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  1. I could see it going both ways. We get Harrison back so we will go back to a better guard and tackle combo. By all accounts Raulerson was pushing Espinosa in camp. Supposedly Raulerson is a very smart player and is an honor student so he has the capacity to make the calls.Also, Raulerson has a nasty streak and is 280+ so he isn't exactly small. It is also worth noting that Raulerson and Swoopes have been taking a lot of snaps together so they will be comfortable together. I doubt we are going to be doing much drop back passing, and I would bet that most plays will be attacking the edges to take advantage of our tackles and guards and taking pressure off Raulerson. Ian Boyd pointed out that we will likely do a lot of roll out passing with the option for Swoopes to run. That would also take a lot of pressure off of Raulerson.
  2. I like the layout and set up, but the structure itself is kind of ugly on the outside.
  3. Previously (even when we sucked), I could not get enough of preseason college football shows, or college football shows in general. Now, I hardly watching anything. The SEC suckfest is insufferable.
  4. Very well said! I am just burned out and tired of the crazy ups and downs of my business. What I do for a living makes high stakes poker seem boring. Honestly, I would much rather make less money and be part of building something. Early on in my career (about 5 to 6 years in), one of my experts was the chair of a medical school and offered me a job as a graduate assistant while I went back to med school to get my PhD in medical sciences. I wanted to develop and artificial womb. I really regret not taking that offer. Even though I have a BBA, I always did much better in my science classes. I came within a hair of changing my major my senior year to get my prereq.s for medical school, but then I got into some good law schools and started thinking about making money rather than being a poor college student. Sorry for the rant (i actually deleted a lot of it), but your post got me traveling down memory lane.
  5. I am a trial lawyer with my own firm. However, despite having a successful career I hate my job. Unfortunately, being in my mid 40s I am pretty much stuck. If none of my children become lawyers, I will have been successful in at least one aspect of my life.
  6. Please post more! Great post, I agree with you 100%.
  7. Very well written and rational post. I only wish there were more of our fans like you. Being negative is going to do nothing, but make it hard on Strong. There are plenty of recruits that come to these boards. I just wish that the more positive people would post more often. Unfortunately, t seems like the negative posters are going the most posting, and it is the same thing over and over again.
  8. Seriously? An article by a Bammer SEC homer and Aggie article on Bleacher report? Both are just rehashes of the ESPN article. The second article wasn't even that bad. Frankly, I am tired of all the hand wringing. Lets see how things go for a while before we all jump of a cliff. Heck, at least wait and see how the July 18th elite camp goes. And wasn't there some hacked of people at the coaching clinic saying the article was a bunch of BS?
  9. The best I have ever had was fresh mango gelato at a little geltao place in Jaco, Costa Rica. I know, gelato is not the same as ice cream, but it is close. In the US, Ben & Jerry's Phish Food!
  10. I did not mean to insinuate that it would kill CFB. I do think it would hurt the cheating model that the SEC has based itself on because it would not be able to compete for the money hungry kids with the minor leagues.
  11. I wonder if a minor league football league that took kids right out of HS would kill the SEC. All the kids enamored with the SEC would start seeing an easier route to the NFL and would be able to get paid in the open and they would not have to fake going to class.
  12. Anything made by Macallan is great. I prefer Macallan 18, which is reasonably priced at $200 a bottle. Macallan 12 is great also and is only $70 a bottle. If you have the disposable cash Macallan's 25 and 30 are amazing, but at $1,000 and $2,000 a bottle they are a bit too pricey for me. Plus, they are very hard to find. If you are a real big spender, you might want to get a bottle of Macallan 64 in Lalique for the modest sum of $460,000 a bottle. The most expensive bottle I have seen is Master of Malt's 105 year old whiskey at 1.4 million! Seriously though, you can't beat Macallan's, and the best part is I have yet to get a handover from the stuff! There are so few artifacts in any of their whiskeys that you just don't get a hang over.
  13. If the Big 12 merged with the Big East, the Texas and OU fan bases would have imploded. The Big 12 sucks as it is, there is no need to make things worse. I despise Dodds for keeping us in this craptastic conference.
  14. I am really starting to like our practice jerseys. I think they would look great with black pants, black cleats and a clack helmet with the burnt orange longhorn outlined in white.
  15. Is that the one run by Kelly Starrett? If so, you are at a great place considering your limitations. He is an amazing physical therapist (Ph.D.).
