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  1. I think the way we watch sports from home is going to drastically change. More and more I end up watching sports through the internet (legitimate) and even though currently that is because of my subscription of my cable company, I can see that changing in the future. The big change will happen when the likes of ESPN no longer pay those huge deals for sport leagues. Where will the money come to pay all the overpriced athletes, owners, etc? Going to be very interesting over the next 5-10 years to see how this unfolds.
  2. That actually goes against what I have heard from Strong and Bedford. I've heard that Strong is quite involved in the defense and the schemes along with implementing them.
  3. Doc, the only problem is that it isn't Bedford's defense and we are not getting rid of Strong this year.
  4. Some people seem to forget that Baylor's strength is not passing, it is rushing. They are in the top percentage of rushing plays at over 60%. They have a excellent O-line with 4 seniors and 1 junior that have played a lot together. We were missing the most crucial part of stopping a dangerous running game with Jinkens and Malik, not to mention Ridgeway. You add the fact that we had so many true freshman forced into action in the back seven, you are forced to over-compensate. Because, why it sucks for them to grind those runs out on the ground, all it would have taken is one, half-way decent pass to lose this game. I know the argument is that they weren't trying to do that, but that is because we were trying to not give up the homerun play. This was a very bend-don't-break philosophy that looks incredibly ugly on the field, but accomplished what it had to. While I'm not happy about what Strong and Co. produced this season, this game was a good win. Our players had ZERO to play for. Many of our coaches, knew this was probably their last game. Yet, they came out and beat a team favored by 21 points. I'll take and ugly win over a pretty lose any day.
  5. I like that we have Gilbert as a backup if Cumbie does not come here. In some ways Gilbert fits the system better, but Cumbie has the QB coaching that is also needed. As long as we get one of these guys I will be happy.
  6. That was an awesome sight. I was able to attend many of the games he played. The power and speed combination was unreal.
  7. Murray is a gift that keeps giving. First he caused all kind of panic with the aggie brethren by seriously considering coming to Texas. Then after he goes there they find out that he is a whiny punk who most likely has already peaked in HS. CS Curse?
  8. It is funny seeing all the implosion in their fan base. Not going to lie either, I love the aggie misery.
  9. Place is a dump for coaches. No fan support at all and poor facilities.
  10. Hope the best for the young man. Hopefully Briles does not try to bring him back, unless the real doctors say he is good to go.
  11. Nothing caps off a win quite like the aggies flailing all over the ground.
  12. The onslaught of ranked opponents to start the season, most certainly did not help this young team and you are right the schedule does get easier for a bit. My concern is has the team lost any and all remaining confidence. While the schedule does get easier, it is not what I would call easy for this young team. Upcoming schedule... ou - Not feeling good about this one. Would love for the team to pull a huge surprising upset. --- MOST NEEDED BREAK EVER --- KState - We have a hard time beating them, when we are good. Iowa State - We find out how far we have fallen. If this is a tough game or lose, we should be VERY concerned. We should beat them easily. Kansas - See Iowa State, these should be confidence building games. WVU - If we get back some confidence in the previous 2 games, this could be a good game and MAYBE a win. It could also be a blow out. --- Break --- Texas Tech - This one scares me, If our secondary does not get measurably better (and they should) this could be a shootout and they have a lot of bullets. Baylor - yeah, uhm yeah There really is only two games that are close, not guaranteed, to being gimmes. Unless things change I would think winning 3 of those games are the most likely scenario. I think we CAN win 5 of those. It just depends on how charlie and staff pick up this team out of the burning embers.
  13. This is going to be a painful year. To be honest I am not quite sure we have hit the proverbial bottom. Mack started us down the path, unfortunately it seems that our parachute has failed and are now accelerating towards it. The hope that Charlie has the chops to build this team up or not seems to be withering away more and more even with supporters like me. I understood last year, I really did. Now granted the bowl game shook me, but I got that it was not going to be good. I went into this year expecting that we would probably lose and even be under .500 at this point. However I most certainly did not expect that a man like Charlie would field a team who has shown such little composer. I don't care how young you are, what I have seen at times in these games is just dreadful and I am not talking about the talent. Then it seems that all control has been lost in the locker room! I want Charlie back, I really do. However at this point he has to earn it! I'm not necessarily talking about wins, although that needs to happen as well, but true progress. If the team doesn't have motivation after this last week and just rolls over again, I really don't see much hope. You can't coach if you don't have the respect of the players and from what I have seen he doesn't have that.
  14. Exactly! WHEN you said something stupid back then, only you and maybe a few others heard you. You say something now, ESPECIALLY as an athlete at a high profile school, tens of thousands here you in minutes and 10 times that in an hour. It is completely apples to oranges from back in the 60s and 70s. Not to say that he should not face the consequences of his actions, but let's not act like he committed a crime here. He freaking re-tweeted at the half time of a game. I am sure that the coaches have plenty in mind for him to pay the piper.
  15. I'm not going to act like I read all of this thread, but I get the gist. All I know is we can argue if Charlie should be fired now or given X amount of time to get it right all we want. However the more games like we had this past weekend where we are not even competative in any sense, will subtract from whatever that X amount of time is. Right or wrong you don't get too many of those before someone with the right amount of pull says, to hell with this. I'm a fan of Charlie and personally thinks he at very least needs another year, but even my support for the man gets rocked when our team plays like this and I'm a nobody who has no pull.
  16. Not going to lie, the whole waiting until late into the game to reel them in scares me a bit. After last year I have faith in the staff to do so, but it still scares me.
  17. Ahh, I'm 5'7" and can do this in my sleep, even with the bad knees! Granted then I would wake up and this would still be amazing.
  18. Indeed. He has found a way to contribute and contribute well.
  19. Games, like the one Heard had against Cal, obviously don't happen that often. So he will come back to Earth some. How much, who knows as it is hard to game plan for a spontaneous time of play maker, like Heard and VY. Plus Okie Lite is pretty overrated and untested as far as I am concerned. They have not played anyone. It is hard to say how goo their defense is, at this point. I don't think offense will be a problem. It is the offensive defense that is the Achilles heel, now.

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