Welcome aboard! Always a good and respected poster on the other site.
  10. Yeah that article just pissed me off. Football, as much as we all love it, should NEVER be even remotely important enough to cover sick stuff, like this, up.
  11. I would expect that as a Freshman. Pass blocking is one of the hardest things in football, not just OL, to learn properly. With his attitude and the fact that he has one of the best teachers in the game coaching is position, I expect that he will grow in this area. You are right though, to be a great, that is a extremely important area to work on. Which is why I made sure to use the word "may".
  12. I love Vahe's attitude. He may end up being a great one, from what we are hearing.
  13. I think, win or lose, we will know a ton about this team after ND. It was not so much losing last year that shocked me, it was the mentality in some of the key positions. A lot of that was leftover from the previous regime, but there is still some of those players still here. It will be a true test of Strong's abilities to change that.
  14. While I most certainly can't even walk 5k, both knees were reconstructed this year, I will most certainly send this to the people I know. Good stuff!!
  15. Its funny because I took my family to Disneyland last week and the had an "excessive heat" warning because it was going to hit 90!
  16. Joining the PAC whatever would seem like a step up from the Big 12, but would seem like we settled. I personally think any of the other big conferences would be a better fit for both travel and quality. We kind of screwed ourselves staying in the Big 12, personally/
  17. That was the secret ingrediant Grew up with Blue Bell, but didn't miss it all that much. Lots of good options now days, unlike when I was a kid where it was a crap selection outside of Blue Bell.
  18. I would love to either see the Big 12 get to 12, or us get the hell out of it.
  19. Happy to hear the news Dennis! Keep up the good fight!
  20. I would not expect an overly "impressive" practice right now, as much as it pains me to say that. There is A LOT of teaching going on right now. Last year was a transition year and there was a lot of "crap" for the new staff to get through and overcome and well, it showed on the field. This year it seems the staff is more settled in with the team and is finally able to focus on teaching more than the personal quirks of each player. Until the players switch from that overwhelmed mode, where they are trying to soak everything in, to where it becomes second nature, I would not expect super impressive practices. Great honest write up, Matt!!
  21. The scary thing is how similar the baseball season is mirroring the basketball season. Star out good then start to flop.
  22. Barnes is all class. This is how a change should happen. I wish him well, wherever he goes. I would not doubt that he has a good turn around. Sometimes a change needs to be made and it doesn't mean he is all of a sudden a bad coach.

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