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  1. Sark is in his first season trying to rebuild a program that's been stagnant for 10 years. Any talk of replacing Sark is silly talk. It's the verbal equivalent of throwing a beer at the TV. We've seen how this system can work when he gets the right players. The ironic thing is had we lost by the same amount, without having led earlier in the game, there would be no talk of coaching failures. All we'd be talking about is how we're starting to see the Bama offense take shape. Losing sucks. Losing for 10 years sucks a lot. Continually thinking a better coach is out there leads to sucking for 10 years. If there's a problem with football culture at Texas it starts with that mindset.
  2. Even though I agree overall, there is one aspect which can't be true... We haven't seen everything Card can do after two games. By the end of the season I'd like to have them both get a good amount of starts to know what we have going into next season. We almost needed Card anyway on Saturday, and he's barely seen the field since week 2. Sark should treat our porous oline as if defenses are going to blitz *every* play. We either don't have hot routes/safety valves, or neither QB knows who they are. There are ways to get the ball out quicker than relying on either QB to run for their life. There used to be a poster, rpongetti, who would break down stuff like this back in the day... be nice to have it now. Actually that's not a bad idea for the site owners if they are looking for value adds that folks would pay for.
  3. A lot of our oline and some of our dline are undersized. They can be in the best shape in the world and still get worn down by being on the field too long. We've had an oline problem going back to the aughts when they targeted smaller, more mobile lineman for zone blocking. Mack tried to change this in 2010 when he switched schemes, but a change like that can take years. For whatever reason, since then we've had a problem attracting highly ranked, beefy linemen. Either way we haven't had a decent oline in over a decade. So when we play against average or lesser teams we can wear them down. When we play against equivalent or better teams, we get worn down. Sark has to get the line fixed.
  4. Maybe I didn't phrase it correctly... I'm not sure Casey's advantage over Card with his mobility is greater than Card's advantage over Casey with his arm. The problem we saw with Card at arkie has repeated itself over the last two games with Casey. In other words, neither QB is good enough to rise above the current limitations of our oline. Having a mobile QB is one solution for a bad oline. Another solution is running quick outs and other other quick throws requiring a pretty strong arm. We saw today what can happen when the ball doesn't get there fast enough. Part of that may be Sark's system, which leans toward slow developing pass plays. However Sark may also not trust Casey to make those throws - deep slants and outs that can turn into dangerous passes quickly. So he gets limited to safer throws - long balls and bubble screens. So my overall point is that if Card can make those throws that Casey can't, then it's an alternate solution for a bad oline. But we haven't seen enough of Card to know if he can make those throws or not. We've heard about the arm strength, but need to see it in a game to know if that opens up more of the passing game. So I don't agree that we've seen all that Card can do. But defenses are learning how to completely shut down Casey running the rpo at times. We can't win that way either.
  5. We need to see if Card has a bigger upside… he may not. Casey may be the better overall qb once we’ve seen them both over the course of a season. Either way we need to have this question answered. The only way to know is play them both.
  6. I agree with you in theory. However in two straight games defenses have made us one dimensional for large parts of those games. During those stretches they dared Casey to beat them, and he could not. Even though Casey has more mobility, it hasn’t really been a huge factor. He’s not a threat running the rpo that defenses are worried about. Card is supposed to be a mobile qb also. He looked slow against arkie, but that may have hesitancy. Either way Casey isn’t winning huge games for us with his legs. Overall, we don’t have a franchise qb yet. Maybe Card can work more of the field with his arm strength. Either way we need to understand what both qbs can do by the end of the season.
  7. It’s not all Casey’s fault we lost, but he did not look good with two huge turnovers. One that changed the whole trajectory of the game. His lack of arm strength is also becoming a factor. The first int was a pass to the edge without much velocity, which gave the defender a lot of time to jump the route. I would start Card against Baylor. We’re not playing for anything at this point but getting experience and building for next year. Card was pulled after he turned the ball over. It wasn’t all his fault that we lost against arkie, but starting Casey made sense at the time. Maybe give them equal time the remainder of the season. This was always going to be a multi year project. Best to get a better look at all the younger players to see what they got.
  8. What do you mean by 'pass judgement'... You mean watching games and making observations? I'm not aware only Texas fans do this. Sark has a pretty good record of training and putting QBs in the NFL. Card knows this, which is why he won't transfer. Long term he'll be a better QB by playing for Sark. Long term Texas will be a better football team for having Card as a starter. He just wasn't ready as a freshman to walk into a hostile stadium and run a new offense. That's a pretty tough assignment, but also a reality of big time football. No one is holding it against Card that he wasn't ready yet. Every Texas fan I talk to looks forward to what he'll do in the future. If you want to talk about emotions and being pissed, think about the opposite side of this... if you kept throwing Card out there before he's ready. That's a recipe to crush a young QB - destroying any confidence he has himself or fans have in his abilities. Sark is protecting him with this move, and in the press conference basically said this gives Card time to breathe. Card needs a little time to self-reflect and let last week's game become a character building experience. As opposed to throwing him back out there and maybe turning into a soul crushing experience.
  9. This is a strawman argument that makes no sense. We aren't talking about changing game plans. Yes... Card looked to pass first, but he wasn't capable of executing the offense. We don't get points or first down because he hangs in the pocket too long. He wasn't instructed to go 3 and out every drive. Casey is going to run the same offense. However right now Casey has a better innate sense of when a play is breaking down and able to make positive yardage when that happens. One day Card will be a really good QB. However last week he didn't see the field clearly, missed wide open receivers, and didn't process info quickly enough. If Casey has to learn to hang in the pocket a little longer at times... then that's a much easier problem to solve than a freshman QB learning the speed of the college game.
