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  1. Smart move by Heard. I only wish Kai would "get it" as well and make the move. I really like what I have seen from Heard in the open field. His problem was always dealing with the QB style decision making in the backfield and hampered him many times last year. I think this frees him up to do what he does best. Our receiving corps have the potential to be the scariest group to face in the nation before it is all done.
  2. Synopsis of the updates I have seen... Fowler took the test yesterday (Tuesday) and should receive the score today. He feels good about the score. Hopefully we should know very soon!! Update 8/11 4:55pm From Black Scholes on OB... Allegedly good to go. Will play right away. No shirt for this kid. Update 8/12 8am Suchomel is now reporting that he has passed the tests. Now it is in the hands of the clearinghouse and we know how "fast" they can be. Update 8/15 Suchomel at OB reporting he is officially in, along with several in this thread!!
  3. Unfortunately Hall does seem to act like a traffic controller, but not for our team. I think Haines might make it through this season, or at least much of it. Not because is is all-time great or anything, but he is much better than Hall and I think the coaches will want to have at least one of them on the field. I think Hall will be replaced before the second half of the season.
  4. That guy is a heck of an athlete. I think Big 12 teams are going to have nightmares about him before he leaves. Think about the talent we have picked on the DL, LB, and Secondary in the last two years. In a couple of years it is going to be tough to get past the DL, if you do then the LB is going to be even tougher, then if you happen to make it through the first 2 levels then you are going to have guys like this to clean up. Scary stuff if your are an opposing offense.
  5. Yesterday was more fun that I have experienced in a while. While there are plenty that needs to be proven on the field, I feel for the fist time in a long time, that things are trending in the right direction. I enjoyed the discussion yesterday as well. It is great having a site that is both quality discussion and manages to stay up during such a big day.
  6. I love that Charlie is given out respect to what the players did to help in recruiting. No matter what we think about CS, the guy loves his players and they love him. All things considered, that is awesome to see.
  7. Man I'm worn out. I feel like I have put in a full days work, when in reality I hit f5 and had 3 tvs going. Actually the f5 part is false as I have the "reload every" plug in
  8. For an HOUR! This after Rivals said they to special precautions to keep it from happening again this year.
  9. Been a tough day for him and OB. This was posted on their site...
  10. So far nothing has "shocked" me as far as losses. So that is good.
  11. Completely agree. A guy like this makes a lot of the other positions look better.
  12. Like clockwork on OB. I have several sites on auto-refresh. OB has been down for about the last 30 min. This after they (Rivals) "prepared" for NSD. Feel bad for them though. Being tied to Rivals means being tied to crap like this.
  13. Enough with the olds yapping, lets get to Fowler announcement.
  14. Fowler announcement on periscope https://www.periscope.tv/w/1YpKkbvkvWXxj
  15. Unfortunately. Sad to see a mom that actually think Baylor is a good place to go, with all the "stuff" going on there.
  16. LOL one of my friends, an aggie, texted me that he took the day off. Said he was already in a bad mood and didn't want to get fired today.

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