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  1. Thanks Cheese....well done as always, spot on...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year , hoping we find a way to knock off the Dogs.
  2. ECheese as always thanks for the editorial penmanship. You made me feel better too....just as you say, disappointed that we didn't put them away, and show some consistency. We just have to find a way to get better. Agree the D got tired. I am interested in your take, and others, on the QB situation. Sam's stats did look good and the Fumble could happen to anyone. But those stagnant periods. I am just not convinced he can lead us to the promise land or Shane for that matter either. Put me in the camp that I think we have sufficient sample size to know that neither guy ca
  3. Belated Feliz Cumpleanos ECheese....Hope you had a great day......
  4. I literally could not watch the game at times.....it was unbelievable...what a great game. And the Astros never gave up....gotta tip the hat to the hated Dodgers as well...they never gave up.
  5. Great post as always Cheese... Some Random thoughts Texas the last couple of games has found a way to win a tough game. A continued big step in becoming the team they need to be. These guys don’t give up when bad things happen... Sam, moves the chains, a lost art at Texas since Colt. Whatever it takes. He knows where the chains are and finds a way to get the football past them. Man, have we sorely missed a QB that does that. Wow for the first time in 4 years Texas threw the ball over the middle. The D and the O both at times
  6. Can they walk down to the end of the hall and look into their football program too?
  7. Cheese, Spot on as usual.... Thanks for taking the time for the "Cheap Seats" assessments. Really well done and always look forward to them each week. Hope for a return encore next season.
  8. Echeese I take great exception to your insulting High School football that way...please apologize...
  9. I agree that Charlie is a good guy, and has shown to be a good football coach over the years On one critical side of the discipline scale, I would say he did a very ineffective job. Our penalties, killer penalties stopping our drives, extending our opponents drives, being in wrong positions, not knowing who they should be defending....continual side line penalties and warnings...fully on the coaching... Not being ready with player package shifts...burning timeouts We too often looked like the Keystone Cops (for younger posters, google it)
  10. A thousand nos, had 3 very good years 2000-2002 then 6 years of 45-51....self destructive tendencies...great announcer, needs to stay there...
  11. I think that people are looking with too much of a closed mind in today's world of Offense and Defense. People are looking for statistical domination based on past error mindsets. What we need from our defense is the right stop or stops at the right time. Which give you both the opportunity and the route to win a game. The best example I can think of is our 2005 defense which was a good defense was shredded by USC in the 2nd half of the Championship game....but when the game was on the line and they had to have a stop, they did exactly that. Bama and Saban teams have at times bee
  12. Since the first football of all time was rolled out onto a football field and coaches became involved, players have threatened to quit, transfer etc, if their coach was fired. In real life, if a good coach is hired there is normally little fall out at all. Texas needs to do what is best for Texas, and deal with managing the players after that decision is made. Charley has his chance to turn things around as he should...he is teetering on a straw that broke the camels back as he should be teetering based on his performance so far. But not too late, rattling off a series of victories an
  13. Cheese, excellent job, maybe your best of the season.... I too am happy we won and only want the best for CFS going forward. I have thought he should get one more season, no matter how this game turned out. One of my main concerns is that over the last 2 seasons, in at least 80-90 pct of the games, when the other team adjusts we have no answer (that is O or D). The wildcat yesterday was simply another dangerous example of just that....I think that Briles bailed us out a couple of times when he brought Hawthorne back in near the redzone....after they were making 8-12 yards per play down

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