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  1. Sad but true. A true me-first, throat slasher of a QB. God bless him but I am glad he is gone.
  2. The 3-2-6, or its use in certain situations, is the Air Raid killer. Many debate where it came from. I think it is a mix of Patterson, WVU's DC and Orlando. Regardless, I knew the end of the AIR RAID would come from the BIG XII. We started it so we had to end it.
  3. PS, We ain't Frog Aggy. We are cockroaches
  4. SHA, I had to sign in because I couldn't let that comment pass. If you watch this game, Patterson has implemented the 'Kenny Hill is no longer going to get us beat' strategy. Texas was out of their league and never threatened. TCU jumped into the lead and ran the clock out. Now, for your 10-2 prediction in 2018 and a victory versus TCU in Austin - you might be correct. We will see.
  5. 30?! You are just beginning to get good. A few words of advice from an old man: Never play cards with a guy named Doc. Never invest with anybody that tells you you'll get your money back (you already have your money, so why do you need it back?). Never fall in love with a girl named Bambi. And, if you are ever around a bunch of Aggies and they start talking about building 'a little fire', RUN. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thank you for your many contributions to this board and community.
  6. Texas was the power broker of the BIG XII prior to the GoR. Now they are one of two flagship powers in a regional conference. Those are facts, not feelings. We are on a UT sports board so I will remind you that conflating the international brand of the University of Texas with the Texas football team are different subjects. Texas baseball and swimming have earned the status of national brands. Texas football - not so much.
  7. Of course you do. That is a subjective opinion. The fact is that the in only sport that matters (football) Texas is objectively a regional power (that has sucked since 2009 by the way). When Texas begins successfully snagging only 8 of the top 10 players in Texas and, with the remainder of their scholarships, snags the best out of state players - then I would consider them a national brand.
  8. Doc, This is where I respectfully disagree. Texas had and exercised massive power and leverage over the BIG XII UNTIL Aggie and Cornhusker told Texas to shove it up their ass. What followed was a bunch of Texas posturing that ultimately resulted in Texas signing the Granting of Rights (Tier 1 deal). Now Texas has zero leverage and very little soft power. The only time Texas will regain any of their former power and leverage is by threatening to leave as the GoR approaches. There is a problem with that threat:. Where is Texas going to go? I am certain I will hear rainbow and unicorn comments about the joy of the ACC, B1G or the PAC. PLEASE. Texas is a regional power with the ability to win a national championship. Texas is NOT a national brand like Notre Dame and a few others. Texas thinks it is a national brand. IT IS NOT.
  9. Houston Police cite reaction to medications for Courtney Roland's disappearance: https://news.search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=AwrBT.LM3VNa_IEAKyDBGOd_;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=Houston+Police+Cite+Reaction+to+Medications+for+Courtney+Roland's+Disappearance&type=dd_us_yahoonews&fr=ipad IF there is a strange man in a blue truck that is following her around they might want to look into that.
  10. http://www.houstontx.gov/police/mp/index.htm No 24 hour waiting period confirmed at the link above.
  11. Houston Police @houstonpolice Media Partners: No new information being released until our missing persons investigators have a news briefing on this case at 1 p.m. today at our Southeast Police Station at 8300 Mykawa Rd. #HouNews
  12. What is the Houston PD policy on a missing person? Is there any truth to the 24 hour missing before it can be filed?
  13. http://www.ajc.com/news/national/sports-reporter-vanishes-houston-after-telling-friends-she-thought-she-was-being-followed/VHmQil7ZGkjo8vay1dtHiJ/ This story reported she was found under an overpass. However, later in the story the Police did not confirm that allegation. I suppose we will wait for the police report.
  14. Hard to tell if social media was what helped or ultimately hindered what was going on here. This feels like one of those situations where now that she has been 'found', we may never know what really happened, or what was being attempted. Regardless of whatever has befallen this young lady I am grateful that her whereabouts are known and I wish her peace.
  15. If you are going to monetize a website there are three ways to pay your staff: 1. Make the website members only; 2. Direct market HornSports vitamins and such for earnings; or 3. Advertise. Take your pick
  16. This is a 'hindsight is 20/20' comment but it is also one of my pet peeves. If Manvel snaps the ball with 5 seconds remaining on the play clock (assuming the game clock is rolling a majority of the time) once they established a 10 point lead it is probable that the amazing comeback never happens. I have no dog in the hunt as far as that game was concerned but a biproduct of the wide open philosophy seems to go hand in hand with clock mismanagement - in my opinion. There are two things happening during a football game:. One, you must out score your opponent to win and Two, the clock has to read 0:00 for you to be able to win.
  17. 2nd PS: SHA, thank you for providing us with high school gold all season. Merry Christmas to all
  18. I signed in because I read the bluster from earlier this week. I am not cracking on WOS and I am not cracking on the fellow who was so over confident but who didn't see this coming? PS I thought the reaction to the poster was overblown. You all realize he would have banned himself after today, right?
  19. You guys are receiving a wonderful AD. He helped do wonders for TCU across the board. I do not pretend to understand if the complexities of a smaller, private university are basically the same as a very large, public university but CDC's track record is one of great accomplishment and command of the entire athletic department. The unspoken subtext of this hire, and the main reason I celebrate the hiring while losing the fine AD from my alma mater is that the hiring of CDC finalizes that Mack Brown will never again be more than an unofficial spokesman for Texas football. And for that reason I am thankful.
  20. McPhaul was wonderful reading during the process which finally pried Mack Brown's claws from the steering wheel of the football program. For that I believe many never forgave the brave McPhaul. Yet it was for that reason why I remember his articles fondly to this day. I bid you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Mr. McPhaul.
  21. Place emphasis on both lines. Texas covets RBs but that won’t matter until they develop a dominant OL. Same goes on the DL although I thought the DL performed quite well this year. In my opinion, Malik Jefferson will not play beyond his rookie contract. He apparently was dominant in high school when he was playing against 170 pound kids. He has been completely overrated at this level and I think he will wash out in the NFL.
  22. Texas is getting better but they are a 6-6 team. Does Texas, and it's fans, have the patience to allow any coach to take the necessary steps to return to relevance? Many think you go from 6-6 to 13-0 or 12-1. Generally you do not. The first milestone is 10 wins. Then to win the conference. Then to win a playoff game. The, if lucky, you might win it all. It takes like 5 years, if thing go just right, to makes that transition. *For clarity, let it be known the bold above were my additions and not what Java's message said.
  23. Don't stop them now. I got the ruler out for the inevitable dong measuring contest. I assume you guys want to go metric, right?
  24. Let me settle this for you wankers. Cart McCoy was a p*ssy.

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