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  1. Thanks for sharing. Not a Bohls fan, but that sums it up pretty well. I have been saying that Mack Brown 2.0 (post Alabama) has not been able to live up to what Mack Brown 1.0 built. It is time (past) to move on for the sake of both Texas and Mack Brown. I thought he deserved a chance after the first year of this slide to try and get it back on track. But this is now year 4 and it is pretty obvious that we will not be a great team under Mack's leadership again. We can maybe be a slightly above average team that makes a decent run occasionally ultimately falling on our face against the elite teams. I appreciate what Mack has done, as much off the field as on, since he got here. However since Alabama this version of Mack has done nothing but tarnish his legacy and take much of what he helped build back down a few notches. Unfortunately what is easy for many of us to see is not always as clear to those closest to the fire.
  2. I agree, but that is more because the sheer difference in size. OB is a huge beast that sorely needs a lot more in regards to dedicated mods and the ground rules have always been fluid. Now is when the foundation is built for the future growth. I know there is a lot of people on edge, but this will not be the last time. The "just a few" posters will grow as the site does.
  3. Things are far too fluid to be 100% accurate. There are most certainly some that act like Insiders, but aren't. There are many that have been accurate and called things pretty early before on here and the other main sites. Being an Insider does not mean that you get the whole picture and depending on who their contact is (BMD, someone who works in the AD, or hell the janitor) they get different levels, perspectives, or even versions of the story. Their contacts are not much different than friends or acquaintances that you or I might have. They just happen to be in a position to get details. Just like information / stories that get passed a long it is always easy to have some basic information get changed, embellished, or forgotten. There is also always a chance that certain contacts are getting fed a story as well. There are only a few "insiders" that I believe and generally trust. Even with that trust I still take most information with a grain of salt. Just because they are passing on second hand information at the end of the day. I think many of them do mean well and have to deal with a lot of doubters. The way I look at it is we are adults. It is up to us what we want to believe or not. It is not their job to make use believe.
  4. Joe will be put his buddy before the school. The guy may be incredibly successful, but he still looks like a big jerk in that article.
  5. That is a better fit for him over USC and/or Texas.
  6. i have been on OB for about 10 years and still enjoy it. It has gotten a little too big, but I really enjoy a lot of the conversations that you just don't get at the other sites. I also like the way Chip and Such handle things as well. I have tried and enjoy other sites, especially this one so far. Honestly, while I like IT and some of the information I see too much whining over there as well and since I am not as invested in it, in regards to friends, it really does not do much for me. It is kind of funny/sad that they actually seem to take a ton of jabs at Ketch and OB only to get upset when they feel slighted. Some people just take this stuff too serious. Ironically there is a lot of cross-posting that goes on across all the sites, but especially IT and OB. So long story short, I have no reason to leave OB. Between OB and now here I am really content and if I had to choose just two they would be the ones. Add in the other sites like IT, with their sources, and you get pretty great coverage from a lot of different perspectives.
  7. Of course, he would never lie so it must be true!
  8. Personally I come over here to get away from the drama of OB. I like going there for many reasons, but have to get away from the drama. I like most of the Texas sites, with this one quickly becoming a favorite. However it seems more and more like we are bringing the drama over here with all the posts about Ketch and OB. I personally would not have done what Ketch did, but I think it is getting overblown personally.
  9. Of course right as I post that, the actually agreement is posted. LOL.
  10. Chats are actually a pretty sketchy area, legally speaking. It is technically a two (or more) way conversation done electronically. A game company that I moderated for, several years back, actually tried to sue for copyright infringement / fair use. They ended up losing the case because of the "electronic" communication and leveraged a similar law in Texas for the one party consent. Now the obvious way to get around this is to have an agreement when joining the chat regarding the use of the content in the chat. Not knowing how IT has theirs setup and/or the agreements, I can't really talk to this incident directly and I am not a lawyer so this is just something I have seen. It is just not as cut and dry as it may be seen. Saying that though, doing what Clay did as a "professional" is very low ball. Not that I had any respect for the guy, doing something like this is BS. I was a bit shocked Ketch jumped into that fire. Pissing matches are never a good thing to get in the middle of.
  11. Honestly I do not think that is what they are trying to do. I think they do try to come from a more journalistic approach which does not always lend itself to breaking news first. They have been behind on this, but they have had their share. As I said in another thread I think they have grown too large and with several of them doing other things like radio, it is hard for them to keep the asylum in line and keep up with the coverage. They really need to sit down and think about their strategy and how they want to handle things and honestly protect the great posters and insiders, the ones that still exist.
  12. Everyone has their own mind and should believe what they want. I will say that I am not 100% convinced, but hey I am a skeptic. There is a ton of smoke in regards to Saban and I think it would be foolish to think that serious conversations have not taken place. As for the "job opening", if you have paid attention in the past, that usually actually occurs after the talks. Can't really open a job up while the seat is still occupied, but at the same time if you waited until after the job was open you would miss out on most top notch candidates. It is just how the process has worked. Common sense says that there have been talks. With that said, let's try and keep things civil.
  13. Honestly I think there is a point where a site gets just too big, especially if the Mods are not ready to handle it. I remember back when I first went to OB it was because I could not stand the teenage antics of the free boards. The fee really helped filter out the BS. Now that no longer works as well. I have moderated forums for a few game companies with 60k members and it is an impossible task. You add in the commitments outside of OB for the Mods and it is no wonder it is getting overrun.
  14. Nuu has been pretty steady and reliable with his info. I have seen him on a few boards. I wonder if the issue of MP knowing his identity may keep him off this board.
  15. He was always one of my favorite posters on OB. Would love for him to stop by here as well. Even if I did not always agree with something he said, he always had well thought out posts.
  16. One of the things that have always pissed be off is the whole "Mack Brown Texas Football"! It is Texas Football, Mack Brown is an employee. Even when he was winning, that always pissed me off. At least that will be ending soon.
  17. Going to be an interesting December to be sure and 2014, dayum! Heads are going to roll.
  18. I feel bad for anyone that posts something as "inside" information over there. I mean OB has always been rough and requiring thick skin, but right now so many are out for anyone's and everyone's blood. I don't hold the disdain some do for OB, but I understand it. It is just brutal sometimes to watch the cannibalism going on. Part of getting so big I guess. Casis is always good for discussion.
  19. All I know is I do a good enough job of making myself look stupid. Don't need any help from the forum.
  20. Going to be an interesting couple of weeks.

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