  16. In the summers during college, I worked as a personal trainer and have tried just about every supplement under the sun. Personally, I think good old fashion real food is all you need and most supplements are detrimental or a waste of money. There are some pro hormones out there that they sell as supplements, but they are very dangers and can cause a lot more problems than the good they do. Often times, pro hormones get converted into estrogen and you end up retaining a lot of water and and gain fat in areas that men really do not want to carry it. The other problem with pro hormone supplements is that there is no regulation and the strength of any given pill can vary greatly. I would not mess with Creatine. It is very hard on the stomach and unless you completely dissolve it and get the purist form, it will cause bloating and massive water retention. Even in its purist form, it is very hard to completely dissolve and can still cause problems. I definitely workout better, but if you are trying to loose weight, I would not use this supplement. It does help your workouts, but even when I completely dissolve the creatine in a hot tea, I still bloat like drowned pig, and I make sure to drink a ton of water. Whey is ok, but if you are eating right, I do not think you need it. You better off eating a can of tuna or a handful of ground beef. Most whey proteins have a ton of artificial ingredients to make them taste good, and I personally do not like putting that kind of junk into my body. Also, whey can cause all sorts of abdominal bloating and GI problems. In turn GI problems can cause difficulties with your ability to absorb the nutrients that you need to make a full recovery from your workout. The only time I consider whey products are when I am on the run and have nothing else, and need protein. In my opinion, eating healthy and getting a lot of green veggies in your diet is the most essential part to living a healthy life and reaching your fitness goals. The other thing I would recommend if you are over 40 is looking in to a QUALITY multivitamin. I take a multivitamin pack from Doeterra that has helped with my recovery and overall well being. Essential oils is another thing to look into as the skin is a great way to absorb nutrients that you body needs. Getting a full body check up and knowing what nutritional deficiencies that you have will help in knowing what kind of vitamin supplements will help you the most.
  17. Anyone having a hard time with their diet should look into any of the pale diets. I would highly recommend the "Whole 30." They have some great recipes and it has worked great for me. Basically, I do not eat any processed food and try to eat 3/4 of my meal as veggies. Since I train extremely hard I eat a lot of good fats (including home made lard/bacon fat) and sweet potatoes once or twice a week. I stay away from white potatoes and rice for the most part (I will eat them on occasion, but not when I am trying to lean out). My normal meal will consist of a large bowl of veggies with olive oil, coconut oil or lard and ground beef or diced chicken or fish. I then add kalmata olives or other tasty veggies, salt, pepper and other spices. I usually have a piece of fruit as well for dinner. I went from about 220 to about 190, but have added a lot of mass (I have always gained muscle easily-my playing weight in college was 230). I am hoping to get down to about 185 or 180, but with the way I am adding muscle I doubt that I will get below 185. Right now, I am at about 16% body fat, but want to get back to about 10 to 12%. BTW, I am 5'10. EDIT: Here is a link to the Whole 30 book/website: http://whole30.com
  18. You should try Crossfit. I used to train like what you describe, and just got bored to death and stopped working out. Now, I can't wait to go to the gym. And do not be freaked out by what you see for a workout on the main site. Every Crossfit gym has multiple workouts ranging from very newbie to competitor or elite. The newbie workouts are very general and the coach will tailor the workout for the persons needs.
  19. It depends on the gym and how often you go. The average is about 100 a month, but can be 60 or so if you are only going a few times a week. In Houston there are a lot in the 200 range (unlimited workouts), but more expensive doesn't mean better. With all Crossfits you usually get 2 or 3 to see if it is right for you. Be forewarned Crossfit is addictive. I hate missing a workout. I can't say enough about the community of Crossfit. The people are what make the place great. While it is a little competitive it is even more supportive and encouraging. At the age of 43, I am doing things I never thought I would do again. A lot of that comes from seeing others around me do these things and the people and coaches helping me to break barriers. I am honestly amazed at what I am able to do now thanks to Crossfit. I feel like I am back in my twenties.
  20. I workout at a Crossfit Gym and love it. It reminds me of our workouts in college. I workout 6 times a week. You can get on the Crossfit site and do the workout of the day at your own home if you build a garage gym. Personally, I like the competition and fellowship of working out with friends. At a CrossFit gym you always have a coach or two to help with form if you need that.
  21. If we used those 72 teams, I would like to see 12 divisions/conferences of 6 teams. You would get to keep your geographical rivalries, but also schedule interesting national match-ups.
  22. Wejust need to go to the SEC and get it over with. That or hope that a new division is created that breaks up the conferences in to groups of 6. It would also lead to great scheduling. The PAC may come back, but it is just to far. With the ACC we would be on an island and in a basketball first league. The only real options I see are the ones listed above.
  23. Jim is absolutely correct. During WWII the die used to make burnt orange was in high demand and we could not get burnt orange uniforms. DKR just went back to the true colors.

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