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  1. I would suggest it depends more on the maturity of the program than the school. Texas has been able to make up for a couple of lost recruiting classes by filling gaps from the portal. Once we get to the point that the roster is 2 or 3 deep without being able to trade up, the portal won't be as big of a factor. Recruiting is the life blood, but the portal is a good backup or transitional plan.
  2. In addition Babers mentioned that his footwork isn’t good right now, something that Ewers admitted somewhere. So whatever injury he had caused him to over compensate or lose focus on fundamentals. He can get that back.
  3. Sark doesn't give coach speak as bad as others. He's certainly not a Parcells (giving coaching clinics during press conferences) but generally speaks directly to matters. Mack/Strong/Herman never even wanted to discuss what happened on the field for fear of not "keeping it in the locker room". Yesterday was an execution problem, much of that caused by the TCU pass rush. The game started with a ball going through the hands of Worthy and bounce out of the hands of JT. Both passes were not on target but catchable. WR bubble screens that normally have yardage looked completely out of sync without being able to stick with blocking assignments. On defense we were doing the same thing to them. Then when tcu knew the passing game was off, they brought the LBs up and built a wall that neither Bijan or Roschon could run past. Maybe had we run the ball more we could've broken one off as well. But until we could establish something in the passing game, running plays were going to be wasted plays. They tried Bijan on the wheel route and other ways to get him the ball, but nothing was working. Ewers had 4 good games, and now 3 bad ones. LHN showed a graphic yesterday where his completion percentage dropped from 68% to 45% comparatively in those games. Ironically Casey had a similar trajectory last year. His was due to injury in the ou game, and all the sudden he couldn't throw. Reportedly Ewers has an injury, but whatever the reason he can't hit a receiver right now. Sark is having a difficult time managing these games, and doesn't have a backup plan when things stop working. Still, if we finish 8-4 it's the improvement most were asking for before the season started. 9-3 was a stretch goal, and 7-5 would be disappointing. No matter how good we've looked at times, or other teams that happened to hit the jackpot, that's still reasonable improvement for a second year.
  4. This is chocolate that's been used for fundraising by elementary, middle, and high schools for as long as I can remember. We used to go door to door hocking these. I imagined aggie football players in their unis going door to door to sell chocolate to raise $86 million.
  5. Sounds like I hit pretty close to home. You've only had one angle since you joined the board. I never said you weren't a fan, but that's been far superseded by your infatuation with one person.
  6. World's Finest Chocolate gave me a good belly chuckle.
  7. He's not an aggie troll. He's obviously a friend of Card's that thinks Card needs a defender on the board... saying things he thinks Card would say if he could. He argues like most that age, full of piss and vinegar, thinking the only way to build up Card is to tear down Ewers and Sark. Obviously carrying a chip on his shoulder thinking he's been slighted by the team and not judged fairly by the fans. One day maybe he'll replace the piss and vinegar with a bit of honey. He may one day realize the negative feelings he's actually created for Card with some on this board (and maybe others) with his act and the divisive effect that it's had. Had he taken another path, then in a game like last week he may have found most folks agreeing with him that Card needed to come in at some point. Instead it was just another game of his act saying Ewers and Sark are both the worst. As a result... nobody was listening. If Card does end up transferring to another school, most here will wish him success like we did for Thompson or Rising or Buechele or Gilbert. College football is a tough, competitive atmosphere. If Card gets to live out his dream of being a Texas QB, and then getting a place to start in an offense that's tailored to his skills, then that's a pretty lucky man... more than any of us could have dreamed of. If that happens of course JD will transfer as well. I will note that none of this I have any actual knowledge, but piecing together from his history here and things he's said along the way. If this is wrong, maybe if he were to come out and admit his angle (and change his approach) then some would give him a second chance. Most will forgive a friend taking up for his bro, but no one has time for someone just being a troll.
  8. He wouldn't answer a question like that, whether or not it was asked. Honestly I can't remember very many games when a QB has been off and any consideration was given to the backup... in college or pro. I can remember quite a few games where a QB is amped and throwing high. Generally the feeling is give him time to get it reeled in, and he'll settle down. If the team is still scoring points a QB is rarely pulled. Don't forget we had a similar situation last year when Casey got a hand injury during the ou game. We didn't know about it at the time, but Sark let him finish that game as well. As others have mentioned we've seen this across multiple coaches, who as a group are generally reluctant to put in the backup.
  9. You've never asked the question, "Why were opposing defenses stacking the line to stop the run?" The answer is because we had young QBs, and Card had yet to prove he could beat anyone with his arm. Opposing defenses best chance were to force him to make mistakes and throw picks. You aren't old enough to remember, but we've seen this many times breaking in new QBs. So yes we're a pass first team right now because that's what defenses are giving. Our run blocking isn't good enough yet to force situations where the box is stacked. Up and until the point defenses worry more about getting beat deep than forcing 3 and outs or getting picks, that's what we'll see every week. Card had a great day yesterday and deserves all the credit. He's shown improvement every week. Yesterday he was making decisions faster and taking yards when available. He was able to scramble and make plays happen. However it's hard to have an honest conversation about where he's at if you keep blaming everyone else in areas where he needs to improve. He needs more touch on his deep balls. Young QBs have a tendency to throw fast balls everywhere because they don't want to leave a ball hanging (yes, we've seen that before as well). However on deep throws this reduces the amount of time a WR can adjust and results in missed opportunities. This is true for some shorter throws as well, such as the missed connection with Roschon. A little more touch on that ball and Roschon doesn't slip try to stretch out and make the catch. I can guarantee you that if Card starts putting deep balls in stride with Worthy, opposing defenses will pull guys out of the box which will open up the running game. Yesterday's win was a good sign the team is headed in the right direction. Everyone has something to work on.
