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  1. Wow how can we be so stupid. Thank GOD for that penalty.
  2. You can see the skill of the young guys, but just so raw still. Making mistakes.
  3. The defense is so close to being good. Unfortunately close is just not good enough.
  4. Ugh, poor play call. I don't mind going for it there, but would rather have seen Daje if you are trying to hit the outside corner.
  5. That can't hurt, but would rather hear about their QB and how his arm was in a sling or something
  6. Interestingly a friend bought me a bottle of TX Whiskey, which is supposed to pretty good for a newer brand. So far not too bad.
  7. This is one of those games that may end up looking more like a basketball score than football. If we want to win, that is probably what it will need to be. I don't see our young defense being able to stop a top notch QB with weapons. We may get some stops here and there, but this is a big play offense. If Heard and our offense can get it going, we may be able to get in the race. If not this could be ugly. I personally think this will be a coming out party for Heard. The Cal defense is not great and they have not played anyone this year. The other thing we have an advantage in is our Special Teams! Wow, it feels weird to say that. This could absolutely be a game changer or at the very least help keep us in the game. Overall I think we will see a spirited effort, but ultimately come up just short. The game will be there for the taking, though. Cal 42 Texas 35
  8. Pretty much, unfortunately. Until this ship is headed in the right direction, we are "that" team.
  9. The good thing about the later kick off is that I can have a few beers going before the start. That way I am either a bit more relaxed during an otherwise stressful game OR ready to party if things go great!! Truly the win win situation! Hook'em!!!! \m/
  10. There is quite a difference in turning a program like SMU around compared to Texas. It would be like turning a VW Beetle compared to an 18 Wheeler. Not to mention that a turn around is judged at a completely different level. I think the turn around has begun and you can see things trying to move in the right direction. The question remains is this going to be a 3-point turn or can we see a smoother turn around moving forward? In any case I still have plenty of faith in CS and while I think he has made some bad choices here and there, he seems to have no problem trying to correct them.
  11. Sounds like Perrin is going to get a 1 year contract according to Brian Davis. If that is true, it sounds like we are going to take our time and make the RIGHT hire this time.
  12. I agree. My point was more about Charlie deciding to take the Miami job if we get an AD and they do not mesh. Also with the BMDs being in Charlie's corner, a new AD would be very foolish to go down that path.
  13. That is what I hope and think as well. However I think it depends largely on the type of AD we put in place.
  14. Right now the word is that the BMDs, outside of a couple, like CS a lot and want him to have a chance. So unless CS bolts for Miami, I think he will be here at least through the 2016 season. If he stinks it up next year that is when you might see movement.
  15. As much as I hate the aggies, they are doing some things right at the moment. Our problems is a series of missteps over the last decade. I was there for the Rice game and hopefully will get to make more home games. Unfortunately 2 knee operations and starting a new business causes money to be burned mighty fast.
  16. There are also some "rumors" coming from a poster, that has proven to have connections in the past, that CS and SP had a very heated argument within the past 2 weeks. Now I have no way to confirm validity of this, but it fits some of the other rumors floating around about SP losing the coaches. Seriously the only coaches that are going to really have any serious weight are Strong and Smart right now. Will be interesting to see if more details come out about this.
  17. Yeah the timing sucks. I believe he needed to go, but just bad timing. Patterson kind of reminds me of John Mackovic. Was smart and did some good things, however those were overshadowed by the things he missed and above all just did not "fit in" with the Texas crowd.
  18. As long as they keep the beer in the stadiums, I am good!
  19. https://twitter.com/BDavisAAS/status/643784564326957056 — Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011

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