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  1. Happy New Years! Out with the old and in with the new has special meaning for us Longhorn fans!
  2. Agree, both Strong and Briles are highly thought of right now. I honestly would not be dissapointed in either of them. Franklin and Fedora does nothing for me, but I admit I have not researched them as much,
  3. That was simply from the report. I have no clue.
  4. I have to agree. Have to make sure this hire works out. If he fails at THE major hire, he may not last long.
  5. Well, I guess next time I try to move my "collection" to the web, I will give you guys a heads up
  6. It is always fun throwing a bunch of stuff against the wall and see what sticks.
  7. I agree Dizz, I think there will be several interviews. He is not only trying to "define" his own legacy here, but also appease the BMDs and others. I am sure he has a healthy list.
  8. Just read Chips report. Obviously will not post the whole report he made, but figured this was the main topic.
  9. I think he has a great football mind and work ethic. My major concerns are around the differences in the college game with regards to recruiting and how much less time he would have to coach up the team. I think he is a big name and could be great, but there are more risks with him imho.
  10. Thanks, doc for the reply and for starting this thread.
  11. Well the post game press conferences would be, just a bit, different than Mack Brown's.
  12. Not the server gods, just the data center gods. That little outage affected a few of my clients that I had not been able to talk into moving change their mind.
  13. The data center where the server is located went down. I have several clients that had sites there as well, all down at the same time. I have been trying to get my clients to move for a while. I think this latest outage will do it. I know that the HornSports team is working hard on getting everything stabilized right now and for the long term.
  14. It is important we keep him, IMO.
  15. These are strictly my quick takes on the list and in no order. Just opinions, right or wrong, that I have come up with. Nick Saban - Alabama - SEC Pros Has proven to be able to do that at multiple locations. May be one of, if not the, best college coaches of all time. He brings a no BS attitude, there is no crying in football, attitude that I love. Cons His age is a concern. How many years can the fire still burn? Overall While I think he would be a great hire and most certainly the biggest of splashes, I think it is a short term play. I honestly think that we would get, at most, 5 years out of him at the elite level. I don't think he would ever end up being like Mack, but he is getting pretty old. However he would get us back on track and setup for the future. Jim Harbaugh - San Francisco 49er's - NFL Pros Hard nosed no nonsense coach. Excellent motivator and knows how to use his talent. Just look at the 49ers and how he adapted to the different QBs in the same season. Cons Tends to rub people the wrong way, no matter where he goes. Overall This would be a dream hire for me. He obviously knows how to coach and he brought Stanford S T A N D F O R D into the elite. I think he would be someone who could build Texas for the long term. John Harbaugh - Baltimore Ravens - NFL Pros Like his brother, he knows the game and how to coach. He would be a hell of a motivator in getting the guys ready t play. Cons Recruiting? College experience? Overall I think he would be a splash hire and could be a great one. I do have a little concern in the experience side at this level. I know recruiting would be ok upfront just because of his name, but what about talent evaluations? I will admit, I am not as familiar with him outside of his NFL coaching. Charlie Strong - Louisville - ACC Pros Great defensive mind that is actually open to the spread offense. Gets the most out of his talent and is a strong recruiter. Cons He has not consistently faced top competition while HC. Overall He is most certainly not a tier one hire, but I think he would be a very good coach here and could be a long term hire. I am concerned about his recruiting here in Texas. How good his he without an elite QB (sounds familiar). He might be great, we just don't know. I think he is a much bigger gamble. David Shaw - Stanford - PAC 12 Pros I love his no BS approach as it reminds me of Saban. There are no excuses and he just works to correct them. Great defensive approach to the game and knows how to handle high flying teams, which would fit here in the B12. Cons Recruiting? Is this Standford team a reflection of him or Jim H? Overall I think, like Strong, that he is at the top of the tier two guys. He would clean out the powder puff football mentality that our team has become. There would most certainly be no excuses and just get shit done type of mentality. He would bring that, swift kick in the butt, that this program needs. However I have a lot of concern on the recruiting side as well as the long term with Shaw. How long before he turns his eyes to the NFL, if he hasn't already? Art Briles - Baylor - Big 12 Pros The offense would be a blast. I think he might be the quickest turn around by far. He can make an offense go, no doubt. He knows talent as good as anyone and seems to be able to pick the guys that were missed by the other schools and scouting services. He is well known by the Texas HS coaches and respected. Cons Defense? He does have some questionable shadyness in his past (rumored). Overall Ironically he makes as much, if not more sense than many others on the list. He is a native Texan! His ties to the Texas HS, his ability to pick talent and then utilize it properly, his ability to grow a program out of nothing, etc. I know many like to hate on him for his ranking Texas several years back, but seriously he was not the coach of Texas. He was the coach of Baylor and had zero allegiance to Texas. Saying all of that I have my concerns. How long term would this be? How well would he interact with the other duties at a program like Texas? There are those rumors, from his HS coaching days. Jimbo Fisher - FSU - ACC Pros Knows how to take over for a "legendary" coach that overstayed his welcome. Produces teams strong on both sides of the ball. Cons How well would he recruit Texas? How well would he do without an elite QB? Overall I think he would be a home run hire. He seems to have all of the tools and knows how to build. I havemy concerns around recruiting Texas and building relationship with HS coaches here, but that is what a good staff can help with. Gus Malzhan - Auburn - SEC Pros See Briles! Seriously wonderful offensive mind. Runs the ball out of the spread with great success. Cons Crazy wife! How does he handle the other side of the job / pressure? Recruiting in Texas? Overall I think he could be a great hire, but I have more concerns with him over the others. I just don't know how stable he would be here for the long term. As far as his wife, it would be entertaining and at least n cookies!! The coaches below, I have not followed enough to form an opinion yet. Larry Fedora - North Carolina - ACC Mark Dantonio - Michigan State - B1G Gary Anderson - Wisconsin - B1G Jim Mora - UCLA - PAC 12
  16. I agree, OP, even with the limitations of Case there is no reason that the offense could not have been tailored better to who he his. Especially when you consider the stable of running backs we have. Hell Florida lost to a team that did not complete a pass! Unfortunately even the running game, as good as it was in spurts, was very misused. How many times did we see JG running up the gut into the teeth of the defense only then to bring MB come in and run a sweep. How many deep outs did we see Case "try" to throw only for them to land no where near the receiver or get intercepted. In my opinion Applewhite is a plus one type of guy. He probably brings some great ideas to the table and has some great concepts, but he has no vision when it comes to building a game plan or play calling. My guess is Applewhite would suck at chess. He only seems to think about the next move, not several moves ahead.

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