  10. But Sark did try both of those things... Not just on the early drives but the whole first half. With arky D stacking the line, Bijan got stuffed. The quick lateral throws were also snuffed out quickly. Sark then tried to open up quick routes underneath, but Card didn't see them... he wasn't settled in the pocket. Finally Sark tried to stretch the field with primary deep routes, but those passes were off the mark.
  11. Actually the shocked look on Sark's face was, "What happened to my QB who looked so great in practice last week." You won't find many games where the gameplan was obviously better than the players trying to execute it. Almost every play you can see what was supposed to happen. Card had an unfortunate, but understandable bad game. It's not unheard of for a freshman QB to get the jitters, starting only his second game in a really hostile stadium... at night. One of the most difficult aspects of being a coach is trying to figure out how a player will perform in a game as opposed to practice. However one never truly knows until they're in the thick of it. When a QB is off, teammates need to step up and carry the load until the QB settles down. However no wanted to make a play (Bijan excluded). WRs dropped passes left and right. Arky D suffocated the line to stop Bijan and dared the offense to stretch the field. And this is where the gameplan proves out - Sark tried several different deep routes options to stretch the defense. They were open... really open. Card missed on all but a couple, which were dropped. We could never make the defense pay for stacking the line, and as a result they were successful in shutting our offense down. Card will likely never have a game this poor again. He's so much better than that. However he not not ready in his development to lead the team on a weekly basis.
  12. The reason we lost is pretty straight forward... Card had a bad game. The offense went from one-dimensional to having no dimensions at all. Anyone who thinks play calling was supect ignored the tons of wide open WRs that Card missed throws or didn't see. He didn't show much pocket presence and ran towards danger, making a 3 man rush look unstoppable. In that situation he needs to take off or roll out, but stepping up right into a tackler is not an option. They were daring him to throw or run, and in too many situations he did neither. He certainly wasn't helped by drops and general bad luck. There were some drops right in the hands of receivers. A couple of throws Card didn't have great placement, but WRs also didn't make good adjustments to the ball. No one wanted to make a play last night. Once bad play and bad luck start in a hostile stadium, it can get into the heads of an inexperienced team. There were some bad calls that may have helped change momentum, but those weren't calls that affected gameplay. It's just a situation hoping the refs would save us. Also difficult to criticize the defense for not pitching a shutout, waiting for the offense to make a first down. To be clear... starting your second game at arkie is a tough assignment. The long term view is last night's experience weill help Card down the road. The short term view is starting Casey would likely have resulted in a much better offensive performance. It's too soon yet to know which was right call.
  13. If Thompson leaves I'd like to see Roschon get another chance at QB. He proved to be the ultimate team player when we needed RBs and he made the switch. How many other QBs would do that? He may never be able to overtake Card, or other QBs we may sign. But having another backup is never a bad thing, plus we may could run some interesting wildcat formations with his throwing ability. That's assuming he wants to... Guys that sacrifice like that should be given more options down the line.
  14. I like the idea of a relegation system such as in in Europe. All D1 teams represented in 4 or 5 conferences (maybe football only). Each year bowl games are played to see who gets promoted or demoted, which would be the first time some of these teams have ever generated interest. This way every D1 football team would have a legitimate route to a championship. This would avert any anti-trust arguments or other threats we've heard about compiling all the football into a couple of super conferences. Of course some big programs may occasionally be in a relegation game. But... sure would generate some interest in a normally blah bowl season. Is this remotely possible? Not really Would it be fun to watch? Yes, yes it would
  15. Oh... yeah. I didn't mean that as a criticism of Gilbert. He was recruited as one thing and asked to be something else. That's all on Mack.
  16. Yes... but that's part of my point. The system is different now than when we saw Thompson play last time, so the results on the field could be different.
  17. There should be no debate... about that debate. Applewhite had been a starter and won huge games for us. We've barely seen Thompson play.
  18. We were pretty excited about Garrett Gilbert going into the 2010 season as well, based in his performance in the title game. That did not translate well. Sometimes when a backup QB comes in it's it's like a curve ball to the defense. They didn't prepare for it and can be taken off guard. I think we'd all like to see whether or not it was a fluke. However going to a new system and him having only played sparingly, it's not like he has a huge advantage in terms of experience.
  19. Is a Sod Worm the same as an Army Warm? We're seeing these come in the house actually.
  20. Especially since we've seen what happens when coaches lean on 3rd party evaluations. Such as the last few cycles of the Mack era when they were still pulling 4/5 star recruits, but had phoned it in and no longer doing in-person evaluations. Great recruiting cycles with a bunch of square pegs for round holes. Changing systems generally requires a bunch of different types of players than currently on the roster. Quantity is important at this phase to make sure they get the players they need. There's little way to know how many of the existing players will excel in the new system. In other words... we need all the bodies we can get that the staff has determined can run their offense and defense. Maybe that's a 3 star army right now, but it's better than no army.
  21. There was quite a bit of hyper-ventilating about recruiting after Herman was hired, and after Strong was hired. Right now it feels worse because of the Herman recruiting collapse, but this is still a transitional class for Sark. I don't really remember Mack's first class, but seem to remember it was better than Mackovic... but not great. Either way Mack's biggest job in recruiting was convincing Ricky to stay. That turned out pretty well.
  22. Is there any timeline for this? ... Or is it wait and hope the B12 collapses first, and then pay the exit fee right before 2022 SEC schedules are due if not?
  23. What I love about this map is that Texas is where it should be and aggie is up in Texarkana. I'm so hoping this is the version of the map that sticks.

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