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  1. I really don't buy that, but would not be opposed for sure. Would instantly make the Big 12 a premier league.
  2. My sons coach (Round Rock ISD) says they are looking to push back the start, but so far do expect a season in some fashion. As @Baron said, it is a fluid situation.
  3. Really excited to see what Ossai can do, after that bowl game. I think he will finally be in a position to be that kind of impact and I think he will take full advantage of it. Sam has been a very solid QB with flashes of being very good to great. He needs to string those flashes along in a more consistent manner. If he does, the sky's the limit. Ingram is much better than people give him credit, but I understand why and I am hoping he does too. If he can put it all together he could be a very good RB. I just don't know if that ceiling is the Doak Walker level.
  4. Not that it 2020 is anyone's year, but man it really is not the Foreskins year at all.
  5. The need for sports is real. I can't wait and the urgency of a shorter MLB season should make things very interesting.
  6. Stay safe. I had a Kidney Transplant so on immunosuppressants myself. It was amazing that I did not catch it when my wife did. Granted I spent those few weeks in a different room and she quarantined within the house, but still.
  7. Wife had it, back in March. We were actually in Paris, after coming from Spain, right when the shit hit the fan over there. Once the travel bad kicked. We stayed a few days after the travel ban, since we had an AirBNB versus Hotel. This way we isolated and missed the craziness of the first 2 days of the travel ban. Still, the plane was pretty crowded which made us more vulnerable. Wife pretty much felt the same as @mbhornsfan said. A month later her aunt got it, she is up in Maryland. She, being older (68), got hit really hard by it. She had to be put on a ventilator in ICU. She did recover, but she still has some major issues with her lungs almost 2 months later.
  8. That is pretty awesome. I love our property because it has a ton of trees, but that means we don't get to see many sunsets.
  9. Had a good ones. Was outside by the pool smoking and swimming all day. Didn't do a tone, but smoked a meatloaf and it turned out great. Just enjoyed being with the kids. My son is going into his sophomore year in HS and daughter is getting close to starting. Realization that they are not far from going out on their own is starting to sink in more and more.
  10. My cousin used Black Hook Offshore a while back and they had a blast. Unfortunately I don't personally know any in that area.
  11. I am doing much better now. Had complications from knee surgeries that led to stage 5 kidney failure. Was on dialysis and then had a Kidney transplant. I was pretty regular on here, before that. Life just got to complicated to be as active
  12. This has always been a great board. I have posted as much over the last few years because of my serious health issues, but @Aaron Carrara and crew do good work!
  13. That combination of speed, leverage, and balance is amazing.
  14. This is big! Even if he does not start day one, you have to think he could come in early in the season and be a hell of a situational guy, until he gets fully up to speed.
  15. Yep, and their first game is against one of the most storied programs in college football history and in front of 100k+ screaming fans. Doesn't matter how big of a HS program you come from, NOTHING can truly prepare them for that. I do think I know what the poster meant by the indispensable word he used. From what I have heard is the backups have put a lot of balls on the ground when trying to hike it back to the QB. As scary as it is, it may be a bigger drop off than we think if the fish center goes down.However I would not have used "indispensable".
  16. Not a shock, but he has decided transfer and got his full release. Early schools are aggies and ULLA.
  17. That's why I never get too up or down on reports at this time. Just take it in and see what happens.
  18. Not saying that I believe it, but just keep in mind this is the coach who thought JG was our best running back last year.
  19. OB (Anwar) just dropped a bombshell that Swoopes is "well" ahead of Buechele at this point, according to their sources. This goes against everything everyone else is saying and even against who they believe should get the start. They are getting raked over the coals over that report, so doubt they did it just for fun. Pretty crazy if that turns out to be true.
  20. Suchomel is now reporting that he has passed the tests. Now it is in the hands of the clearinghouse and we know how "fast" they can be.
  21. That's always the best way to go about it. It is fine to hear the rumors, I just don't get overly excited about them. Learned my lesson a long time ago.
  22. From Black Scholes on OB... Allegedly good to go. Will play right away. No shirt for this kid. Obviously that is not confirmed, but hey hope isn't a bad thing.

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