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  1. If you mean by big splash I would agree. If you mean by a sure thing to be a good/great coach here, no one truly is. Hell, I might get slammed for this opinion, but even with a big splash like Saban you have to wonder if he might start hitting that part of his career where things start to slide. I say that because at Texas he would be starting over essentially and who knows if he could even pull it off. Granted he probably has a better chance than most, but nothing is guaranteed.
  2. It seems to me that even though they say Mack has no input on the new coach, Powers is not going to let his buddy be done like that. Even if everyone else wants Saban, I just think he would nix it all together.
  3. Interestingly enough I told myself that despite the lead the Longhorns had, NC would come back and win it. I guess I have just had that mentality with RB coached teams lately. However I am glad to say the team is much more mentality tough than I am and held on.
  4. This team has a tough mentality and just enough skill to be a tough out.
  5. Go to Settings from the top The General Settings under "My Account" on the left. Then under Thread Display Options use the drop down for "Number of Posts to Show Per Page" to change.
  6. We will get this locked down and better protected for the future. It really is amazing just how many attacks there are a day. I have done some work in past jobs in "organizations" whose whole purpose is t0 counter the attacks. It is down right crazy how resilient some of the attacks are.
  7. We are going to be locking it down to keep those hackers out. Just for fun I checked logs across 10 servers that I have running and over the last year I had close to a million hack attempts. Those bastards are crazy. Granted most of them are just automated scripts looking for holes.
  8. I generally blacklist the ip address blocks from China. Slows them down a little bit.
  9. I agree, but I must say. I already got what I wanted for Christmas
  10. Well, I run a Business Technology Consulting so I have way too much stuff running at home. Have 3 HTPC systems hooked up to the flatscreens for watching movies, recorded TV shows, etc. These are all custom built. 2 Servers (Dell, Lenovo) Running virtual systems on here for testing and learning. Last checked 30 vms in a mix of Linux and Windows. 16TB SAN space for storing our movies, videos, porn, and other 3 laptops, one of which is a Gigabyte P34G for portable gaming. 1 custom built gaming / work computer hooked up to 2 30 inch monitors. 4 tablets (1 for each family member) yeah, so I am a geek. That looks so much worse when I typed that up. Thinking about going to the game, if so Infiniti G37.
  11. Between Tucker and Dawson, Texas has represented well in the kicking game. I really did not care to watch the game last night, but had it on in the background while I was working on other things. I kept noticing that Tucker would be called up to kick a FG, so I would watch. By the end of the half I stopped what I was doing to watch the game. I have never in my life considered watching a football game just because of a kicker! That was an amazing show he put on.
  12. I get what you are saying on your last question, but it is not as simple as that. It would be one thing to take over at Alabama, if Nick left, as he has been there around the politics and the daily duties that would be required of him. So while he would not have the HC experience, he would not be trying to learn all of the "other" stuff along with HC. At Texas he would be thrown into one of the most politically charged area in the sport. HC at Texas is so much more than just an HC. Not to mention while Mack Brown lacked plenty on the field he was a genius at the glad handing and political side of the game. Throwing someone with no experience in that will be hard enough and then adding in someone with zero HC experience into a VERY HUNGRY fan base would be a bad recipe. I think the HC at Texas could break the wrong guy. It is also what makes finding the right guy so hard.
  13. Looks like it based on the IP. If so it will likely always be slow. Bluehost is a behemoth and overloads their networks and servers quite often. Good support from the staff usually, but not who I would choose. Is it a dedicated or VPS system?
  14. All I want for Christmas is a home run hire for head coach.
  15. I might go because... 1. It is a relatively cheap ticket. 2. Have family there so it is cheap to stay. 3. Say goodbye to Mack Brown (won't say how ) 4. Support the team in what will likely be, well yeah...
  16. Place gets more interesting by the hour. Welcome aboard Sean!
  17. Granted I am faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from a BMD, but I know that we will not be doing our annual donations if Mack Brown is still the coach. Heck if he goes, I might just double down on the annal donation!
  18. Hey MP, I get it and don't have a problem with you missing. That is why I try to get people to take in the information and draw your own conclusion. People tend to get butt hurt because the get caught up in side of the story they want to believe and forget that there is always an opposite side of the story that creates a fluid situation. You Chip, EM, JS, UTX, Nuufola and a few others are always good in my book. I understand shot changes. As for the name, I have never truly hidden behind my name as I have links that have my name in it. Anyway I do appreciate you not hiding as that always makes it worse.
  19. Shit happens and we are all gut shot. One lesson I would recommend is NEVER EVER go 100%
  20. Very nice. We're getting the band back together.
  21. The thing is, Mack Brown has always been a master of the media. If he really wanted to make Texas look bad he could easily do it. However you also have to figure that he knows if he does that it will tarnish his legacy in the public. I'm not talking about with the hard-core fans on the forums, but the general fans which are not as much worried about him leaving. Mack knows if he makes a nasty exit, public he will ultimately be tarnished. As EM stated, this is not to say he is not making it difficult and fighting behind the scenes. However from Mack's perspective if he somehow saved his job he would have a lot of bad blood out there and if he does do this in the public his legacy takes a big hit. Just look at the major outlets. They are all treating Mack with respect. If he loses that by going nuclear on the school in public that will change. If there is one thing we know about Mack, it is that he worries about the image being presented. Just my 2 cents from a non-insider.

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