  10. When a team is up by more than 2 scores the last thing a defense wants to do is give up a quick score. As a result dropping more guys back in protection and letting opposing offenses burn clock is not a bad thing. By doing this you avoid getting beat deep or (and what has been more probable) huge chunks of yards with defensive holding/PIs and clock stoppages. Ideally the defense would make every possession a 3 and out, but that's not realistic. If the opposing offense takes the underneath and scores quickly, then that's not good thing. However those drives burned a lot of clock. It's actually the best way for us to burn clock right now because we aren't good enough yet to force our will in the running game to burn clock and close out games. Opposing teams are trying to make us pass first and turn those games into shootouts (which we unfortunately saw at Tech). As a result, the defensive approach was great for the game that played out yesterday.
  11. Card looked really good in the two minute offense, which means when he has fewer decisions to make he's more decisive and accurate. It's also a good indication of why Sark has to simplify the offense when he's in the game to keep him from getting overwhelmed. As a result, I'm not sure the criticism of Sark going conservative at times in games is accurate since it's hard to know how much of the playbook is available depending on the QB.
  12. It's not a binary argument... either "All bad, arghh" or "Super awesome, yayyy". Card had a decent game. The problem is how much of the offense Sark has to remove when Card is in the game versus Ewers. And when that happens, the opposing defenses eventually adjust and get to a point where they can just shut it down. That's evidenced by going 3 and out on three successive drives in the late 3rd and 4th quarters when Texas was trying to hold a lead. When Card is in the game defenses only have to defend 10-15 yards, which severely limits the run game. If not for heroic running efforts by Bijan and Roschon we'd be looking at worse offensive numbers. They've been able to get yards on busted plays and x-box type moves to keep the offense moving. Yes, Card had some good plays as well, but plays like a guy still learning the system. He's still not processing information fast enough, which results in slow reads and late passes. The whole team is generally improving, which includes Card who is getting better every week. But when discussing a game where we lost in overtime and a dozen plays could have won the game... it's not a stretch to look at the offensive struggles as a pretty big factor in not putting away Tech when we had the chance.
  13. How does this affect the future? Are we losing Arch because we lost to Tech? We win this week and most of the tech game is forgotten. Until we take another loss and people think the world is ending again.
  14. And we can’t run the ball at will with time consuming drives at the end of the game. Until our oline starts to get some push, and we can run the ball up the middle, no lead will be safe.
  15. Then why are WRs turned around expecting the ball on the other shoulder? I don’t know all the play calls and where the pass should drop, but if a WR is looking one way and the ball goes another then one of them is at fault. When it happens to more than one WR then it’s most likely the QB.
  16. We’re missing our top QB and WR with a defense on year 2 of a rebuild. Without a consistent running game and an ability to soak the clock opposing teams will always have a chance to climb back into game. We had THREE 3 and outs in the fourth quarter. Put the blame wherever you want, but the fact is the young OL can’t move people when we need them to. Defenses can’t stay on the field for whole quarters and maintain their level of play. We aren’t good enough yet to win bringing our B game. The team fought back to tie the game, and we’re just not going to get lucky bounces or calls right now. This doesn’t have anything to do with entitlement. The past 12 years don’t matter, only the last 2 matter. Sometimes wins and losses don’t reflect improvement, but we’ve seen steady improvement across the board. If there’s entitlement it’s on the part of the fans who think success happens overnight. It doesn’t, and just because Kansas or Baylor gets lucky with coaches once in a 100 years doesn’t mean those exceptions make them the new rules. I realize it’s over reaction Sunday, but some folks need to chill out. It’s just not reasonable to expect perfection yet.
  17. If this is indeed happening, maybe Sark doesn't think Card can either make the throws or make the reads. I'd need someone who really understood the offense to show the difference in play calling when Card is in the game. What impressed me last week with Card was his speed, primarily straight-line speed once he took off on that run. I can see why that would be a weapon if used and why he's a dual threat QB. The problem is Herman used a running QB in his offense and Sark does not.
  18. I totally approve the way Sark is approaching this. Make the opposition spend time preparing for everything. It's the best strategy available when down to your 3rd string QB. What's wrong with Maalik? Serious question. I know he was injured his senior year but thought he had recovered. Also I'd love to see Roschon to get a couple of games to throw the ball and have some fun.
  19. Last year when I looked, Direct TV Stream was the only streaming service that had LHN. Otherwise I would've went with YouTube TV as well.
  20. Agree on all counts. Someone tell me the right way to get the word out that doesn't involve controversy. Should we ask Mack? No one handled the media/BMDs better than he did, and his announcement for Applewhite/Simms led to no controversy, right? Or even issues on a smaller scale with Strong or Herman who always made these announcements the "correct" way. Always a QB controversy no matter how it's delivered focused on the players. Maybe... just maybe... Sark delivered it this way so the inevitable controversy would be about the message and the messenger itself with attacks deflected back against Sark. This as opposed to fighting about whether the decision itself was correct or not and focusing the attacks on the players.
  21. The point wasn't that Ewers is demonstrably better, but he has an x-factor opposing DCs don't know how to handle yet. Teams will be forced to play the safeties back to start; whereas against Card they would play him the same way arkie did. It's the only way to change the defensive approach to Texas before the season starts. The unknown plays into Ewers favor this year the same way it did in Card's favor last year. The risk is teams successfully shutting down the deep ball, and Ewers isn't able to work the middle of the field. But getting teams to back off to start the season should help kickstart the running game. Getting the running game established is the most important thing to accomplish right now.
  22. No, that's not something Card is known for and has struggled with.

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