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  1. Haven't paid much attention to Big 12 baseball standings and other teams until today. Is it safe to say the Big 12 is not a good baseball conference?
  2. True story. My dad was in a gang growing up in NYC in the 1940's. Not sure how tough they were since he ended up being a doctor.
  3. Haven't been on OB since yesterday evening and didn't see that but thought it was reported Lodge's visit counted as an official since meals were purchased.
  4. Pretty much. Not sure why anyone would expect a preseason ranking. Don't care about the others ranked. Preseason polls should be abolished anyway.
  5. Patterson never pursued Fisher because the search firm guy told Patterson "he would stake his career Fisher is a bad fit for UT". This was a quote posted by Bobby Burton and claims it was passed along from someone in the room when it was said.
  6. I would say he needs to win a couple of games in the tourney. Hasn't done much of that the past 5 years.
  7. By all accounts Mora Jr. was reached out to.
  8. What have they been wrong about? I don't keep track of these things and just curious. Hermann would be much better than Watson.
  9. 3 years prior to joining Urban Meyer (an offensive guru in his own right) and getting a Heisman caliber QB here were Hermann's offenses at ISU: Total Offense: 79, 99, 60 Scoring Offense: 103, 97, 90 He had a good year at Rice in 2008.
  10. Used to get access to websider (now aggieyell.com) from an aggie co-worker. When Mack was cleaning up in recruiting they absolutely chalked it up to paying players. Every school that is getting its rear end handed to it in recruiting from an in state competitor accuses the other school of cheating. I take it with a grain of salt. Wouldn't surprise me if it was true but nothing would ever come from it if it was.

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